Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown - 2001

In 2001 the title went up north for the very first time when Tina Leggs Tantrum won! Another Northern favourite, Revvlon was also takin part that year but missed out on the crown. Local favourite Rentecca was the runner up. Believe it or not, it’s the only time a Northern entry has won AMI! Bet ya didn't know that!

Miss B.V.M

Brendan Courtney
Conor Horgan
Nigel Truswell
Maria Doyle
Deirdre O'Kane
Meabh Ruane

My new favourite blog

My home girl Divalicious has started bloggin and it makes for great readin! She talks all sorts of celeb gossip and stalkin and it’s a great little read! Think she’s gonna make it big one day as a tabloid hack! Here’s hopin!

Follow her now at -

New Gorillaz video DoYaThing

I always love the Gorillaz videos! This one is great. They’ve used real life backgrounds for the animated characters. Andre 3000 and James Murphy feature on the track too and get their own “Gorillaz” I want them to make me in Gorillaz form!

Dead woman climbs out of coffin

I don’t really have any words for this! From Digital Spy

A 95-year-old Chinese woman, who was thought to have died, has shocked residents by climbing out of her own coffin.

Li Xiufeng was discovered motionless by a neighbour on February 17, a fortnight after suffering a head injury from a fall at her home in Guangxi Province, reports The Mirror.

Chen Qingwang assumed she had passed away in her sleep, saying: "She didn't get up, so I came up to wake her up.

"No matter how hard I pushed her and called her name, she had no reactions. I felt something was wrong, so I tried her breath, and she has gone, but her body is still not cold."

Xiufeng's son then made arrangements for her funeral, which included a coffin being placed in the home for friends and family to pay their respects.
The grandmother was placed inside the coffin on February 19, but it was not nailed down ahead of the funeral to be held on February 24.

However, the day before the funeral, Qingwang was shocked to discover the coffin was empty with no corpse inside.

"We were so terrified, and immediately asked the neighbours to come for help," he said.

Villagers in the town of Liulou later found her in her kitchen cooking herself a meal.

She reportedly explained: "I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry, and wanted to cook something to eat.
"I pushed the lid for a long time to climb out."

A local hospital explained that Xiufeng had an artificial death, where a person has no breath but the body remains warm.

"Thanks to the local tradition of parking the coffin in the house for several days, she could be saved," a doctor said.

However, due to the local tradition, all of Xiufeng's belongings had been burnt, leaving with the 95-year-old with nothing at her home.

New Avengers trailer

This movie is gonna be deadly! Can’t wait until it comes out in May. Scarlett Johansson looks like one mean bitch and ready to kick people in the head which I like! PLUS the Hulk is in it. Gonna be epic. WOO!

A real life gypsy communion

I forgot I had these. They’re pictures from an actual real life communion and not just something from Channel 4. Someone sent these to me but I can’t remember who it was so if it was you, remind me! Personally, I love the whole extravagance that the travellers go to for big events. Think we could all learn a little something from their way of life. If anything, it’s nice to feel like a princess every once in a while!

Gypsy Communion

Gypsy Communion

Gypsy Communion

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown - 2000

2000 was the year that Siobhan Broadway melted everyone’s hearts with an amazin win although I obviously wasn’t there meself but heard it from others. I've only ever seen her perform once and that was at the 10th AMI and she was absolutely fantastic. Really would like to see her in action again sometime so would be amazin to see the return of Siobhan Broadway! We should start a campaign! This was the first year in the Olympia too!

Miss(es) T.L SEMEN
Miss @

Conor Horgan
Emily O'Reilly
Kieran Sweeney
Rifat Ozbek
Gerry Stembridge
Sr. Stan

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

SCARLET when you’re caught on camera behind a newsreader

HILARIOUS! Pay attention to the person in the background of this video. She tries to get out of the way when she realises she’s in the shot!

