Saturday, 24 December 2011

Another little Christmas video

I made this video last year around the streets of Waterford and I've been meanin to share it with yiz all month. It was great fun to make and I almost forgot about it until I heard someone playin it a while ago! Have a look and let me know what ya think! Wanna make a few Christmas videos for next year. Look at me thinkin ahead!

A little Christmas cheer!

I'v been meanin to blog this all week and kept forgettin but now here I am in me ma's watchin the telly on Christmas Eve and thought it would be the perfect time to share it with everyone. Its the video that meself, Charmin, Diva and JP and Denis of the Wanna Bees made for a bit of laugh!! It was great fun.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

What a great Christmas ad

I love this! Me and Christmas ads are a great mix. I should be in one. This is a great one. It’s the Guinness ad that came out a few years ago and its really Christmassy! Reminds me of bein home in Dublin for the Christmas. I don’t like Guinness though. It tastes like mud.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch returns!

I don’t really get whats goin’ on here! I guess its kinda funny when she hits the kid with the cup. I’d love Sabrina to return. Although now she wouldn’t be a teenage witch. She’d be a mid-twentys witch.

Little Mix win!

Woo! Delighted! They were my favourites after Kitty Brucknell who as ya know I LOVED!!! Happy they won to be honest. I don’t like the song they’re singin as their first single. Was never a big fan of Cannonball so that might be why. Also delighted that the AMAZ Tulisa was the winnin mentor! N-DUBZ FO LIFE! INNIT! So who remembers Rythmix??

Friday, 9 December 2011

Oslo is me latest holiday guide

Probably the most expensive place I’ve ever been to and I include Brown Thomas in that. A Big Mac meal costs 12 euro! Ya wouldn’t hear the likes of it with all this recession madness here. Not that I didn’t have a good time or anything. Clearly I did. I mean, lets not lie, ya know me and a holiday!

Ya can read all about it here -

Oslo travel holiday

So what exactly is going on in X-Factor?

Well I’ve been follow X-factor from the start and writin about it here on the blog but as ya might have noticed, I haven’t been bloggin about it as much, mainly coz its all after gettin a bit borin. I knew that’d happen as soon as Kitty left. She was the one keepin it interestin. So now we’re left with Ameila Lily which I just found out is actually her first name. I thought Lily was her surname. Then there’s Marcus and my favourites, Little Mix.

The other news this week is that the mentors will be duettin with their acts for the first time ever which should be fun, especially tryin to watch Gary Barlow relive his youth through Marcus like he did with Frankie. Simon Cowell will be back too apparently. Its all very tense. Not for me coz I’m not really that bothered now but still.

Little Mix to win!

My Sunday Grill on Beat Interview

I did an interview a few weeks ago with the lovely Mary O’Neill from Beat here in Waterford which in case ya didn’t know is the biggest radio station in the South East! They’ve been really supportive of the book and are all round lovely people. The interview is now on podcast and ya can listen to it here -

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Isn’t it great what ya can get in Tesco

Tesco Assasin

Templars Hall riots

If anyone is familiar with Templars Hall they’ll know what this is about. There’s even a Facebook page about it here which I won’t lie, is a great read! Its a housin estate here in Waterford with a HUGE amount of students livin in it and its been gettin loads and loads of bad press because of anti-social behaviour and all the rest. Yesterday was the last day of the college year and from what I hear it turned into a bit of a riot. Pretty much sounds like where I grew up!

Waterford On Ice

I love skatin believe it or not so was delighted when I heard Waterford On Ice would be openin for the winter. Now clearly I’d prefer if it was open all year round and I’m wonderin if they could be persuaded. Had a great time there last night although the place was jammed so wasn’t able to get a few tricks in. I’d love to go on Dancing On Ice! I’d be well up for it. If ITV are readin, call me! Here’s a video of me in action! I’m the one in green.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Eat Da Poopoo

This is actually hilarious!! Where in the name of Jesus did this chap get his research? Uganda is a mad place all the same. They don’t like gays at all. What did gays ever do to Uganda. If Father Ted was here he’d say “Careful now!”

Me mate Amanda keeps showin me this and we keep crackin our holes laughin. If we have any children please can they step out. This is a parental guidance moment! EAT DA POOPOO!

Ask Aunty JoJo column 4

With all the excitement over me new column, Life Of A Ryde in the Munster Express, I almost forgot about Ask Aunty JoJo on Gaze! The latest one went up a few months back and is now on me own website and its gives me just enough time to get to work on me Christmas special! NICE!

Read it here -

Who remembers this Christmas ad?

For some reason this ad really stands out from when I was growin up and if ya pay very close attention, you’ll notice that the chap who’s comin home is none other than Alan Hughes from TV3!!! The thing I never could understand is why there was ads for ESB when it was the only electricity company? Did they think you’d see it and go “Oh look, there’s that ESB ad. I’ll turn on the feckin light!” If anyone could tell me the inner workin’s of the ESB and whether there was some kinda hidden message I’m missin I’d be delighted!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The ‘80s Kid! WHAT A BOOK!!!!

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It reminds me of all sorts of things that I talk about with the lads! Many a Saturday night we sit in me sittin room sayin “do ya remember…” and then go off tellin stories of Mosney or TK Cream Soda or Bros or Police Academy or so much more about when we were younger! Get this book! Ya won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re 12. Or not from Ireland.

Retro 80s kid book

Marry The Night. I think!

What in the name of JESUS is goin on here?? I like the song but what’s this all about?? If someone could tell me I’d be very happy! I do like the song though.

Read my new column in the Munster Express

Well I’ve been keepin this quiet for the last few weeks but can now reveal that I’ll be writin a new weekly comedy column in the Munster Express, the biggest selling newspaper in the South East of Ireland!! Ya can read all about me mad life here in Waterford and me random thoughts and stories every week!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Manchester is me latest holiday guide

Its the home of Coronation Street, Man Utd and very little else. I enjoyed a nice weekend in the North East/West/Wherever of England with Charmin and got to sample many of the delights that Manchester had to offer. And when I find out what they were I’ll tell yiz! In the meantime, read me holiday guide to Manchester at the link below -

Manchester travel holiday

Never Shove A Banger Up Your...

On Halloween!! This is me favourite song at the moment. I’m defo addin it to me set. It’s from Fester and Ailin from the Podge and Rodge show. I’ve taken to watchin the box set and I forgot just how great the lads are! I got to appear on their show twice and they’re lovely, not the best lookin now but they’re nice!

Roman In Moscow! Nicki Minaj’s new song

I’ve become a Nicki Minaj fanatic over the last few months and I’m lovin this new song! Roman In Moscow is the first single off her new album and already flyin up the charts after its release late last week. It’s a good tune although Nicki keeps singin in different characters which is kinda a bit schizo if ya ask me! Roman is some gay English chap she pretends to be. Weirdo.

