Saturday, 31 March 2012

Total Wipeout is cancelled!

Actually really upset about this! Total Wipeout is such a great programme coz who doesn’t like people fallin and hurtin themselves. Not only that but Richard Hammond says hilarious stuff and Amanda Byram stands there pretendin she cares and then slags people off when they walk away! Love her! Turns out the BBC are cancellin it because the ratin’s have been droppin. Someone get me a box set!

The Voice Of Ireland’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy will be on Britain’s Got Talent tonight!

That was the longest headline ever. This story from Telly Mix coz they tell it a lot better than I ever could!

Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Ryan O’Shaughnessy has already appeared on The Voice UK in Ireland and won himself a record deal, it has been claimed.

Ryan, who will be seen performing on Britain’s Got Talent at the end of tonight’s show, has signed an exclusive deal with Universal Music, Simon Cowell’s music label rival who work with The Voice.

The Dublin teenager impresses the BGT judges this evening with a performance of an original track, but his future on the show may be in danger.

The Daily Mirror report that negotiations are currently underway for Universal to release him from the contract, but they have so far refused.

“This is the latest spat between The Voice and BGT bosses,” a source told the newspaper.

They explained: “Not only have they been rowing over scheduling, the bad blood has now extended to the talent they have on their shows. It’s ridiculous.

“Ryan is a real talent and ITV chiefs really want him to continue, but it’s up in the air at the moment.”

Lego Avengers

This is too cute! It’s a poster for the upcomin Marvel film The Avengers in LEGO form! I want one of each of them please!

Lego The Avengers Marvel

Friday, 30 March 2012

Nicki Minaj performs Starships on American Idol

Ya know how much of a Nicki Minaj fan I am and clearly I got very excited when I heard she was gonna be on American Idol. She performed Starships which in my opinion is her best song yet, even better than Super Bass. Lookin forward to actually seein the video for it soon.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are NOT gay

So they say anyway! They’ve had to reveal to the world that they’re just mates coz in America, people can’t understand why they’re so touchy feely. Now I won’t lie, I never had Harry Styles down as a homosexuam but Louis Tomlinson always gave me the impression he was a friend of Dorothy, especially when his “friend” auditioned for X-Factor last year. They’d make a lovely couple though! I’m a big One Direction fan these days!

One Direction Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles Gay

One Direction Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles Gay Rumors

Louis Walsh to return to X-Factor

Ah I’m delighted coz I like Louis! Interestin fact – Louis Walsh was a judge when I won Alternative Miss Ireland. Clearly he wanted to turn me into the next Samantha Mumba but I just couldn’t commit the time. Lookin forward to seein’ him back on the X-Factor and prayin that sap Kelly Rowland doesn’t return! We live in hope!

X-Factor Judge

The Saturdays new song 30 Days

The Saturdays are one of those bands they just never seem to cross the line to be big stars and leave the middle of the top 10. I don’t think they’ll be doin it with 30 Days, their new single. Not that I don’t like The Saturdays, some of their songs have been great and I’m a big fan of Higher and Ego. Have a listen anyway and tell me what ya think.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tonight We Are Young

I’m lovin this at the moment. Despite all the crap that people say about Glee bein bad for music and all the rest of it, without it this song by Fun and Janelle Monae would never have hit the number 1 spot in America. It was only after it was on Glee in December that it entered the charts and now its becomin huge over here! I love it! Been singin it all day!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Thelma was on The Late Late Show

Why did no one tell me this?? Star of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and dress maker of choice to the gypsy community Thelma Madine was on The Late Late Show last year and no one told me about it. I’m actually ragin I missed it. Thelma is a legend. Readin her book at the moment and LOVIN it!

Lewis Hamilton for Formula 1 film Rush

Oh good god! Turns out that Lewis Hamilton might have a role in the new Formula 1 film rush which is based on the rivalry between 70’s drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt (I read that on Wikipedia) I won’t lie, Lewis was a bit dry in his first movie playin some form of racin car in Cars 2 and let’s all remind ourselves of the awful ad. I can’t even find that on YouTube but here’s some more of his awesome acting skills!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Video Killed The Radio Star

Back in 1980 when MTV launched, this was the very first song played! It’s one of me very favourite songs of all time and has a lot of special meanin for me and recently it’s become important in me life again!! That’s all very cryptic isn’t it! Me ma’s always goin mad at me for doin that. Anyway, turn it up and dance around your room! OH AH OH AH OH

Justin Bieber’s new song

I don’t know if I like this yet. It’s a bit like an old Usher song or something. It’s definitely no Baby! Justin Bieber has become a bit of hunk since he came of age. I think I’m gonna become one of those screamin’girls that run after him at concerts and throw me Penney’s knickers at him. He’d like that!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland facts

Well it’s a week since Alternative Miss Ireland and I’ve just come across these facts that appeared in Scene City around 2006 so clearly I wouldn’t have been a fact at that stage seein’as I won in 2007!

