Saturday, 4 June 2011

I get some weirdos on Facebook

I’m always gettin mad people talkin to me on me Facebook page but this one I had to share! His name is Bob Bal and it tells it’s own story really! I laughed! I also considered askin how much he was willin’ to pay!! I also considered sellin him Roxxi Sparks!!

how are u ?

i am bob from west africa The Gambia bone 1985 i am here looking for a good relationship or if i can have a gal to married and pay her in cash .i do it but if u can help me or u looking for someone i will pay u and pay her i really need this in my life. u said It's complicated so if u like

i can married u as well and get the money tooo. see how u will feel about it and text me back any time ok care and love

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