New Avengers poster

Here’s the new poster for the new Avengers movie I’ve been talkin a bit about on the blog. Accordin to Digital Spy they’ve decided to call it Avengers Assemble in the UK which is a bit of a stupid name if ya ask me. I hope they don’t. I think they need a few more women for the sequel. Poor Scarlet Johansson looks a bit lost.

Avengers Marvel Movie

Monday, 27 February 2012

Full list of Oscar winners

Best Cinematography: Robert Richardson, "Hugo"
Best Art Direction: Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schavo, "Hugo"
Best Costume Design: Mark Bridges, "The Artist"
Best Makeup: Mark Coulier and J. Roy Helland, "The Iron Lady"
Best Foreign Language Film: "A Separation"
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, "The Help"
Best Editing: Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Best Sound Editing: Phillip Stockton and Eugene Gearty, "Hugo"
Best Sound Mixing: Tom Fleischman and John Midgley, "Hugo"
Best Documentary: "Undefeated"
Best Animated Feature: "Rango"
Best Visual Effects: "Hugo"
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, "Beginners"
Best Original Score: Ludovic Bource, "The Artist"
Best Original Song: Bret McKenzie, "Man or Muppet"
Best Adapted Screenplay: Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, "The Descendants"
Best Original Screenplay: Woody Allen, "Midnight in Paris"
Best Live Action Short: "The Shore"
Best Documentary Short: "Saving Face"
Best Animated Short: "The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore"
Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius, "The Artist"
Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, "The Artist"
Best Actress: Meryl Streep, "The Iron Lady"
Best Picture: "The Artist"

The Muppets win an Oscar!

I’m so delighted for the Muppets for winnin the Oscar for best song! Man or Muppet is a great part of the film (Although I like Life’s A Happy Song and Pictures In My Head better) but still, woo for the Muppets! Here’s the song!

My new song Gypsy Wedding

Well I decided to mix 2 of my favourite things – Nicki Minaj and My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and I came up with this!! I won’t even go into the ins and outs of what I had to do to film the shots but it turned out well! Hope yiz enjoy it and spread it about!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Best movie moments WITH LEGO!

This is wonderful! I want some Lego! Someone go buy me some!!!!

Women sells George Washington shaped chicken nugget on Ebay!

HOLY GOD!!! WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS THE WORLD COMIN TO?? This woman in Sioux City which may or may not be in Missouri, although I’m not even botherin to check, found a chicken nugget that looked like George Washington in McDonalds 3 years ago and has now decided to sell it on Ebay. Someone has already bid $350 for it! Some people are nuts! I like chicken nuggets though as ya can see from the video below!

George Washington Chicken Nugget

American Pie Reunion trailer

This looks like great fun! American Pie thought me so much when I was growin up and now all the gang are back together. Reunion’s are gas craic! We should have them in Ireland, mainly so I can go back and tell all the bitches how well I’m doin! IN YO FACE DONNA TOOMEY!

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown - 1999

1999 saw Veda return to the AMI stage and this time she went one better and won the competition! Veda later went on to host her own night in the George as well as perform with bands Daddy's Little Princess and LadyFace plus she's also the one who's given myself, Charmin, Regina and many more our first shot of the George stage so we all have a lot to thank her for!

Miss Big Chief Random Chaos
Miss Liza Millenium
Miss T Period
Miss Elmyra Gulch
Miss Ivanna Visa
Miss Lizzy Garvaghy Rhodes
Miss Steak
Miss Stephanie Gately
Miss Me_Tamorphosis
Miss Kelly Green
Miss Veda Beaux Reves

Billy Scurry
Dorothy Cross
Marc O'Neill
Conor Horgan
Jacintha Brack
Louis Walshe

Irish Eurosong final TONIGHT!

I’m very excited about tonight’s Late Late Show coz the Irish Eurovision song will be chosen. Looks like Jedward are the favourites but I like Donna McCaul’s song and she’s some singer. Gonna be fun. Lookin forward to a Friday night in!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown - 1998

Only the 4th AMI and the second "real girl" winner! Katherine Lynch entered as Tampi Lilette but we all know her now as Bernie Walsh, Liz Hurley and Sheila Sheik! She's become somethin of a star and there was a bit of drama when she won coz when Veda finished second, she threw her flowers at the judges and stormed off! RESPECT.

