Saturday, 24 December 2011

Another little Christmas video

I made this video last year around the streets of Waterford and I've been meanin to share it with yiz all month. It was great fun to make and I almost forgot about it until I heard someone playin it a while ago! Have a look and let me know what ya think! Wanna make a few Christmas videos for next year. Look at me thinkin ahead!

A little Christmas cheer!

I'v been meanin to blog this all week and kept forgettin but now here I am in me ma's watchin the telly on Christmas Eve and thought it would be the perfect time to share it with everyone. Its the video that meself, Charmin, Diva and JP and Denis of the Wanna Bees made for a bit of laugh!! It was great fun.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

What a great Christmas ad

I love this! Me and Christmas ads are a great mix. I should be in one. This is a great one. It’s the Guinness ad that came out a few years ago and its really Christmassy! Reminds me of bein home in Dublin for the Christmas. I don’t like Guinness though. It tastes like mud.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch returns!

I don’t really get whats goin’ on here! I guess its kinda funny when she hits the kid with the cup. I’d love Sabrina to return. Although now she wouldn’t be a teenage witch. She’d be a mid-twentys witch.

Little Mix win!

Woo! Delighted! They were my favourites after Kitty Brucknell who as ya know I LOVED!!! Happy they won to be honest. I don’t like the song they’re singin as their first single. Was never a big fan of Cannonball so that might be why. Also delighted that the AMAZ Tulisa was the winnin mentor! N-DUBZ FO LIFE! INNIT! So who remembers Rythmix??

Friday, 9 December 2011

Oslo is me latest holiday guide

Probably the most expensive place I’ve ever been to and I include Brown Thomas in that. A Big Mac meal costs 12 euro! Ya wouldn’t hear the likes of it with all this recession madness here. Not that I didn’t have a good time or anything. Clearly I did. I mean, lets not lie, ya know me and a holiday!

Ya can read all about it here -

Oslo travel holiday

So what exactly is going on in X-Factor?

Well I’ve been follow X-factor from the start and writin about it here on the blog but as ya might have noticed, I haven’t been bloggin about it as much, mainly coz its all after gettin a bit borin. I knew that’d happen as soon as Kitty left. She was the one keepin it interestin. So now we’re left with Ameila Lily which I just found out is actually her first name. I thought Lily was her surname. Then there’s Marcus and my favourites, Little Mix.

The other news this week is that the mentors will be duettin with their acts for the first time ever which should be fun, especially tryin to watch Gary Barlow relive his youth through Marcus like he did with Frankie. Simon Cowell will be back too apparently. Its all very tense. Not for me coz I’m not really that bothered now but still.

Little Mix to win!

My Sunday Grill on Beat Interview

I did an interview a few weeks ago with the lovely Mary O’Neill from Beat here in Waterford which in case ya didn’t know is the biggest radio station in the South East! They’ve been really supportive of the book and are all round lovely people. The interview is now on podcast and ya can listen to it here -

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Isn’t it great what ya can get in Tesco

Tesco Assasin

Templars Hall riots

If anyone is familiar with Templars Hall they’ll know what this is about. There’s even a Facebook page about it here which I won’t lie, is a great read! Its a housin estate here in Waterford with a HUGE amount of students livin in it and its been gettin loads and loads of bad press because of anti-social behaviour and all the rest. Yesterday was the last day of the college year and from what I hear it turned into a bit of a riot. Pretty much sounds like where I grew up!

Waterford On Ice

I love skatin believe it or not so was delighted when I heard Waterford On Ice would be openin for the winter. Now clearly I’d prefer if it was open all year round and I’m wonderin if they could be persuaded. Had a great time there last night although the place was jammed so wasn’t able to get a few tricks in. I’d love to go on Dancing On Ice! I’d be well up for it. If ITV are readin, call me! Here’s a video of me in action! I’m the one in green.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Eat Da Poopoo

This is actually hilarious!! Where in the name of Jesus did this chap get his research? Uganda is a mad place all the same. They don’t like gays at all. What did gays ever do to Uganda. If Father Ted was here he’d say “Careful now!”

Me mate Amanda keeps showin me this and we keep crackin our holes laughin. If we have any children please can they step out. This is a parental guidance moment! EAT DA POOPOO!

Ask Aunty JoJo column 4

With all the excitement over me new column, Life Of A Ryde in the Munster Express, I almost forgot about Ask Aunty JoJo on Gaze! The latest one went up a few months back and is now on me own website and its gives me just enough time to get to work on me Christmas special! NICE!

Read it here -

Who remembers this Christmas ad?

For some reason this ad really stands out from when I was growin up and if ya pay very close attention, you’ll notice that the chap who’s comin home is none other than Alan Hughes from TV3!!! The thing I never could understand is why there was ads for ESB when it was the only electricity company? Did they think you’d see it and go “Oh look, there’s that ESB ad. I’ll turn on the feckin light!” If anyone could tell me the inner workin’s of the ESB and whether there was some kinda hidden message I’m missin I’d be delighted!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The ‘80s Kid! WHAT A BOOK!!!!

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It reminds me of all sorts of things that I talk about with the lads! Many a Saturday night we sit in me sittin room sayin “do ya remember…” and then go off tellin stories of Mosney or TK Cream Soda or Bros or Police Academy or so much more about when we were younger! Get this book! Ya won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re 12. Or not from Ireland.