The Late Late Toy Show

So who stayed on Friday night to watch the Toy Show?? Clearly I was very excited about it but couldn’t help feelin a little bit let down. It’s not like it used to be is it? When Dustin and Kevin “Bleedin’ Rapih” used to be on it. It’s all technology now as well isn’t it, with Kindles and Ipads and all the rest. Jesus, I’m startin to sound like me ma!! Here’s the AMAZIN Douglas from last years show! What a star!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Gamu’s new album

Ya might remember Gamu from X-Factor last year. She was the one not picked by Cheryl Cole and there was uproar over it. Well she just won her deportation hearin so she’ll be stayin in the UK and releasin her new album in the Spring. It sounds really good actually! Look forward to it!

Lindsay Lohan for Celebrity Big Brother?

I hope this happens!! I really got into the last season towards the end even though we don’t have Channel 5. I was hopin Jedward would win because I’m mad like that! I’ll do everythin in me power to get Channel 5 if mad Lindsay goes in!


According to the Sunday Mirror the Hollywood star is being offered a princely sum to star in the next series of the show. But that is all dependent on whether US authorities will allow the troubled actress to leave the US.

The producers of the Channel 5 show have flown to Los Angeles for a meeting with the 25-year-old actress to try and entice her to sign on the dotted line. Lohan has already spent five stints in prison, the latest being a four-and-a-half hour incarceration last month for violating a probation order imposed in 2007 after she was jailed for driving under the influence (DUI) and a misdemeanour grand theft case in which she pleaded no contest after being accused of taking a $2,500 necklace from a jewellery store in January.

However it could be some time before the star of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday will be allow to leave the US as she was also instructed to complete a further 423 hours community service at the LA county morgue as well as attend 18 psychotherapy sessions by March and attend monthly court hearings to check on her progress.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Misha B wants to collaborate with herself

This is gas! She’s a nut job. I like her!

From Digital Spy

Even putting on her best baby voice and managing to avoid talking about herself in the third person for a few minutes didn’t stop Misha B from putting her foot in it again his week. The X-Factor hopeful told press at TalkTalk’s secret gig on Wednesday night that her ultimate collaboration would be with… herself.

Asked which celebrity she’d like to sing with in the final, Misha said: “I want to collaborate with so many other artists but first I want to collaborate with myself.”

Explaining herself, Misha continued: “I mean get to know myself as an artist even more, I feel like I’m still on a journey, I’m still finding myself as an artist and experimenting and trying different things out.”

She added: “Hopefully I find myself.”

Asked again who she’d love to sing with – excluding herself – Misha replied: “Michael Jackson… but he’s dead.”

Asked for a third time who she’d love to sing with – excluding her and those who are no longer alive – Misha replied: “Beyonce… but she’s pregnant.”

Asked once more who she’d love to sing with – excluding herself, those who are no longer alive and those who are too pregnant – Misha replied: “Nicki Minaj or Missy Elliot.”


Will.I.Am joins the cast of The Voice

I would say I’m really lookin forward to this but I don’t have the channel! I might get UPC before then though although probably not coz I’ve rang them 5 times and they still haven’t sorted it out, although that can’t be as bad as Sky who set me up on the system and all the rest of it only to come out and tell me my apartment was on the wrong side of the buildin for a satellite dish! FOOLS!


Black Eyes Peas frontman has been confirmed as the second coach for The Voice UK.

The singer and producer joins Jessie J as the only confirmed spots on the panel of up to four coaches.

Speaking about the appointment, he said "I'm proud to be doing The Voice UK because the UK was the first place I saw success".

BBC One controller Danny Cohen said that he is "thrilled" that the star signed up, adding "he is a huge star who will bring a unique creativity to the show."

Reggie Yates and Holly Willoughby were confirmed two weeks ago as the hosts of the BBC talent competition. The show will debut in Spring 2012.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

X-Factor odds

Those who’ve been followin the blog for a while now know I’m a big X-Factor fan although I’ve been a bit lost since Kitty left. I did pick up and show me love for Little Mix and now they’re favourites to win! Would be nice if a group won and would be even nicer if Tulisa did coz I love her, although I deny any rumours going around that I’m tryin to be her! Here’s the latest bettin odds from Paddy Power goin into this weeks semi-final!

Little Mix

Marcus Collins

Amelia Lily

Misha Bryan

Tallafornia is coming!

First there was Jersey Shore, then there was The Only Way Is Essex! Now its time for Tallafornia!! This is comin to TV3 soon and its looks like its gonna be lots of fun! I hope there’s loads of rows and stuff. What happens in these programmes? I’ve never watched them. I know Mark Wright from TOWIE is a ride but none of these lads come close. Anyone know who they are?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

10 firemen needed to release a ring stuck on a man’s penis!

LOL (Digital Spy again!)

A man with a ring stuck on his penis had to be cut free by ten firefighters, it has been reported.

Two fire engines were called to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London after staff were unable to remove the ring. It took the firemen 20 minutes to cut the ring off.

Firefighters have been forced to carry out the procedure on two previous occasions between April 2010 and May 2011, according to Metro.

The most recent incident is just one of 417 involving people stuck in objects, machinery or furniture that London firefighters have attended to so far this year.

A reported 36 people had to be freed from handcuffs, a man in Kingston upon Thames needed help after getting wedged in a child's toy car and several people managed to get toilet seats stuck on their heads.

An ironing board and a DVD player were also among the unusual objects that members of the public have become entangled in.

Dave Brown, the brigade's assistant commissioner for operations and mobilising, asked the public to be more careful and to avoid getting into such "ridiculous" situations that take up firefighters time.

"These incidents are time-consuming, costly and take up the precious time of our crews who are then unavailable to attend other, potentially life-threatening emergencies," he said.

S Club 7 next to comeback?

Well now that Steps have done it, why not S Club? I was a big fan back in the day so delighted that they’re even thinkin of this. Really hope it happens! We need a bit of Steps and S Club back in the charts!

From Digital Spy

S Club 7 are reportedly keen to reunite in the New Year.

The pop band are apparently hoping to reform after the recent success of Steps' comeback, which saw them reach number one on the UK album chart and sell out an arena tour.

Representatives for S Club 7 are allegedly trying to agree a deal with their former boss Simon Fuller, who has retained ownership of the S Club brand

A source told The Sun: "S Club have seen what's happened to Steps and want a piece of it.

"They're hoping to make a TV show following their reunion, a tour and the release of an updated Greatest Hits album – just like Steps."

Members Jo O'Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole still tour universities and club nights under the guise S Club 3.

However, the trio are keen for the remaining four bandmates (Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Hannah Spearritt and Jon Lee) to rejoin them and sign a lucrative deal to embark on a bigger comeback tour.

A spokesperson for the group refused to comment about a possible reunion.
S Club 7 achieved four UK number one singles, a number one album and over 17 million record sales worldwide during their five-year stint.