Miss June O'Juwannit
Miss Fanny Titanic
Miss Vada Bon Rev
Miss Baby Jane
Miss Bette Noir
Miss Xena Warrior Princess
Miss Big Chief Random Chaos
Miss Infanta diLearious O'Toole (aka Baby Spice)
Miss Tampy Lilette

Andrew Logan
Gareth Valentine
Ailbhe Smith
Ivanna Bacik
Peter Mac Gough
Conor Horgan
Lorcan O'Neill
Louis Walshe
Annie Balls

Would anyone like some Totes Amazeballs?

This is epic! Tim Burgess, lead singer of the Charlatans thought it’d be a bit of laugh to tweet about a new cereal he’d invented called Totes Amazeballs and Kelloggs contacted him to actually make them!!! They sent him a one off box and now they’re bein contacted by people who want them to make them for real! I want me own cereal!

Kellogs Totes Amazeballs

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown - 1997

I don’t seem to be able to find much details for 1997! I do know that it’s the year that Shirley Temple Bar won and of course we know she went on to be a big star! At this stage, the competition wasn’t in the Olympia yet and I think I remember hearin that it was the Red Box, that’s where Tripod is now for anyone too young to remember it! Jesus yiz are makin me feel old!!

Brit Awards winners

Here’s a full list of last nights winners from the Brit Awards. Everyone seems to be talkin’ about Adele gettin cut off. That’s usually what I do to her when her songs come on the radio!

Brit Award Winners 2012

British Female Solo Artist: Adele

International Male Solo Artist: Bruno Mars

Critics' Choice: Emeli Sande

Best British Single: One Direction, What makes You Beautiful

International Female Solo Artist: Rihanna

British Male Solo Artist: Ed Sheeran

British Group: Coldplay

Best International Group: Foo Fighters

British Breakthrough Act: Ed Sheeran

International Breakthrough Act: Lana Del Rey

Outstanding Contribution To Music: Blur

British Album of the Year: Adele

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland Countdown - 1996

So it was 9 years from the first AMI to the second and it came about mainly coz 6 people involved with the first competition had died of AIDS/HIV includin 2 of the contestants. A group of organisers came together and AMI was reborn! Miss Stress was the first female winner of the show although I've no videos of her. But look, loads of details. Courtesy of the Alternative Miss Ireland website.

Miss Fisch
Miss Interpreted
Miss Cyberia
Miss Caca Mills
Miss Big Chief Random Chaos
Miss Bertha Vanation
Miss Dog
Miss Ravin' Medbh
Miss Tress

Marc Almond
Agnes Bernelle
Van Morrisson
Michelle Rocca
Nell McCafferty
Brenda Fricker
Rita Crosbie
Ian Galvin
Brenda O'Donaghue
Mr Pussy

First look at The Voice UK judges in action

The voice has become a bit of a smash here in Ireland and I’m lovin it meself but now it’s about to hit the UK with judges Jessie J, Tom Jones, Danny O’Donoghue and Will.I.Am. Should be interestin, especially if the Irish version is anything to go by. Here’s a pic of the 4 of them in action!

The Voice UK Coaches

John Leguizamo to play Del Boy?

Well this is a strange one alright. John Leguizamo who ya might know as Chi Chi from To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar has been chosen to play Del Boy in the remake of Only Fools And Horses that will be appearin on ABC later in the year. To be honest, I don’t know how the Americans are gonna do justice to the best comedy programme of all time. To me there’s only one Del Boy and that’s David Jason!

John Leguizamo Only Fools & Horses

BBC weatherman says the C word on air!