The first contest took place in Sides nightclub on Dame Street on April Fools Day 1987.

The contest was originally conceived by Frank Stanley, Ross Elliot Tallon and Niall Sweeney.

Following a 9 year hiatus, the contest was reinvented and reprised in 1996 when Jason Connors and Michael Fitzgerald of Dublin Aids Allience approached Niall Sweeney and Tonie Walsh with a view to reviving the concept to raise funds for the charity. Co-Organiser Rory O’Neil and Trish Brennan also came on boardd at this time. The relaunch was a huge success and AMI has run every year since.

Miss Isle was the 1987 winner and since then the queen cailins in order have been Shirley Temple Bar, Tampi Lilette, Veda Beaux Reves, Siobhan Broadway, Tina Leggs Tantrum, Sid Viscous, Alter Ego, Twirley Chassis, Heidi Konnt, Funtime Gustavo, Joanna Ryde, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Smilin’ Kanker, Peaches Queen and Mangina Jones.

The 1996 pageant was held at the Temple Bar Music Centre. The 1997 to 1999 contests were held at the Red Box and from 2000 to date the Olympia has been AMIs home.

Linda Martin and Johnny Logan compered the first show with Panti hosting since 1996 and Dizzy and Dolly joining her when the show moved to the Olympia.

In 1996 Agnes Burnell famously entered her dog as a contestant called Miss Dog.

Shirley Temple Bar creator Declan Buckley is quoted “I entered having never seen the show. I was pushed into doing it. I thought I had no chance but the audience really got behind me and I won. It changed my life. I got a gig straight away.” and Shirley hasn’t looked back since.

Dolly creator Eddie Devoy was previously an entrant as Miss Xena Warrior Princess in 1998 while Dizzy creator Noel Sutton was Miss Metamorphosis in 1999.

The lady behind 1998 winner Tampi Lilette is Katherine Lynch, now better known for her characters Busty Lycra, Singin’ Bernie Walsh and Sheila Sheik.

In 1998 Veda infamously flund her runner up bouquet across the stage in a self-confessed hissy fit but had the last laugh by taking the crown the following year.

The George sponsored 1998 entry Miss Untitled-As-Yet is now better known as none other than DJ Fluffy and was brought on stage at one point in a rapidly melting ice coffin.

1999 entrant Lizzy Garvaghy Rhodes famously answered a heckler by throwing a glass of water their direction to huge cheers and applause and gained runner up place.

All 7 foot 6 inch height of Revvlon entered in 2000 and 2001.

In 2000 then Entertainments Manager of the George Kevin Cunningham entered as Miss Genetically modified 2000 accompanied at one point by a very large 5 foot snake!

Former Glitz hostess Miss Demeanor was an entrant in 2000. Davina entered with April Showers in 2003 and alone in 2005.

Sid Viscous was the first drag king in the contests history to take the title in 2002 but the third female artist to win.

Miss Big Chief Random Chaos/Cow has entered on 6 occasions stunning audiences with the originality of each unique way-out entry.

Tulisa is suing MC Ultra over sex tape!

So turns out that it was MC Ultra who was the person who’s wonky willy was in the sex tape with Tulisa. She’s now suin him over releasin it. To be fair to Tulisa, it’s not like she’s done something wrong. However I’m gonna make some calls and make sure there’s none of me coz that’d destroy me career!! Who is this MC Ultra chap anyway?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Gothenburg is my latest holiday guide!

I haven’t done one of these in AGES!! Mainly coz I forgot all about it when I changed over me site to the new format a few months ago! The latest holiday guide is Gothenburg in Sweden where I enjoyed a few days of madness! Read about it here -

Gothenburg Sweden Travel Holiday

Event in Kuwait plays Borat instead of Kazakhstan national anthem!