Mark Wright gets naked

I missed I’m A Celebrity last night coz its the type of thing I just watch when its on but turns out I missed MARK WRIGHT NAKED!!!! Now I don’t have the channel with The Only Way Is Essex on it so Mark is all new to me and lets not lie, I certainly wouldn’t mind seein a bit more! Check it out!

Fatima Whitbread gets a cockroach stuck up her nose

I’ve taken to watchin I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here recently and this was on last nights episode. I’ve taken to Fatima a lot and I hope she does really well. Can’t stand all the stick she’s gettin off people sayin she looks like a man either. That just pisses me off. Fair play to her for just gettin on with it after this!

And talking of Muppets, check out this song from the movie

LOVE THIS! To me this is what the Muppets is all about and it makes me wanna see the movie even more! I really can’t wait until February til it’s out here in Ireland so if anyone could let me know where I could see it before then I’d love them forever, not that I condone that sort of thing!

Olly Murs and the Muppets

When I heard about this I got real excited! The things I wouldn’t do to Olly Murs and clearly I love the Muppets so with both of them together I knew it would be something special! Here they are performin on X-factor on Sunday’s results show! LOVE IT!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night teaser

If someone could let me know what in the name of sweet Jesus is going on here I’d appreciate it! God bless!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Me latest holiday guide is Orlando

Probably one of me favourite places in the world! Really wanna go back soon so if someone is rich and would like to send me over, I’d be happy to go! God bless!

Check it out here -

Orlando holiday travel

More Thomas

This is Thomas. I follow him on Twitter and he’s gas! He makes videos for YouTube and he just talks about random stuff which makes me laugh. Have a look!

Jedward talk X-Factor 2011

God I love Jedward. They seem like the type of people ya’d love to have over for a few drinks on a Saturday evening to watch X-Factor.

Ireland fan sneaks onto Estonian bench for playoff

This is gas! What a legend. If anyone knows this chap, pass on me admiration!!


A stolen tracksuit and a bag of balls helped one ticketless Ireland fan to the best seat in the house for their Euro 2012 playoff win over Estonia - in the opposition dugout.

Corkman Conor Cunningham travelled to Tallinn's A. Le Coq Arena and managed to bypass security after sneaking in a stadium side entrance.

After sitting next to Estonia manager Tarmo Ruutli for Ireland's 4-0 first victory last Friday, he was spotted by TV cameras on the pitch afterwards celebrating with the Ireland players.

"I just spotted an open door and I thought I will stick my head through there but it was just a closed-in room but I found an Estonian tracksuit and I just threw it on," he told the Mirror.

"I threw the bag of balls over my shoulder and just went for it. I didn't know what to do, to be honest, so I thought I'd better go into the Estonian dug-out."

"No one said anything to me and then I realised I was sitting beside their manager (Tarmo Ruutli).

"It was about 10 or 15 minutes into the match when a UEFA official got suspicious of me. He came over and, after talking to me, told me I had to move.

"Even after the match I just strolled out on to the pitch."

He was unable to travel to Dublin for Tuesday's return leg as Ireland qualified for Euro 2012 with a 5-1 aggregate win.

Who remembers Voltron?

I loved this! This was way before Power Rangers. If someone would like to buy me a Voltron robot for Christmas I’d love them forever and ever!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Little Mix are me new X-factor favourites

Now that me beloved Kitty is gone, I’ll be supportin me next favourite act from here on in – LITTLE MIX. The odds on them have been slashed this week too so here’s hopin! Get behind them and show them some support too!

From Telly Mix

X-Factor bookies have slashed odds on Little Mix winning the show by half this week, putting the four girls ahead of previous favourites Janet Devlin and Misha B!

The group have so far avoided the bottom two for six weeks, making them the show’s most successful group ever, and with momentum on their side things are on the up.

The girl group are 4/1 third favourites to win with William Hill, having been 8/1 at the end of Sunday’s show. Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily are 3/1 joint favourites to win.

“Little Mix have gone further than any girl group before them and this gamble suggests that they still have a way to go in the competition,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly.

Meanwhile it’s Misha Bryan who is favourite to get the chop this Sunday after two weeks in the bottom two.


This is another classic! Her and He-man were so cool back in the day! Long before the Power Rangers or any of that. Everyone used to have the toys and ya’d be mad to watch them on the telly. They don’t make TV like this anymore!

Who remembers Zzzzzap?

It was on ITV back in the day and god was it weird? It seemed to run for years too. It would just appear suddenly before Art Attack or after FunHouse or something that was actually good!! I love lookin back on things like this so expect more of the same from now on!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Rebecca Black is back

Here’s Rebecca Black with her third single. Person Of Interest though?? What a stupid name for a song. Its not as fun as Friday or as dull as My Moment so she might do okay. What does everyone think??

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

All the Single Ladies!


Glee do Band Aid

I shit you not! Here’s their version of Do They Know It’s Christmas Time! I actually like it!! Lookin forward to this episode. Loved the Christmas one last year.

The zombie apocalypse is coming!

God I must have a good look at this! Roxxi has convinced me that this is gonna happen and its gonna start on the Isle Of Man!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Amsterdam is my latest holiday guide

Ah the land of drugs and sex. That and Limerick. God what a place. Read all about it and watch the Gaffs video that goes with it!

amsterdam travel holiday sex show

Naked man arrested after he was found up a nut tree

Clearly ya can see this man’s nuts!

From Digital Spy

Police in America have arrested a man after finding him naked up a nut tree.
The Salem authorities received several 911 reports of a man without any clothes roaming the area and "touching himself", KGW reports.

When they arrived in the early hours of Thursday morning, police captured the naked man in a Filbert orchard wearing only tennis shoes.
Stephen James Ellingsworth, 28, of Silverton, who also goes by the last name Frolov, was taken into custody and given a warm blanket due to the cold early morning temperature.

The man told investigators that he had been out drinking with his friends the night before and had no idea how he ended up naked in a nut orchard.
He was booked into the Marion County Jail on three counts of public indecency, with bail set at $15,000.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lady Gaga runs on stage to hug Kitty during Xtra Factor

I’m feelin a bit emotional tonight coz Kitty Brucknell has been voted off X-Factor. She’s been a bit of fresh air for me the last few weeks and without soundin too over the top, a bit of an inspiration too. Nice to see someone just be themselves, work hard and put on an amazin show! She’ll be missed! Here’s Lady Gaga runnin on to hug her durin Xtra Factor!

I know a few people who could use one of these!

Iphone drunk text

Friday, 11 November 2011

Me latest holiday guide in Budapest

Ah Budapest! The land of a big bridge and castle. God I need a holiday!

Read it here -

Budapest holiday travel

Crocodile living in a bath in Italy

I’ve heard stories about people havin wild animals in their houses but this one’s a bit mad. Imagine gettin the Radox out only to find a crocodile in the bath! Jayzis!