SCARLET for this chap. Instead of sayin sunshine he says “c**t” and then tries to go back to sunshine. It’s kinda fun but cringy for the poor chap at the same time. Its a word I don’t like to be honest. Imagine me not likin a swear word! Fuck that!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland Countdown - 1987

It was in 1987 that the very first AMI was held and thats bleedin years ago! Back then there was no Olympia and bein gay was still illegal! Isn't that mad! It was held in Sides Nightclub on Dame Street and Linda Martin and Johnny Logan hosted it! It was won by Miss Isle. This is the only picture I have! 1987 was years ago though wasnt it!

Alternative Miss Ireland

Glee do The Wanted

I heard they were gonna do Glad You Came by the Wanted a few weeks ago and wasn’t too sure what I’d think about. I’m still a bit unsure after hearin it a few times. There’s also a version of Nicki Minaj’s Fly mixed with R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly in this weeks episode which sounds a bit messy. To be honest, hopin Glee picks up a bit or else it won’t last very much longer.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown

The countdown to the final Alternative Miss Ireland is on and I’ve decided to do a bit of stuff on the blog over the next few weeks to celebrate it. I’ll be appearin in the Olympia on the night (March 18th) along with all the other previous winners which should be a great laugh. Remember tickets are nearly sold out and are available from Ticketmaster and the Olympia Box Office! Great cause and always a great night!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Waterford Riots!!

Yes you read that right!! There was a RIOT here in Waterford on Tuesday night after the Sash concert. This video is taken less than 100 metres from where I live in the nightclub district in Waterford. Usually the place is a bit mad but whenever there’s anything on with the students, it gets a lot louder and whoever thought it’d be a good idea to do roadworks on the main crossroads durin RAG week must be a bit slow!

Ski-Through Starbucks

This sounds great, although maybe a bit confusin coz I don’t know how you’re meant to hold a coffee cup when you’re holding a ski pole. There’d be spilt coffee everywhere. It’s in Squaw Valley in the USA. Sounds like fun. Don’t eat yellow snow.

ski through starbucks squaw valley

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding returns

I love this programme! It’s gas. The people in it are all great craic and I’d love to head out for a night on the town in Rathkeale! I want a palm tree dress too!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

When Sealions Attack!! (Shakira!)

This is a bit odd. Shakira, singer and superstar, got attacked by a sealion last week in Cape Town, South Africa. She’s since explained the event on her Facebook page. Which is nice of her! And fair play to Super Tony, whoever he is!

"I happened to see some sea lions and seals. I thought to myself how cute they were, so I decided to get a bit closer than all of the other tourists and went down to a rock trying to pet them... Suddenly, one of them jumped out of the water so fast and impetuously that it got about one foot away from me, looked me in the eye, roared in fury and tried to bite me. Everyone there screamed, including me. I was paralyzed by fear and couldn't move, I just kept eye contact with it while my brother 'Super Tony' jumped over me and literally saved my life, taking me away from the beast."

Shakira Laundry Service album

Steps Reunion back for Season 2

SOOOO excited by this! Steps Reunion was one of the best programmes of 2011 and I’ll be goin to see the reformed band in April in the O2 Dublin! YAY! Delighted that Sky livin have decided to bring back Steps Reunion for a second series that will follow the band as they get ready for their tour. Check out some classic Steps below!

New Nicki Minaj song

I think ya might have realised at this stage that I love Nicki Minaj and so I’m really excited about her new album Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded. Starships is the first single of the album and I LOVE IT!! Its got a kinda Nicki meets Katy Perry vibe in Ibiza. This is gonna be huge!

Monday, 13 February 2012

90’s kids show Alex Mack gets a pg15 DVD release

This is kinda funny. The British Board of Film Classification has given kids TV show Alex Mack (The one where she gets superpowers after a chemical spill) a PG15 rating! Here’s why -

"One episode in this TV series contains a scene in which a child character hides inside a tumble drier. The presentation of this behaviour is comic and no negative consequences are shown which would warn young viewers of the potential dangers of hiding in such appliances. While fatal incidents of children trapped in washing machines or fridges are rare, there remains sufficient cause for serious concern. The distributor indicated that they would be happy to accept a higher certificate rather than cutting the episode. The TV series is rather dated and would not have much appeal to a young audience when compared to current children's TV programmes. In addition, as the work was being targeted at an adult 'nostalgia' market, children would not be the 'natural' audience. The BBFC decided - given the work's history, the company's willingness to accept a higher certificate and that the work was not being aimed at children - to pass it '15' without cuts.”