THIS IS GAS. An event in Kuwait downloaded what they thought was the national anthem of Kazakhstan to play for the winner of some form of shootin prize however it turns out that they actually played was the parody anthem from Borat. Your ones face says it all!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Tulisa’s new single We Are Young

I like this! At this stage ya know I’m a big Tulisa fan, sure I even wear her perfume so I’ve been real excited about seein her new video. I think it’s gonna be a smash and its kinda a pity to see both Tulisa and Dappy doin better on their own than they ever did in N-Dubz. I always thought they were brilliant together. Nice to see that the lyrics say “forgive us for what we have done, we are young” considerin’ Tulisa’s sex tape was leaked only last week!

Kim Kardashian flour bombed

I don’t care how much of a dope you think someone is, ya just don’t do something like this to another human. I think it’s horrible and not that I don’t like Kim Kardashian coz let’s not lie, I actually don’t really know who she is. I know she’s on some MTV programme but I don’t have MTV so not sure who she is. Regardless, I feel sorry for her after goin’ to all the work of gettin her launch of her perfume ready and all. Poor girl.

Kim Kardashian flour bomb

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Alton Towers new attractions for 2012

I’m a huge Alton Towers nut and I now try to get over every 2 years, although if I had my way it’d be a lot more. The park is gonna be open in a few days and here’s the adverts for their new attractions – Nemesis Sub-Terra and Ice Age 4D! If anyone would like to send me on a trip to try them out I’ll gladly accept it!

The return of S Club 7

After very successful Take That and Steps reunions, one of me favourite bands EVER are coming back! S Club 7 are reunitin to perform at the Olympics and queens jubilee thingy and there’s talk of a tour and a new album. I haven’t been this excited since, well since Steps reformed! I hope there’s a TV show!

The Muppets get a Hollywood Star

The Muppets have received their very own star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame which clearly I’m only delighted about seein as I’m one of their biggest fans. The star is outside the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard which doubled as the Muppet Theatre in the movie released earlier in the year! Here’s my favourite Muppet moment of all time!

My new parody!

The question I get asked most is “What video are ya doing next?” and it’s really nice to know that people enjoy the parody videos! So here’s a new one. The song is one I’ve performed in the past on shows but now I’ve made the video for it. It’s a parody of If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland and Katy Perry and it’s a sequel to Aldi Vodka. Do what ya can to spread it around and enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Minnie Melange wins Alternative Miss Ireland

I had the pleasure of bein at the last ever Alternative Miss Ireland on Sunday night and was delighted to see Minnie Melange win! She was AMAZIN and have since talked to her and she’s an absolute sweetheart. Luaghnasaigh was second while Xnthony came third. I thought Alexandra Burqa deserved to place and I loved Madonna Lucia as always! Here’s the amazin Minnie in action!

Tallafornia will be back for second season

I’ve actually grown to love Tallafornia, mainly coz it’s just so random and the people in it are all a bit mad! I like the response it’s gotten from the public, especially this letter that appeared in the Irish Times!

Sir, – Having watched an episode of TV3’s “reality” series, Tallafornia (broadcast on March 9th), I was left speechless and horrified at the content. What was broadcast was more fitting to an adult-only channel, and should have been shown at a far later time.

Granted, there is a warning at the beginning that the programme contains scenes of a sexual nature, but nothing could prepare the viewer for the indecent, vulgar and offensive acts committed by a number of housemates. In a spectacular display of irony, as the show was broadcast in the wake of International Women’s Day, the show contained footage of two housemates betting whether or not one of the lads could get one of the girls into bed, and then talking about how he only used her for sex as there was no one else available.

But even more appalling than this was the attitude of the girl in question. The post-sex scenes of her sitting in her dress, which was inside out, and laughing with the man she just slept with and another housemate about having semen on her shoulder, while being subjected to slagging from the two males, was just indescribable.

At 23 years of age, I am neither feminist nor prude, but these scenes were completely inappropriate for Irish television. What self-respecting woman behaves in this way? Is this woman, Nikita, just completely naive and immature, viewing her actions, and the ensuing male slagging, as acceptable or entertaining?

Surely I am not the only reader who was disgusted and concerned at the programme, and by the decision taken by TV3 to put it on air? – Yours, etc,



Strandhill Road,


New Nicki Minaj single!