From Digital Spy

Police have found a rare crocodile living in a man's bathtub.
The 3-year-old endangered Cuban crocodile is the most aggressive and intelligent of its kind, according to PA.

Owner Fabio Lazelli faces a jail term after neighbours called the police in Cremona, Italy.

”They demanded to be let into his flat and were astounded when they found a crocodile swimming around in the bathtub," a neighbour recounted.
Lazelli also faces a £70,000 fine for smuggling the reptile when it was an egg.

One wildlife expert said: "He's very lucky we got it when we did. These crocodiles are the most intelligent of their kind, fast, and aggressive. As it got older he would have been in real danger."

I’ll be in Dignity Galway tomorrow!

It’s been a while since I was in our other bar in Galway but I’ll be makin a visit tomorrow with Diva, Roxxi and the Wanna Bees! Come in and say hello if you’re around. I’ll be givin out advice like this -

Memory Lane - Miss Finglas single cover

Ah this is a good one! Years and years ago, maybe in 2006, there was an idea to release one of me original songs, Miss Finglas, as a single!! The plans fell apart quickly for one reason or another but the very first concept for the CD cover was made and here it is! My picture was supposed to replace your one on the front. I must have a look for that song!

Miss Finglas Cover Miss Finglas Single-Cover

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Man rings police to report lost sausages

I know far too many people like this!

From Digital Spy

A British man has been fined for calling 999 to report a loss of eight sausages.

Mark Holbrook, 47, was drunk when he called the police, informing them originally that he had taken eight hostages.

Prosecutor James Nichols is quoted by Bang Showbiz as saying: "Police warned him not to ring again and it was not the way to use 999.

"He then phoned back again to say, 'No it's okay, I've found them'."
His defence Andrew Main said that he had been drinking more than usual due to his mother's death.

Holbrook was fined £165 overall for the offence.

The Muppets to host the Oscars??

Yiz know how much of a fan of the Muppets I am if yiz read the blog much so yiz can imagine how excited I am that they might be hostin the Oscars! Join the Facebook group here -


Following the departure of Eddie Murphy as Oscars host and Brett Ratner as the show's producer, there is speculation that The Muppets may come to the rescue. reports that a Facebook page has been campaigning for The Muppets to host the show since February 28, and support has increased since the departures of Murphy and Ratner.

Disney owns both The Muppets and ABC, the network that broadcasts the Oscars.

The 84th Academy Awards take place on Sunday February 26.

Which X-Factor act is coming back?

Personally none of them are of any interest to me! Still on team Kitty!


Following Frankie Cocozza's departure from The X-Factor, the four acts who were dropped by their mentors in the first live show - James Michael, Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes and Jonjo Kerr - are being given the chance to rejoin the show on Saturday.

An X Factor spokeswoman said: "The four acts have never been in a public vote so, with Frankie leaving the competition, this is an opportunity for the public to decide who comes back to the show."

Details of the telephone vote were announced today and the lines will close during Saturday's show.

Without bringing in a replacement for Cocozza on Saturday's show, producers faced the prospect of ending the competition early or having a week without a public vote.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Frankie kicked off X-Factor!

AT LAST!!!! I can’t stand him!

From Digital Spy

Frankie Cocozza has been kicked out of The X-Factor.
The controversial singer was asked to exit the ITV singing competition after breaking a "golden rule", according to reports.

Cocozza, who has become notorious for his hard-partying lifestyle, is believed to have been asked to leave the X Factor house this morning.
"Frankie is devastated but he has broken a golden rule so producers had no option but to axe him," a source told The Sun. "He had an extra boost from being kept in at the weekend when he thought he was going to go.

"But now his dream is officially over and he only has himself to blame."
Cocozza is currently at the centre of two Ofcom investigations, amid accusations that he swore on screen and that his on-screen antics have glamorised the misuse of alcohol.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Train services disrupted by lion

This reminds me of the time and Elephant held up the 39 bus one day when I was on it!

From Digital Spy

A reported sighting of a lion delayed train services in West Yorkshire on Sunday (November 6).

A call was placed to police at around 3.30pm by a woman who claimed that she had seen the animal near the railway line at Shepley, a small village near Huddersfield.

A police helicopter and around 12 officers were dispatched to look for the lion. Passengers were also held on trains at Shepley station, according to National Rail Enquiries' official Twitter account.

Inspector Carlton Young of West Yorkshire Police told PA on Sunday evening: "We've had unconfirmed reports of a lion or a lion cub in the area. We've had officers looking around.

"At the moment we've had nothing confirmed and we've not located anyone who is claiming to have lost an animal."

The search was called off at 5.15pm and no lion was discovered, although police did say that the operation would resume if there were any additional sightings of the creature.

MTV EMA winners

This bleedin thing annoys me! You’d think Europeans would win at the EUROPEAN MUSIC AWARDS. Load of bollix. Here’s the winners -

Best Song - Lady GaGa, 'Born This Way'
Best Live - Katy Perry 
Best Pop - Justin Bieber
Best New - Bruno Mars
Best Female - Lady GaGa 
Best Male - Justin Bieber
Best Hip-Hop – Eminem
Best Rock - Linkin Park
Best Video - Lady GaGa - 'Born This Way'
Best Alternative - Thirty Seconds To Mars
Best World Stage - Thirty Seconds To Mars
Best Push - Bruno Mars
Biggest Fans - Lady Gaga
MTV UK & Ireland Act – Adele
Best Worldwide – BIGBANG

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Muppets Ode To Joy

As yiz know, I LOVE the Muppets and Beaker is one of me favourites, mainly coz he’s just a mad bastard!! This is a classic as usual.

A little bit of Kitty

Here’s my X-Factor favourite in her sittin room! Love it!!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Me latest holiday guide is Bratislava

Ah Bratislava! The home of Bratislavans, hotels with Tesco in the basement and communist hotels! Sounds like Cork.

Read it here -

Bratislava holiday travel

Mortal Kombat flash dance

This reminds me of Finglas Village on a Saturday night!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Parody

If anyone like me lived Vice City then you’re gonna love this parody. I’m off on the streets of Waterford to make me own!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Double eviction this weekend for X-Factor?

Jesus Christ I hope Frankie Cocozza goes home! Everyone vote for Kitty!

From Digital Spy

Producers are planning a double elimination for The X-Factor this Sunday (November 6), it has been reported.

An unhappy Simon Cowell has also spoken to the contestants for the first time, according to The Mirror.

Cowell - who is still an executive producer of the show although he no longer sits on the panel - is said to have told the remaining finalists that he has concerns about their "quality and dedication", challenging finalists to "demonstrate [that] you are a recording artist".

A production source told the paper: "Cowell wasn't messing around when he spoke to them and he left them in no doubt they all needed to improve.
"He can't be here because he is so busy in the States but he hopes this will help the singers and the ratings."

Meanwhile, The Sun reports that Gary Barlow invited the other judges and Xtra Factor hosts Caroline Flack and Olly Murs to dinner at his house on Wednesday evening to discuss the show.