Full list of Grammy winners!

Haven’t seen one of these yet so here it is. I didn’t even watch it, mainly coz I didn’t get an invite. Chris Brown is scared shitless of me!

Album of the Year: “21,” Adele

Record of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele

Song of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth

New Artist: Bon Iver

Pop Solo Performance: “Someone Like You,” Adele

Pop Performance by a Duo or Group: “Body and Soul,” Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

Pop Vocal Album: “21,” Adele

Alternative Album: “Bon Iver,” Bon Iver

Rock Song: “Walk,” Foo Fighters

Rock Album: “Wasting Light,” Foo Fighters

Rock Performance: “Walk,” Foo Fighters

Hard Rock/Metal Performance: “White Limo,” Foo Fighters

R&B Album: “F.A.M.E.,” Chris Brown

R&B Song: “Fool For You,” Cee Lo Green, Melanie Hallim & Jack Splash

R&B Performance: “Is This Love,” Corrine Bailey Rae

Traditional R&B Vocal Performance: “Fool For You,” Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona

Rap Album: “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Kanye West

Rap Performance: “Otis,” Jay-Z and Kanye West

Rap Song: “All of the Lights,” Jeff Bhasker, Stacy Ferguson, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter & Kanye West

Rap/Sung Collaboration: “All of the Lights,” Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie

Dance Recording: “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” Skrillex

Dance/Electronica Album: “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” Skrillex

Musical Theater Album: “The Book of Mormon,” Robert Lopez, Trey Parker & Matt Stone

World Music Album: “Tassili,” Tinariwen

Latin Pop Rock, Rock or Urban Album: “Drama y Luz,” Mana

Tropical Latin Album: “Last Mambo,” Cachao

Banda or Norteno Album: “Los Tigres Del Norte and Friends,” Los Tigres Del Norte

Regional Mexican or Tejano Album: “Bicentenario,” Pepe Aguilar

Country Solo Performance: “Mean,” Taylor Swift

Country Album: “Own the Night,” Lady Antebellum

Country Performance by a Duo or Group: “Barton Hollow,” The Civil Wars

Country Song: “Mean,” Taylor Swift

Jazz Vocal Album: “The Mosaic Project,” Terri Lyne Carrington & various artists

Jazz Instrumental Album: “Forever,” Corea, Clark & White

Improvised Jazz Solo: “500 Miles High,” Chick Corea

Large Ensemble Jazz Album: “The Good Feeling,” Christian McBride Big Band

Blues Album: “Revelator,” Tedeschi Trucks Band

Folk Album: “Barton Hollow,” The Civil Wars

Pop Instrumental Album: “The Road From Memphis,” Booker T. Jones

Bluegrass Album: “Paper Airplane,” Alison Krauss & Union Station

Americana Album: “Ramble at the Ryman,” Levon Helm

Reggae Album: “Revelation Pt. 1: The Root of Life,” Stephen Marley

New Age Album: “What’s It All About,” Pat Metheny

Children’s Album: “All About Bullies... Big and Small,” various artists

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical: Paul Epworth

Remixed Recording, Non-Classical: “Cinema (Skrillex remix),” Sonny Moore

Gospel Song: “Hello Fear,” Kirk Franklin

Gospel/Contemporary Christian Performance: “Jesus,” L’Andria Johnson

Gospel Album: “Hello Fear,” Kirk Franklin

Choral Performance: “Light & Gold,” Eric Whitacre

Classical Contemporary Composition: “Elmer Gantry,” Robert Aldridge & Herschel Garfein

Producer of the Year, Classical: Judith Sherman

Orchestral Performance: “Brahms: Symphony No. 4,” Gustavo Dudamel

Opera Recording: “Adams: Doctor Atomic,” Alan Gilbert, conductor

Spoken Word Album: “If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t),” Betty White

Comedy Album: “Hilarious,” Louis C.K.