Nicki Minaj has just let loose her new single, a duet with Chris Brown called Right By My Side. It’s no Starships, Fly or Superbass which is a pity coz it would have been nice if she had of kept up the momentum that she got goin with Starships, although what do I know about releasin singles?? ONE DAY NICKI, ONE DAY!!!

The Voice UK judges sing I Gotta Feeling

The Voice UK starts this week and the judges got together to do a bit of a number! Here’s Will.I.Am, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny from The Script doin a little number from Will’s band the Black Eyed Peas. It all seems a bit thrown together if ya ask me, although clearly ya didn’t!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland winner’s interview

Way back in 2007 which was 5 years ago now (CAN’T BELIEVE IT!) I won the Alternative Miss Ireland. Here’s an interview I did with QueerID at the time!

Joanna Ryde -, March 2007
Now, we love Alternative Miss Ireland here in QueerID Towers, so imagine our delight when our very own columnist Joanna Ryde took to the stage. Not only that, but she only went and won! Of course, we always knew she'd steal the crown one way or another. We caught up with Joanna to ask her all about her triumphant win!

So, who are you Joanna Ryde ?
Who am I? Who the f**k are you?? I'm the Alternative Miss Ireland! I'm 19 and I come from Finglas and I have a little girl whats called Phoenix Park and I'm not gettin' a eurit in child support coz I don't know who the da is. What sort of question is WHO ARE YOU?? I could waffle on for days answerin' tha'!

What made you enter the Alternative Miss Ireland ?
Well after I won the Miss Finglas last year and the karaoke competition down the Village Inn, me mate Charmo said I should go for the Alternative Miss Ireland for the laugh coz I'd probably win coz I'm not only a great singer but I'm mafis as well and I didn't even have to so dirty things to anyone to win this like I did with the karaoke competition!

How did it feel to win ?
It felt like I had worms! My stomach was in a state. I haven't been this happy since that time Concepta fell into a cave on the school trip to the Aran Islands.

Did you have any other favourite acts ?
I saw nurring! I was backstage the whole time so I didnt really know wha' was goin' on. I heard the Skinnitwinnz doin' their swimwear though. Tha' was gas! I was dyin' for a shot of that straight fella with the huge cannon as well!

What was the highlight of your night ?
Findin' god! Tha' and the bit when we finished Joyful Joyful and the crowd kept roaring for ages after we'd stopped! I was meant to be in the Joy so I was tryin' hard not to my smile! or to soil me tights!

Do you have any shopping tips for QueerID visitors ?
Shopping?? D'yeh not mean shopliftin'? Jayzis I couldn't be givin' out me secrets! If yeh do wanna buy somethin' though, I'll always sort yeh out with the bargains or check out me websh*te -

Who would win in a fight between you and Shirley Temple Bar ?
I dont figh' (say nurring about Gubu) See now, you're just tryin' to cause a row with me and Shirlo! Although to be honest, Shirlo's probably one of the only youngones tha' I'd be afraid of! I hear she left Sandra Mulhall in a coma, although I do have a black belt in karaoke!

What are your plans for the future ?
I don't bleedin' have any! Hopefully I'll be able to do loads for the gays and for charities and all the rest of it and hopefully I can do a bit of travellin' around Ireland like I did last year. I'm hopin' to open a Centra or 2 and its me dream to do a song with Mark McCabe! I can tell yeh one thing though, I wont be havin' any more kids!

Alternative Miss Ireland Countdown 2009

2009 was an interestin one for me. 2 of me very good friends, Charmin Eletrik and Regina George went head to head for a shot at the crown and put on a great display only to be trumped by Smilin Kanker singin’ a hymn! It was a mad AMI moment and one that I’ll never forget, which is really not something I can say about the rest of the competition coz I forgot that!

There is a video from after it though that we did for Gaffs -

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sean from 5ive auditions for the Voice UK

First of all we had Alan from OTT on the Irish version and now Sean from 5ive in the UK! I robbed this from Telly Mix!

Former five boy band member Sean Conlon has auditioned for first series of The Voice UK , we can reveal.

The 30-year-old rose to fame in the 1990s with the group, with their tracks topping the UK charts for three consecutive years.