The X Factor 2011: Results Show 3

"Everyone is worried about how well the show is doing and Gary took matters into his own hands by arranging a gathering," a source claimed.
"He told them they need to make sure the show gets stronger as they don't want to be beaten by [Strictly Come Dancing] again."

The insider - who claimed that Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos have patched up their previous differences - said that the judges left the meal having promised to "knuckle down with their acts to make X Factor better".

RTE reveal their Eurovision selection process

I think they should just send Jedward again! I’m hopin they ask me to go be a rovin reporter in Azerbaijan since Liechtenstein STILL haven’t got back to me about me representin them!


RTÉ has decided to adopt the same mentoring procedure for the ESC 2012 as last year which resulted in Ireland achieving its best result for 10 years.

There are five new mentors who over the coming months will source songs and singers with a view to representing Ireland in Baku, Azerbaijan next May.

The five mentors are:

Showbusiness agent and choreographer Julian Benson

Music producer, songwriter and The Brilliant Things member Greg French
Producer and former Popstars and You're a Star judge Bill Hughes
Singer and songwriter Edele Lynch of Bewitched and Barbarellas

Eurovision Song Contest winner Linda Martin

The mentors' five chosen songs will be performed for the first time by their acts on The Late Late Show Eurosong 2012 on February 24, 2012.

The winner will once again be decided by a combination of public vote and regional jury.

Commenting, RTÉ Eurovision Co-ordinator Julian Vignoles said: "As was the case in previous years RTÉ wanted to offer the Irish public a say in deciding who Ireland's Eurovision entry should be.

"We felt last year's mentoring process was successful in delivering five strong acts which could represent Ireland.

"This year our five mentors represent all aspects of the Irish music/entertainment industry and have already begun their search for the act which will deliver another strong performance for Ireland at the Eurovision.

"The mentors are currently sourcing their acts and songs and a number of acts including Jedward have been approached by the mentors to take part in the contest."

Details on the five acts and songs will be announced in the New Year.

In case you didn’t know, it’s Friday!

You know how I like me some Friday by Rebecca Black!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

This is what I’m listening to right now…

Coz I’m cool and ahead of the times!

So what do we make of Justin Bieber being a daddy?

Sounds like this girl is tryin to make herself a quick buck!! Scarlet for her. Although, I’d let him father my babies! I’m allowed say that now coz he’s legal!

This is from Spin 1038

Mariah Yeater, who is now 20, claims her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater was conceived backstage at a concert with Bieber (she claims the whole thing was over within 30 seconds.)
Mariah has asked Justin to submit to a paternity test and wants him ‘to provide adequate support for my baby’.
In a legal statement she told a California court that he propositioned her on October 25 of last year, when she was 19 after his concert and at L.A.’s Staples Center.
Website Radar Online claims she told a judge: ‘When I later realized I was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, I tried to contact him through his representatives but no one ever called me back. ‘On July 6, 2011, I gave birth to a baby boy. That was exactly 36 weeks and two days after the sexual encounter with Justin Bieber. Based upon the timing as well as the fact there were no other possible men that I had sex with that could be the father of this baby, I believe that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of my baby.’
Yeater also wrote a detailed statement about the alleged meeting for a Los Angeles court. She claims she was approached by a security guard and asked if she wanted to meet the Justin backstage. Mariah adds -
’Immediately, it was obvious that we were mutually attracted to one another, and we began to kiss. Shortly thereafter, Justin Bieber suggested that I go with him to a private place where we could be alone. I agreed to go with him and on the walk to a private area, he told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time.We went inside and immediately his personality changed drastically. He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to f*** the s*** out of me. ‘At the time I asked him to put a condom on for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to.’ In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything.’
She is said to have described the intercourse as ‘brief’, lasting ‘approximately 30 seconds’.

However, Yeater’s claim that she had sex with the star when she was 19 and he was aged 16 would mean under California law that he was underage. If the claims turn out to be true Mariah could be charged with statutory rape of a minor.
Bieber’s spokesperson is denying the allegations, and told website Radar: ‘While we haven’t yet seen the lawsuit, it’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.’
A court hearing is said to have been set for December 15.

Iranian footballers banned and fined for bum squeeze

This is a bit of a mad story alright. As most of yiz know, the government in Iran are a bit mad and they really don’t like anything gay so ya can imagine the drama this bum squeeze moment in a football match is gettin, although lets not lie, its less a squeeze and more one chap tryin to get right in there! Both have been banned from playin and fined which is a bit silly really. Sure I’m always coppin a feel in moments like this, and that’s just at bowlin.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming

Ah I love Grand Theft Auto! Many an hour I spent just drivin around Vice City listenin to the amazin 80s soundtrack. I’ve never got more enjoyment out of beatin the shite out of people and now a new Grand Theft Auto is comin AND I have an X-box! Nothin better than pullin a guard out of his car, kickin him in the head and drivin off with the siren on!

Whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan?

Everytime I read about poor Lindsay I think back to Mean Girls and wonder where did it all go wrong for the poor youngone? One minute you’ve an album out, next minute you’ve your bits out gettin out of a limo. Sad to see it all come to this.

From Digital Spy

Lindsay Lohan's latest jail sentence was reportedly delayed to allow the actress to pose naked for Playboy.

The Mean Girls star was sentenced to 30 days in jail at a hearing in Los Angeles today (November 2) for probation violation.

The 25-year-old admitted that she failed to complete court-ordered community service stemming from her recent theft misdemeanour case, in which she pleaded no contest to shoplifting a necklace in January.

Judge Stephanie Sautner has now given Lohan until November 9 to surrender herself so that she can complete a lucrative shoot for the adult magazine, according to TMZ.

Lohan's $1m (£626,000) session with Playboy must apparently be completed this week or else she will be in breach of contract.

Lohan will likely only be required to serve six days of her sentence due to overcrowding, but officials from the LA Sherriff's Department claimed to the website that she will "be out [of prison] without even having to change her clothes", as is standard with short-term misdemeanour convictions.

She must serve all of her required community service and psychotherapy sessions before March 29 or face an increased term of 270 days behind bars.

Movember fright night

Spread this around people! For a very good cause!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Is this the new Rebecca Black?

This one was kicked out of the X-Factor and literally had this song out the next day. Its a song about a girl who likes a boy who’s gay. Clearly that’s something I did years ago but fair play to her. Its not as good as Friday but the lyrics are a bit random in that way. What ya think?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Irish government finds 3.6 BILLION euro

SCARLET for whoever messed this up! Someone in the department of finance has just FOUND 3.6 billion euro??? Now if someone would like to explain it to me I’d be grateful. Could they find me €3.6 billion? Actually €360 would do me!