Compilation Soundtrack Album For Visual Media: “Boardwalk Empire,” various artists

Score Soundtrack Album For Visual Media: “The King’s Speech,” Alexandre Desplat

Song Written For Visual Media: “I See the Light,” Alan Menken & Glenn Slater

Historical Album: “Band on the Run (Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Deluxe Edition),” Paul McCartney

Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists: “Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me),” Jorge Calandrelli

Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney

This must have been hard for Jennifer who’s had her fair share of tragedy in the past. Whitney had only died the day before and was said to be one of Jennifer’s inspirations. A very fittin tribute in my opinion. It’s all very sad isn’t it.

Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance

I’m a HUGE Nicki Minaj fan so was dyin to see what she was gonna do at the Grammys and she didn’t disappoint. Doin some form of religious take on her song Roman Holiday, although clearly all the Lady Gaga lovers are all “Oh its rippin’ off Gaga” which I don’t see to be honest. In case ya don’t know, Roman is a male alter-ego created by Nicki. She’s pretty much EVERYWHERE at the moment which clearly I’m delighted about!

Ouch! Jennifer Ellison cuts her head with her skate!

This must have been sore, although not that Jennifer made anything of it! She just kept skatin and finished the routine. I don’t really watch Dancing On Ice but its me dream to appear on it! Call me ITV!

Cher Lloyd sounding like a little brat

Cher Lloyd is a confusin character. Ya can’t deny she has a bit of edge that makes her stand out as a bit of a teeny pop icon but nowhere near as clean cut as the likes of Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. She sounds like a bit of a bitter betty as you can see from this article from Digital Spy.

In an interview with Real Breakfast this week, Cher was asked whether or not she’d ever consider performing a duet with Cheryl.

She replied: “Maybe if she sings live with me.”

The ‘Want U Back’ singer added that it would be a “challenge” for Cheryl who wouldn’t have the “nifty little button to press.”

When the host asked whether Cher was referring to things like auto-tune, she replied sarcastically: “What, oh no? Never, never ever!”.

But the youngster’s attacks weren’t finished there.

Cher also said Louis Walsh needed to leave the X Factor, if only to get some rest! “Maybe he should go on a holiday. Have a holiday for a few years! Have a break Louis, you work too hard,” Cher commented.

“He’s the only one that’s stayed; he might as well go as well and bring someone else in.”

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mermaids in Zimbabwe

This is a bit mad! The reservoir workers are afraid of mermaids!!!

From Digital Spy

Construction workers are refusing to build new reservoirs in Zimbabwe after being left terrified by mermaid sightings.

Government minister Samuel Sipepa Nkomo said that labourers have been so spooked by the presence of the mythical creatures in towns Gokwe and Mutare that they would not return.

"All the officers I have sent have vowed not to go back there," he told a parliamentary committee.

According to the country's Herald newspaper, mermaids are apparently present at other sites and can only be scared away through a combination of sacred rites to appease spirits and traditional beer.

The reservoirs are crucial to providing Zimbabwe's population with adequate water and boosting agricultural production.

A belief in mermaids is said to be relatively widespread throughout the country.

Whitney passes away

Very sad to see the news about Whitney which I’m sure everyone’s heard at this stage. She left a great legacy of music and will never be forgotten. Here’s my favourite.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ireland’s Eurovision hopefuls

Here they are! The 5 songs that will be hopin to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan! I really wanna go if someone wants to buy me a ticket!

Ya have to love Americans!

This video is hilarious. It was filmed in Olympia, Washington at lunch time in a high school. Great laugh!

Cheryl to choose between The Voice and X-Factor

Oh the drama. Cheryl’s always in the news. If she isn’t havin relations with someone from the So Solid Crew, she’s bein used in some form of Reality TV show tug of war. I wanna know who these “insiders” are!