However in 2001, the group disbanded and all five members went their separate ways. Sean snubbed a failed comeback in 2007 in favour of pursuing his own solo career, which this month sees him audition for The Voice UK.

Sean is seen performing for the coaches – Jessie J,, Sir Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue – on the first show of the new series.

The Jazz singer auditions with Coldplay’s Trouble, performing with a piano on stage as his family watch backstage with hosts Reggie and Holly, hoping for at least one of the coaches to turn around.

The emotional performance causes more than a few tears, with Jessie J saying: “You were the first concert I ever saw!

“Your voice to me is beautiful as it is, I’d happily listen to you at home all day, and it completely chilled me out.”

Will Sean make it through? Tune into The Voice UK on BBC One from March 24 to find out.

Alternative Miss Ireland Countdown 2008

Yeh'd think they'd make things easier for me to remember and put the contestant lists up for every year! How am I meant to remember most of this when I was backstage for a lot of it? Shiela Fits-patrick won and her swimwear speach was an inspiration! I've always admired Sheila coz shes a great performer and an absolute lovely person! I remember standin there that day and I was lookin around and I said to Sheila, "you're gonna win this!" And she did! What’s mad is, Funtime had said that to me the year before and look what happened there! Gaza Strip and Geneva Convention came second with a great display and I can't remember who came 3rd! Bunny was in it and she was gas. Felicity B Wilde was in it as well and she was real good and her dancers were HOT (HI KRIS!!) Oh Faybeline came 3rd with her dwarf! She came up to me before the show and said "I just copied the way you approached the show last year" which kinda weirded me out!!!! That’s all I can remember for some reason! LOVE SHEILA!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown 2007

Well I guess this is the year I remember best! Mainly coz I won!!! I couldn't get a picture on the website COZ THERE IS NONE!!!! So I have this one! Its me gettin arrested and it was used in me GCN interview after. God I'm real chubby in that! not even a bit of tan! Anyway, I kinda went into the AMI confident enough I was gonna win, lets not lie. I was the favourite for a while so knew it was up to but 2 weeks earlier I'd gone to Cork and finished second to Kitty Cartier! She ended up 3rd in AMI. Fanny & Pearl were second and I was kinda afraid of them from the off coz their only gas! Their swimwear was fantastic! Anyway it all turned out okay and I ended up winnin! Thank god!


Tallafornia with commentary

This is hilarious. Comes from Epic Daily News on YouTube who say what we’re all thinkin about Tallafornia? What ya mean ya haven’t watched it?? It’s quality viewin!! Cormac is me favourite, mainly coz he doesn’t do very much although everyone keep’s sayin there’s a bang of gay off him! I really hope they make a second series!

Reporter walks into a pole live on air

THIS IS GAS!! Scarlet for this chap who was tryin to get a bit of goss out of a lawyer who wasn’t in anyway interested although fair play to him for checkin if the chap was alright after he walloped off the pole. Looks like it hurt. LOL

Russia sends a few grannies to Eurovision

Turns out that these crazy auldones are now second favourite to win Eurovision with their song Party For Everyone and in fairness, it’s a bit of laugh. The group is called Buranovskiye Babushki (Yes I copy and pasted that) and they’ll be headin to Azerbaijan which is nice for them I’m sure!

I’m off to find an old quilt to make an outfit like this to wear on Saturday’s show!

Sweden are Eurovision favourites

Well as DJ Chloe predicted, Loreen will be representin Sweden at the Eurovision with her song Euphoria. It’s a great tune to be fair although Jedward might have their work cut out for them if they wanna win in Azerbaijan! Sure we’ll see how it goes! What do yiz think of the song?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown 2006

Okay for some strange reason, the AMI website doesn't have many details up for 2006! What can I remember? Well Celine was Alternative Miss Limerick and I was kinda expectin big things but she was on stage on her own mainly and suffered for that. I'd seen her win in Limerick and she'd blown the crowd away. Lucy Furr was the Alternative Miss Cork and she'd beaten me in that contest only 3 weeks earlier! LOVE LUCY! She's always been one of my favourites. Ocean Del La Mer was there too I remember. However, from a few months before, Funtime Gustavo and the Dopplegang troupe were clear favourites and beat Trudy Scrumptious (who I idolise!) into second and Mary Poppers was 3rd!