Read it here

The Exorcist meets Willow Smith


Ghostwatch! You HAVE to see this

I’ve been told about this before and thought seein as it’s Halloween I’d scare the shite out of meself! Ghostwatch was filmed in 1992 and was on the BBC on Halloween night that year. It was filmed like a real documentary with real BBC presenters and received more complaints than any other BBC programme. The whole thing is on Google video so have a watch of it. Its deadly!

I’m a YouTube partner!

That’s some form of promotion I’ve been given by the YouTube people that means I can put ads on me YouTube and make money and have a nice banner at the top. Which is nice!! Go look at me channel!

Dance To Tipperary

I was on the Twitter last week and got a mail sayin Dance To Tipperary were followin me and true enough, there they were. I thought it was really cool coz way back when I first recorded Flats Of Ballymun, it was the backin track to their version of Fields Of Athenry I used (although I changed it to a different version after) Anyway, we’ve talked since on Twitter and they seem so nice! Delighted with myself now!

Here’s Return To Me!

Why I love Kitty Brucknell

I’m MAD about Kitty in the X-Factor. I love everything about her from being a bit of a looper to her amazing stage productions! This one is from the latest live show. Sophie Habibas was evicted. Not that I care. She was a boring cow.


Monday, 31 October 2011

Me latest holiday guide is Vienna, Austria

Lovely place! Was around this time of year I was there too and now I must say, it was one of the nicest places I’ve been on holiday to. Sure I got me hole so why wouldn’t it be?

Vienna holiday travel

Sunday, 30 October 2011

What’s your favourite Halloween song?

This is mine! Great tune from AllStars*. The little star thing is meant to be there! Whats everyone favourite halloween song?

Stop the hate

I’ve just been pointed in the direction of an article in the Sunday Independent (coz clearly I don’t read anything like that normally) and an article by some chap called Eamonn Delaney who doesn’t want the gays to be equal! Now as yiz know, I work with LGBT community a lot in Ireland and this crap makes me sick. Everyone deserves a chance to be equal but not accordin’ to this chap!

I know for a fact there’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people all over this country who are hidin’ because of fools like this writin’ crap and makin’ it seem like its not okay to be who you are. There’s people in high powered jobs, sports stars, entertainers, even in the church who fear comin’ out coz its not NORMAL. What is normal? Writin’ hate articles in a national paper? What sort of buzz does this bloke get? Who is he? Never even heard of him.

And what about the number of suicides because of stuff like this?? Did he even consider that? Course not. How many young people have died coz of fools like this?

Anyway, stop the bleedin’ hate. Lets all celebrate bein’ who we are. I sound very political. Maybe I should be president?

Ashley quit X-Factor coz of religion

He’s goin’ to be doin’ a duet with Dana on her new album.

This from Digital Spy

Former Risk member Ashley Baptiste reportedly quit X-Factor because of his Christian beliefs.

According to The Sunday Mirror, Baptiste had qualms about the show's Halloween theme this weekend.

"He's on a ­different ­wavelength to the rest. He doesn't want to upset his ­bandmates but knows this is for the best," a source claimed.

Speaking on The Xtra Factor last night, he admitted that he feels "gutted" to leave the four-piece boyband.

"I'm gutted that I left but I've got to think about my commitment for the long haul and I know that I couldn't make that commitment. So I wanted to leave and let them run with it and I really believe they can win the whole show," he said.

Baptiste was swiftly replaced by Nu Vibe's Ashford Campbell in time for last night's live show.

A Norris in your Aras

Kinda ragin’ the president election is over. It was gas. Dana’s a space cadet isn’t she. I wanted her to win for the pure laugh. Norris is a great character too and this video was made by a local chap here in Waterford. Someone said it was very disrespectful. Someone should learn to take a bleedin’ joke!

Have a goosie -

Who’s leaving X-Factor?

This is a tough one tonight after that slimeball Frankie Cocozza ended up stayin’ in last week while Kitty hit the bottom 2. I don’t think she’ll end up there this week but I reckon Sophie could end up down there. Jesus christ she’s awfully borin’!! “The audience can’t relate to me coz Mischa and Janet are stronger characters” The audience can’t relate to ya coz you’re a dull bitch, now stop moanin’!

Anyway, KITTY TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Michael D Higgins is our new president

Glad he got the job to be honest. He seems like a good fair man and that’s what we need, although not that I know anything about politics. I thought the Lisbon treaty was about givin’ Lesbians a vote.

Here’s Michael D out campaignin’ in Killarney. Notice that he takes change of a fiver from the busker!! GAS! Whatta man!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Kelly WON’T be at X-Factor this weekend!

Word on the street is that Kelly is “sick” and will be replaced on this Live Shows this week by Nicole Sherzinger who’s on the Xtra Factor on Sunday. Oh its all very excitin isn’t it. Clearly people are sayin this is coz of last week row but it could all be about ratings! What does everyone think??

Rhythmix are now Little Mix

I wrote about X-Factor girl band Rhythmix havin’ to change their name because there was a charity with the same name and now that name has been revealed! They will now be called Little Mix, although I would have preferred Pick N Mix! Tune in tomorrow night to see the voice over man say LITTLE MIX!

Giant Lego man found on beach in Florida

What would ya do if ya were down on Partmarnock for a walk and next thing ya notice is a giant Lego man comin’ in with the tide?? This one made its way all the way from the Netherlands!! Thats really far! Sure didn’t it take Peter Pan all night to get there!

The pole-dancing dinner lady!

We never had anything like this in my school!

From Digital Spy

A dinner lady in the Swedish town of Östhammar stripped and pole danced in response to protests about substandard food at her school.

Principal Pre Rostgaard Evald had agreed with student complaints about the lunches before staff fed the pupils frozen pancakes which were not reheated properly, The Local reports.

Rostgaard Evald told the Upsala Nya Tidning newspaper: "One of the canteen ladies removed her apron, unzipped her trousers, let down her hair and started moving up and down against a pole like a pole dancer

"The school's social welfare officer tried to tell her this is not acceptable behaviour, but she just kept on dancing."

The school has promised to resolve its lunch problems following the incident. The principal said: "Today the matter took an extreme turn and it is obvious something has to be done."

In 2008, a German teacher was given a warning after stripping and dancing at a school in Hungary.

Munich is my latest holiday guide

Germans! Lots and lots of Germans! I had a headache the whole time I was here so it was probably a lot more fun than I remember, although probably not!

Read about my holiday in Munich here -

munich travel holiday


AMAZIN’!!!! There’s a few of them! Although mine would do Nicki Minaj and N-Dubz too!

Muppets final parody!

The Muppets are back as yiz all know from the blog lately and clearly I love them to bits. They’ve been gettin’ loads of attention lately coz of their parody trailers for the new movie and before that for their Bohemian Rhapsody video but now here’s the final parody before The Muppets comes out next month. We don’t get it in Ireland until February which I believe must be some form of racist thing or maybe its punishment coz we got loads of money off the rest of the world when we went broke!