From Digital Spy

Cheryl Cole is reportedly feeling “tortured” by having to decide whether to join The X Factor with Simon Cowell, to side with on The Voice.

Both stars have offered Cheeza huge roles in the upcoming shows, and either one is sure to boost her career. said earlier this week he wanted to get Cheryl to perform on The Voice in order to “p*ss off” Simon, but sources claim Cheryl’s back on terms with the music mogul now.

“Cheryl was devastated by what Simon did to her last year over US X Factor but that’s ancient history now and she doesn’t bear a grudge against him,” a source tells Reveal magazine this week.

Meanwhile, there’s likely to be some empty seats on this year’s X Factor judging panel that Cheryl could fill.

But the source continues: “That said, she’s still hugely loyal to Will. He had her back when everyone else was standing by to watch her fall, and he gave her the strength to get through the storm.

“Will totally rebuilt her confident because it was shattered until he stepped in.”

The insider added: “Choosing between the two most important men in her life – her ex Ashley Cole aside – is like torture for her. She simply cannot do it.”

M&Ms Superbowl advert

This is genius! M&Ms are my favourite food! Just in case you were wonderin!

Ryan Tubridy is a muppet

Although most of you thought that already!

Ryan Tubridy Muppet

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is Gaga’s Born This Way Ball coming to Ireland?

I’d say so! Already she’s announced the first 11 dates for the tour, mainly in Australia and South East Asia which is nice if you’re in that part of the world. When I was in Sydney she was playin there and again when I was in San Diego so I might actually see her if she comes. Now Madonna’s got the Aviva Lady Gaga could go for Slane, Croke Park or the Phoenix Park or probably just the 02. Here’s the announced dates -

  • April 27 – Seoul, South Korea (Olympic Stadium)
  • May 2 – Hong Kong, China (Asia World Arena)
  • May 10 – Tokyo, Japan (Saitama Super Arena)
  • May 28 – Singapore (Indoor Stadium)
  • June 7 – Auckland, New Zealand (Vector Arena)
  • June 13 – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Entertainment Centre)
  • June 20 – Sydney, Australia (Allphones Arena)
  • June 21 – Sydney, Australia (Allphones Arena)
  • June 27 – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena)
  • June 28 – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena)
  • July 7 – Perth, Australia (Burswood Dome)

Carmen Electra on Britain’s Got Talent

Poor Carmen got booed at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions which is a pity coz I like her. Here she is with her cloths on with the other judges. I’m gonna watch this just for David Walliams!

Carmen Electra Britain's Got Talent

My parody of Madonna’s Give Me All Your Luvin

I decided to make a parody video of Madonna’s new song Give Me All Your Luvin with MIA and Nicki Minaj and here’s the results! Let me know what you think!

Brandy & Monica’s new song

It’s been a few years since the AMAZING The Boy Is Mine and now Brandy and Monica have teamed up again for It Belongs To Me. I actually love this tune and it’s goin straight on me MP3 player! Think it’s gonna be HUGE! Hope so!

Amazing Spiderman trailer

Not really sure why they rebooted this but it really doesn’t look as good as the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire movies. I’ll wait til I see it to be sure though.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Superbowl trailers!

The superbowl adverts are always a big deal coz so many people are watchin etc etc and clearly I was lookin forward to seein the Avengers one. The Transformers Ride also got an ad and I look forward to havin a shot of it next time I’m in Hollywood.

Carmen Electra to sub for Amanda Holden on Britain’s Got Talent

Delighted about this! I LOVE Carmen Electra. Ever since the days of Baywatch. She was also involved in the Pussycat Lounge before the group turned to music. Ya might remember Carmen was in one of the Scary Movies too.

Madonna at the Superbowl

This is all kinds of epic! I think every single number I do on a Saturday night in Dignity should be like this from now on. Except the bit where she falls off the bleachers in Music!

The Voice of Ireland contestants

I stole this off It’s all the teams for the Voice of Ireland. What a programme! Really lovin it!

Team Bressie


Team Sharon

Team Kian


Team Brian