Friday, April 18, 2014

The Wedding Day

So this was actually when they let me start working in Beat properly. The first event I went to was The Wedding Day which was a wedding fair. No clearly I went with an eye on finding myself a husband but that didn’t really go to plan but sure I got free cake and a chance at modelling some lovely bridesmaid dresses! Story of my life! ALWAYS THE BRIDESMAID NEVER THE BRIDE!


I wouldn’t be able for this now!

Big Wave coming

Kids with paintAirplane approachingLost a wheelParachuting towards alligators

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marine Search And Rescue

The Waterford Marine Search and Rescue team are a great bunch of lads and I get along well with a few of them. We’ve had many the chat over the years while they’ve been out on patrol, not that I can normally be found near waterways or anything. This day they took me out on the river and it was great fun altogether. I only got a little bit wet!

Exam Questions

This’d be me!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brazilian Jujitsu

If you want to hear someone farting on the radio well then you’ve come to the right place. Me friends James and Leanne took me in and thought me some Brazilian Jujitsu with explosive results! This is one of me favourite reports from me time on Beat 102 103. I really am hilarious amn’t I! Go me!

Eurovision 2014 - Malta

I know I said before that Armenia was my favourite but I’ve decided now that this is. It’s just a nice song and when it comes on I find myself sing away to it and tapping me feet and I’m not normally one for the foot tapping. Phone tapping yes but foot tapping no. I really want Malta to win sometime and I hope it’s this year. I think the juries might get behind this. Malta’s a lovely place too! I got very drunk there before.

The song is called Coming Home by Firelight and there’s a bit of country sound in it which is all in with Passenger and The Lumineers and Avicii and that. We should all vote for them! Go Malta!

Transformer Shoes

I wonder can you actually wear these?

transformer shoes transformers shoes transformer sneakers transformer traners transforming shoes transforming sneakers transforming trainers

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Waterford Wolves

Ah these are a great bunch of lads. The Waterford Wolves are the an American Football team who now play in the top division of the Irish American Football League! Yes I swear that’s a real thing. I met them last year just as they were starting out and had this chat with them. They had me in all the gear so was lots of fun. I was slightly aroused. The coach was a ride! HOLLA!

Eurovision 2014 - Lithuania

I was going to say I didn’t remember this song but then when it started I remembered it. God it’s awful! It’s called Attention by Vilija Matačiūnaitė and yes I copy and pasted that too! There’s letters in that I didn’t even know existed. The song reminds me of an early 1990s album track and not even a half decent one. Jesus it’s rubbish isn’t it! Not a fan at all. I don’t see this one getting to the final. If it does, I’ll be shocked.

I can imagine someone like Chaka Khan giving this one a blast in 1993, although not that I remember that year much myself. I’m far too young. This is a no hoper! Awful rubbish!

Japanese Inventions

I’m a big fan of the butter pen!

Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions Japanese Inventions