A poem about Amanda Brunker

As yiz might know from readin the blog, I’m a huge fan of Amanda Brunker and think she’s a fantastic role model for Irish women. Not only that, but she’s an extremely lovely person and a total babe!! Anyway, have a read of this from today’s!

Eyebrows will be raised in literary circles when Paul Durcan's new book of poetry comes out next month -- with the man regarded by many as Ireland's "poet laureate" writing a paean to blonde bombshell chicklit writer Amanda Brunker.

In the poem, titled On Glimpsing a Woman in Hodges Figgis Bookshop in Dublin, Durcan describes an encounter with Brunker which intrigued and inspired him.

While queuing at the checkout he noticed a woman taking books off a shelf and writing on them before replacing them. In the poem, he describes her as "an unlikely-looking book psychopath. Tall, blonde, blue denim outfit, country and western boutique style."

Intrigued, he drops out of the queue and circles around the book counter "like a sheepdog on a recce, Wet-eyed to identify the title of the book and what she is writing in it".

The poem continues:

"Perching on my hind legs I see

It's entitled Champagne Kisses by Amanda Brunker

And in each copy in huge characters she is inscribing the words 'Amanda Brunker',

Inscribing them with such concentrated flourishes as if the book was the Book of Kells."

Durcan is impressed when he hears Brunker telling a concerned bookshop assistant that she was just passing, saw her books on the shelf and decided to sign them. "What cunning, what audacity, what breezy, cool arrogance!" Durcan says in the poem.

When Brunker leaves the shop he takes down a copy of her book and reads the first paragraph in which Brunker's sassy chicklit character bemoans having had the full Irish for breakfast and says it's an example of how she seems to be programmed to make the wrong decision at every available opportunity.

Durcan is very taken with this, saying in the poem it's "the story of my own life". He goes on in the poem to give several examples of how he, too, is always making the wrong decisions in his everyday life. The final lines of the poem read:

"Amanda, thank you for putting into words

What makes me tick. Methinks I tick too much.

On the other hand, soon I'll not be ticking at all.

Go for it Amanda Brunker, go for it!."

I’m back

I’m sorry things have been a little bit quiet around here the last few days! I’ve been up to me eyeballs with different things but I’m back and ready to talk about random shite like I always do! YAY says you! I hope to have a bit of good news for yiz in the next few weeks but in the meantime, keep readin the blog, watchin the videos, followin me on Twitter, add me on Facebook and all the rest of it!

God Bless!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown 2005

2006 saw one of the biggest upsets in AMI history, definitely from where I was standin anyway! I was dancin for Angelique that year, me first time on the Olympia stage but all eyes were on Davina Devine! Surely there would be no one that could beat her but yet Heidi Konnt came along and did it! It was all a bit mental and the level of talent was HUGE. Davina's whole performance was fantastic but Heidi whipped the crowd up and so it looked like a 2 way battle, until Gringo popped up in between then and finished second! Shiela Fitzpatrick was Alternative Miss Cork that year


Big Chief Random Chaos
Conor Horgan
Cyan Kingston
Paul Rowley
Patrick Scott

Ice Age 4 trailer

I’m a fan of the Ice Age movies and the gang are back for a 4th film in July! YAY!! I need to find some child to pretend to bring so I can ago watch it, although lets not lie, I’d actually not be embarrassed over goin to see it and who’d start on me? I just said that to look tough! Nicki Minaj is in it which excites me in many ways!

Chicken Nugget sells for $5000

Ya might remember me earlier story about the woman puttin’ the chicken nugget that looked like George Washington on Ebay? Well now that very same chicken nugget has sold for $5000! Who’d buy a chicken nugget for 5 grand?? I wouldn’t care if it looked like the Virgin Mary herself? And will it not go off at some stage? Like mould has to start growin on it at some stage! For those of yiz that don’t know, I like chicken nuggets!

Classic Lindsay Lohan

There was once a time when Lindsay Lohan was one of Hollywood’s brightest young things until the poor mare went a bit mad but sure doesn’t it happen to the best of us, although it’s never happened to me. She had it all – Albums comin out (What did she even sing?) and this, one of the best teen movies to come out of America since American Pie. SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE! Poor Lindsay!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown 2004

Now we're gettin to the good part! AMIs I was actually at! This was me first one and I was there as a guest of Davina who I'd become friends with at the time. Claire Voyant was takin part and ended up bein contestant number 1! Radioactive Pussy were fantastic but their video screen never worked so there was loads of trouble over that! Twirley Chasis was the winner and ended up disappearing for half of her eveningwear only to re-appear as a man! Very funny! Oh she was Alternative Miss Limerick at the time too!