Anyway, check this out!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tulisa releases her perfume!

Although I got it in Newry on Friday for £12.99!

X-Factor judge and N-Dubz singer Tulisa Contostavlos has launched her own perfume called 'TFB (The Female Boss)'.

Tulisa and the TFB perfume

The star launched the fragrance with Perfume Direct on London's Oxford Street yesterday. Wearing a dress, colour coded to match both the X Factor and Perfume Direct colours, Tulisa had a meet and greet with fans at the store.

The Sixties-inspired black trench dress, with white accents and red stripes, was worlds apart from the fragrance. TFB comes in a box with a glittery, graffiti style font and an image of Tulisa, taken seemingly in her pre-X Factor makeover era.

X-Factor’s Rythmix are changing their name!

After a big row with some charity who make young people sing or something, X-Factor’s girl band are changin’ their name! All will be revealed on Saturday. I could think of a few names although none of them ya could say before the watershed.


X Factor contenders Rhythmix have decided to change their name after protests from a charity of the same name that works with disabled and vulnerable children.

Name change after protests from charity

A spokeswoman for the ITV talent show said the girl group will reveal their new name "in due course".

Mark Davyd, the chief executive of UK music charity Rhythmix, had criticised the show after revealing his organisation was launching a legal battle to protect their brand.

An X Factor spokeswoman said: "At the request of the charity Rhythmix, the members of the girl group Rhythmix have decided to change their name, a decision which has the support of Syco and Talkback. The group's new name will be announced in due course."

The charity, which was set up in 1999 and is based in Brighton, organises musicians to work with hundreds of disabled and vulnerable children in the UK every year.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Muppet Fan-A-Thons

Clearly these are hilarious!

Planes?? REALLY??

I’m a HUGE Disney fan and have been since I was a child, although some would argue I still am a child. Clearly I look forward to hearin’ about all the upcomin’ movies and that but what in the name of all that is holy is this about?? Planes? A follow up to Cars? And its not even Pixar!

Letter G goes missing at Scrabble championships!

Ya couldn’t make this stuff up!!! I never liked Scrabble. I can’t even spell Scrabble!

From Digital Spy

Two competitors at the World Scrabble Championship were forced to empty their pockets during a match after a 'G' piece went missing.

An official at the event in Warsaw, Poland explained that the disappearance took place during a game between Britain's Edward Martin and Thailand's Chollapat Itthi-Aree.

When both hopefuls noticed the missing piece during the last draw of the match, they had to each "show the contents of their pockets".

Despite a thorough search around and underneath the scrabble table, the 'G' was reportedly never found, and was eventually replaced by another.

New Zealand's Nigel Richards beat Australia's Andrew Fisher in the final. He also won the title in 2007.

Where I’ve been!

Had a mad few days lately so haven’t been bloggin as much as usual. Monday I was in Carlow performin in the Temple which was a great bit of laugh and Tuesday I was hostin a quiz for the LGBT society in Waterford Institute of Technology which was nice! Plus with X-Factor and the Apprentice things have just been mad! Normal service should be restored soon, although lets not lie, nothin is really normal around here!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Council makes 12 visits to change a lightbulb

I thought this would have been a story about Dublin Corporation but turns out its not!

From Digital Spy

A local authority reportedly made at least 12 visits to change a broken lightbulb in a street lamp.

Cheltenham resident Jack Doran claimed that a lamp post on his street was visited at least a dozen times in six weeks as employees attempted to fix the problem.

Doran told the Gloucestershire Echo: "It just seemed a bit odd that they kept coming and going like that. I'd see somebody arrive and they would take a look, appear to do something, then leave again without it being fixed.

"There were at least 12 visits in all that I counted and I just started to wonder what on earth had gone wrong because it was apparently only one bulb."

The 74-year-old continued by describing the incident as "symptomatic of the sort of thing that seems to happen in local government, but wouldn't in the private sector".

Doran reported the issue on August 15, with initial efforts to fix the street lamp thwarted by an overgrown hedge. Employees from Cheltenham Borough Council's parks and countryside service then visited to cut the hedge.

A second attempt to change the bulb was postponed when water was discovered leaking into the lamp, and a police officer also visited Doran's street to assess whether the lack of light posed a security risk.
Further work was held up when the council discovered that an old-style bulb had to be used as the lamp was part of a project to monitor energy use in the area. A fuse also had to be changed before the light was restored to working order on September 30.

Gloucestershire County Council's street lighting team manager Ken Pitt said: "We appreciate that this repair has taken longer than usual.

"However, it wasn't straightforward and needed several visits to ensure we sorted it out properly."

Rebecca Black needs YOU for her music video!

I’m only RAGIN’ I don’t live in America! How AMAZIN’ would it be to be in a Rebecca Black video??? I could be the next Benny Cinkle! I must give Rebecca a mail!

Here’s her tweet about it – Hey guys! Who wants to be in my new music video tomorrow night? If you are available Monday evening (10/24), please email a photo, your age, and contact info to Must be 18 and older. Thanks! (:

Sami evicted from X-Factor

Well to be honest I didn’t think she was gonna last very long and now Sami has hit the dust! The germ otherwise known as Frankie Cocozza is still there somehow. Kitty was in the bottom 2 which clearly upset me lots coz she’s me favourite! What does everyone think of Sami being eliminated???

Sami brooks x-factor

Lamph – Waking Nightmare

The love DJ Chloe’s band Lamph have a new song on YouTube for Halloween called Waking Nightmare!! Check it out! Its fun!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I’m doing a gig in Carlow tomorrow!

If you’re in the general Carlow area and around The Temple, drop in and see me!!! Should be a laugh!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

X-Factor week 3 song choices

As always, here’s what the lads are doin’ tonight!


- Janet Devlin – Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns N’ Roses
- Misha Bryan – Purple Rain by Prince
- Sophie Habibis – Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi


- Craig Colton – Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis
- Marcus Collins – Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz
- Frankie Cocozza – Get Your Rocks Off by Primal Scream


- Johnny Robinson – I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness
- Kitty Brucknell – Live And Let Die by Wings
- Sami Brookes – Turn Back Time by Cher


- The Risk – Crazy by Aerosmith
- Rhythmix– Tik Tok by Kesha into Push It by Salt N Peppa

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I’m going on holidays

Granted its only to Dundalk and it’s for 2 days but beggars can’t be choosers!!! See yiz all Saturday and in the meantime, follow me on the Twitter@JoannaRyde

The end of Westlife

Now it wouldn’t be my type of music but no one can’t deny how amazin’ the lads where! This is the end sadly. Pity.

From Digital Spy

Westlife have announced that they are to part ways next year.
The World of Our Own boyband, made up of Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan, said in a statement that they "want to have a well-earned break".

They will bow out with a farewell tour in May 2012, playing nine gigs in most major cities in the UK.

In a statement, Westlife said: "Today we announce our plan to go our separate ways after a greatest hits collection this Christmas and a farewell tour next year.