Retro 80s kid book

Marry The Night. I think!

What in the name of JESUS is goin on here?? I like the song but what’s this all about?? If someone could tell me I’d be very happy! I do like the song though.

Read my new column in the Munster Express

Well I’ve been keepin this quiet for the last few weeks but can now reveal that I’ll be writin a new weekly comedy column in the Munster Express, the biggest selling newspaper in the South East of Ireland!! Ya can read all about me mad life here in Waterford and me random thoughts and stories every week!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Manchester is me latest holiday guide

Its the home of Coronation Street, Man Utd and very little else. I enjoyed a nice weekend in the North East/West/Wherever of England with Charmin and got to sample many of the delights that Manchester had to offer. And when I find out what they were I’ll tell yiz! In the meantime, read me holiday guide to Manchester at the link below -

Manchester travel holiday

Never Shove A Banger Up Your...

On Halloween!! This is me favourite song at the moment. I’m defo addin it to me set. It’s from Fester and Ailin from the Podge and Rodge show. I’ve taken to watchin the box set and I forgot just how great the lads are! I got to appear on their show twice and they’re lovely, not the best lookin now but they’re nice!

Roman In Moscow! Nicki Minaj’s new song

I’ve become a Nicki Minaj fanatic over the last few months and I’m lovin this new song! Roman In Moscow is the first single off her new album and already flyin up the charts after its release late last week. It’s a good tune although Nicki keeps singin in different characters which is kinda a bit schizo if ya ask me! Roman is some gay English chap she pretends to be. Weirdo.

The Late Late Toy Show

So who stayed on Friday night to watch the Toy Show?? Clearly I was very excited about it but couldn’t help feelin a little bit let down. It’s not like it used to be is it? When Dustin and Kevin “Bleedin’ Rapih” used to be on it. It’s all technology now as well isn’t it, with Kindles and Ipads and all the rest. Jesus, I’m startin to sound like me ma!! Here’s the AMAZIN Douglas from last years show! What a star!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Gamu’s new album

Ya might remember Gamu from X-Factor last year. She was the one not picked by Cheryl Cole and there was uproar over it. Well she just won her deportation hearin so she’ll be stayin in the UK and releasin her new album in the Spring. It sounds really good actually! Look forward to it!

Lindsay Lohan for Celebrity Big Brother?

I hope this happens!! I really got into the last season towards the end even though we don’t have Channel 5. I was hopin Jedward would win because I’m mad like that! I’ll do everythin in me power to get Channel 5 if mad Lindsay goes in!


According to the Sunday Mirror the Hollywood star is being offered a princely sum to star in the next series of the show. But that is all dependent on whether US authorities will allow the troubled actress to leave the US.

The producers of the Channel 5 show have flown to Los Angeles for a meeting with the 25-year-old actress to try and entice her to sign on the dotted line. Lohan has already spent five stints in prison, the latest being a four-and-a-half hour incarceration last month for violating a probation order imposed in 2007 after she was jailed for driving under the influence (DUI) and a misdemeanour grand theft case in which she pleaded no contest after being accused of taking a $2,500 necklace from a jewellery store in January.

However it could be some time before the star of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday will be allow to leave the US as she was also instructed to complete a further 423 hours community service at the LA county morgue as well as attend 18 psychotherapy sessions by March and attend monthly court hearings to check on her progress.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Misha B wants to collaborate with herself

This is gas! She’s a nut job. I like her!

From Digital Spy

Even putting on her best baby voice and managing to avoid talking about herself in the third person for a few minutes didn’t stop Misha B from putting her foot in it again his week. The X-Factor hopeful told press at TalkTalk’s secret gig on Wednesday night that her ultimate collaboration would be with… herself.

Asked which celebrity she’d like to sing with in the final, Misha said: “I want to collaborate with so many other artists but first I want to collaborate with myself.”

Explaining herself, Misha continued: “I mean get to know myself as an artist even more, I feel like I’m still on a journey, I’m still finding myself as an artist and experimenting and trying different things out.”

She added: “Hopefully I find myself.”

Asked again who she’d love to sing with – excluding herself – Misha replied: “Michael Jackson… but he’s dead.”

Asked for a third time who she’d love to sing with – excluding her and those who are no longer alive – Misha replied: “Beyonce… but she’s pregnant.”

Asked once more who she’d love to sing with – excluding herself, those who are no longer alive and those who are too pregnant – Misha replied: “Nicki Minaj or Missy Elliot.”


Will.I.Am joins the cast of The Voice

I would say I’m really lookin forward to this but I don’t have the channel! I might get UPC before then though although probably not coz I’ve rang them 5 times and they still haven’t sorted it out, although that can’t be as bad as Sky who set me up on the system and all the rest of it only to come out and tell me my apartment was on the wrong side of the buildin for a satellite dish! FOOLS!


Black Eyes Peas frontman has been confirmed as the second coach for The Voice UK.

The singer and producer joins Jessie J as the only confirmed spots on the panel of up to four coaches.

Speaking about the appointment, he said "I'm proud to be doing The Voice UK because the UK was the first place I saw success".

BBC One controller Danny Cohen said that he is "thrilled" that the star signed up, adding "he is a huge star who will bring a unique creativity to the show."

Reggie Yates and Holly Willoughby were confirmed two weeks ago as the hosts of the BBC talent competition. The show will debut in Spring 2012.