Saturday, 16 July 2011

We’re now in Spanish!

After last week’s discovery in People Magazine in the USA, this week we’ve been found on some form of a Spanish website. Its from Cork Pride a few years ago. Before you even read, can I point out that if I looked at anyone mannerly they were either hot or it was a mistake. Clearly I had to use Google Translator, although lets not lie, if it was in English I’d probably have to as well!

Bien, pues por qué me estoy parando con estos 3? Pues porque estos chicos son el grupo FL!RT, el nuevo fenómeno gay en Irlanda.
Aquí uno a uno, atención a los nombres que se las trae:

Charmin Eletrik: el alto de pañoleta blanca, pelo rubio, que mira de frente.

Gloria Holle: el rubiaco alto sin pañoleta y con sombra blanca en los ojos.

Joanna Ryde: el de esta última foto, que me miraba un poco modosito.No me preguntéis cómo conseguí todo esto eh?

Here's the translation!

Well, so why I am stopping with these 3? Because these are the group FL!RT, the new gay phenomenon in Ireland. Here are their names:-

Charmin Eletrik: The tall one with the white neckerchief, blond hair, that looks forward.-

Gloria Holle: The other one without the neckerchief and with white shadow in the eyes.

Joanna Ryde: In the last photo, that looked at me mannerly!


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