"The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new ventures.

"Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band. Westlife are a family. We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too.

"We never imagined when we started out in 1998 that 14 years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together. It has been a dream come true for all of us."

Kitty Brucknell getting death threats?

This is sad. Kitty’s a bit odd, let’s not lie but herself and Misha B would be me favourite and sure she’s lots of entertainment! Keep her in for the drama at least!

This from Telly Mix

The police have been called in to help deal with online death threats aimed to X-Factor hopeful Kitty Brucknell, it has been claimed. The Sun suggests that show bosses are concerned about the levels of hate being aimed at the singer.

Despite having avoided the bottom two thanks to the public vote, the wacky singer’s kooky antics are still getting on viewers nerves.

A spokesperson for the hit ITV show said “All threats are taken seriously”.

And it’s not just the show’s makers that are concerned, with even judge Tulisa apparently worried about the 26-year-old.

“[Tulisa] also thinks that being cooped up in the house could push some people to breaking point,” a source told now magazine this week.

“She’s especially concerned for Kitty, because of the amount of hate mail she’s been getting.”

Speaking to The Mirror earlier this month, Kitty did little to win over her critics however.

She complained about some viewers: “All British people do is put people in boxes. They have to compare, saying, The new ‘SuBo’, or, The new Katie. I don’t know why there is so much hate. It is bad for your soul. I just take negatives and I dump them in the swimming pool”.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Can you tell me how to hack, how to hack Sesame Street!

This is kinda funny and kinda disturbin’ at the same time. Kinda like old people walkin’ into things!

From Digital Spy (Clearly!!!)

Sesame Street's YouTube channel was taken offline yesterday after hackers managed to upload several pornographic videos on the service.
The hack, done by someone calling themselves Mredxwx, involved a message being posted alongside the videos saying: "Who doesn't like porn, kids?"

According to reports, the Sesame Street channel on the Google-owned YouTube was taken offline within 20 minutes of the material being detected.
In a statement, Google said: "YouTube's Community Guidelines prohibit graphic content. As always, we remove inappropriate material as soon as we are made aware of it.”

Sesame Street's YouTube channel has 140,000 subscribers and its videos have been viewed nearly half a billion times.

Security blogger Graham Cluley managed to secure several screenshots of the offending content before it was removed.

Alongside the videos, a message read: "Who doesn't love porn, kids? Right! Everyone loves it! I'm Mredxwx and my partner MrSuicide91 are here to bring you many nice content!

"Please don't let Sesame Street to get this account back kids :( Please...Let Me and MrSuicide91 have it and we gonna make all the America happy!"

However, an existing YouTube user named Mredxwxx posted a video denying that they had hacked Sesame Street's channel.

It said: "I did not hack Sesame Street. I am an honest Youtuber. I work hard to make quality gameplay videos and most important I respect the community guidelines."

Same Difference to represent Switzerland in Eurovision!

Oh now here’s news! First we have Jedward representin’ Ireland and Steps representin’ the UK and now it looks like Same Difference could represent Switzerland in Azerbaijan!! I don’t care what it takes, I want to go!!!! Gonna be AMAZIN’! I like this song! Sean and Sarah are lovely by the way.

From Digital Spy

Same Difference have launched a pledge to enter next year's Eurovision Song Contest.

he former X Factor contestants have put themselves forward to represent Switzerland in the singing competition with their new track 'Music'.
Swiss residents are able to vote for the sibling duo during their official Eurovision platform entry website along with other entrants.

The site explains that voters can submit up to four entries for the pop pairing or any other act.

Same Difference told Digital Spy earlier this year that they were depressed after being dropped from Simon Cowell's Syco record label back in 2009.

The twosome also revealed that they regretted releasing their single 'Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)' in August 2010, after it reached number 100 on the UK chart.

Listen to Same Difference's Swiss entry contender 'Music' below:

Monday, 17 October 2011

What did Frankie Cocozza say to Jedward?

Well its all heatin’ up at the moment in X-Factor! Accordin’ to Eoin Murphy of the Irish Daily Mail on Xpose this evenin’, Jedward went to talk to him backstage and Frankie Cocozza was horrible to them. I can’t stand him to be honest. Hope he goes next week!

Me latest holiday guide is Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Yes Liechtenstein! The country I’m gonna represent in the Eurovision one day! Read the holiday guide at the link below!

liechtenstein vaduz travel holiday

This is the mood I’m in today!

I’m so excited about Christmas and this is me favourite Christmas song. It always makes me smile and feel real Christmassy!

Barney swears during song!

This is gas. I want everyone to tweet me after it and tell me what you think!!


Real life superhero fights on!

I brought yiz this story last week and now it looks like Phoenix Jones lives to fight another day! I really want to become a superhero now. I’d love to beat the shite out of people around the streets of Waterford!

Self-styled superhero Phoenix Jones has vowed to continue his mission to fight crime in Seattle, despite the threat of legal action against him.

The real-life crimefighter, whose real name is Benjamin Fodor, made the statement after an appearance in court over a recent incident in which he attacked four people with pepper spray.

Fodor insisted that he was trying to break up a fight outside a nightclub in Seattle, but the clubgoers have said that they were not brawling when Fodor intervened.

Prosecutors have yet to announce whether they will file charges against him, but Fodor has said that the outcome will not change his mind.
"I will continue to patrol with my team, probably tonight," Fodor told the Seattle Times this week.

"I am just like everybody else," he explained. "The only difference is that I try to stop crime in my neighbourhood."

Phoenix Jones patrols the city of Seattle alongside his teammates in the Rain City Superhero Movement.

Original Sugababes to reform?

I hope so. They were the good old days! Hole In The Head, Freak Like Me, Round Round.

This from Digital Spy

The original lineup of the Sugababes are set to reform, a report has suggested.

The founding members of the girl group - Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy - are said to be working on new material before they make the reunion official.

According to Wot You Got the original trio "haven't signed anything official yet, but they have been demoing some new songs to see if they can re-capture that magic of their debut album".
The site added: "If they get that right, then they'll sign on the dotted lines."

Buchanan played her first solo gig earlier this year, showcasing some of her new material at an event in London.

However, no official release date or record deal has been announced for the star since she left the group back in September 2009.

Dan Wheldon RIP

Ya might be surprised to learn that I love me car racin especially the Formula 1 and IndyCar so was very upset to see Dan Wheldon passed away in a crash today in Las Vegas. He was a true legend and he’ll be missed.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

6 year old does Nicki Minaj

I’m a big fan of Nicki Minaj! I want to duet with this child! She met Nicki on Ellen the other day. Isn’t Ellen great all the same!?

This weeks songs in Glee

My version of Last Friday Night is clearly better! What do yiz think? Everyone enjoyin this season on Glee?? The Irish fella is comin into it soon. I think I’d play a great love interest for Puck! I must get me agent onto that!