Clare Voyant
Miss Coringa
Eve Candy
Twirly Chassy
Diva Manilla
Radioactive Pussy
Miss Ewe
Rita de Luxe
Faggy McGee
Rogue Rogan


Poo fight at Pokemon tournament

First off, how weird is it there’s a Pokemon tournament with national teams and everything?? It was held in England recently and the Spanish team got into a bit of an argument and started throwing excrement (That’s posh talk for shite!) Lets just say the shit hit the fan!

This was written on the Pokeworld forum -

"After 30 [to] 40 [minutes] in my room relaxing with a quick snooze I awoke to the sound of banging coming from down the hall from where the 'Spanish Team' were staying in. It seems that at some point after they had turned up and when we went to a Wetherspoons the Spaniards had decided to have a 'Poo' fight in the corridor and this had upset the staff and several guests (naturally) at the hotel enough to call the police and have them leave."

Atomic Kitten to reform

So word on the street is that Atomic Kitten are comin back. I know there’s those of you out there that are excited (Hello Ray) while the rest of us try to remember exactly what they sang. This was one of theirs! Me cousin Wanda is their biggest fan, although her taste in music is up her hole! I bet ya Sky Living are already thinkin of a reunion show like they did with Steps!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Prodijig win Got To Dance

I won’t lie, I didn’t even watch this programme although I don’t have Sky so that could be a reason. I did get shown Prodijigs winnin performances though and all I can say is wow! I wish I could dance like that! Imagine what Dignity on a Saturday would be like. Me tap dancin to Nicki Minaj! These are gonna be HUGE!!

I’m glad you came!

Since seein this song on Glee last night me love for it has been reignited and I’ve been playin it all day! The boys have now jumped up the charts in the UK and Canada and are doin very well for himself. Siva Kaneswaren is the brother of Hazel who ya might remember from Dove and Popstars. I know him from being around Blanch. Ride.

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown 2003

In 2003, the AMI crown landed on the head, or heads if you will, of Deco and Sharmilla otherwise known as Alter Ego. Believe it or not, Alter Ego was Alternative Miss Cork when AMI took place and became the first and only Dub to win in all 7 years of the competition, I even came 3rd and 2nd but never won even though Cork has become one of me "hubs" (if Ryanair can do it so can I!!) (I since found out it was a different Alter Ego so ignore what I wrote above!!)  It was also the year that Davina and April entered as a duo and Imperia was also in it!

Miss Samantha Brown
Miss Davina Davine and Miss April Showers
Miss Coco du Val
Miss Not the Mae West
Miss Big Chief Random Cow (2nd place)
Miss Leslie B. Ann
Miss McDermott (& aliases)
Miss Imperia & Miss Carmelilla
Miss Twanda
Miss Zimbabwe Rose
Miss Alter Ego (1st Place)
Miss Diva Manilla

Brendan Courtney
Barbara Curran
Billy Johnson
Stephen Myler
Brian Finnegan

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Gypsy Weddings is a big hit

Ah lads! I’ve had a great reaction to me Gypsy Weddings parody! People kept comin up to me last night shoutin "All the lads are goin grabbin’” which was lovely and me friend CJ who happens to be a traveller has said that it’s been very well received within the community and that he can see it bein a big hit at weddins this summer. In case you’ve not seen it yet, this is it. Nicki Minaj’s Starships has been transformed. Thanks for all the support people! MWAH!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Alternative Miss Ireland countdown 2002

2002 saw the first drag king winner of the competition and probably one of the biggest shocks in AMI history! Miss Fontaine put on an amazin show and really got the crowd goin but then from what seemed like nowhere, Sid Viscous was announced as winner and there were boos all over the Olympia! Trudy Scrumptious was in it for the first time that year too! And Fabula De Beau Marchais!

Miss Dial Emma
Miss Fontaine
Miss Cara Sutra
Miss Chief Random Zapette (Runner Up)
Miss Heather Boa
Miss Titney Queers
Miss Luna Luscious
Miss Trudy Scrumptious
Miss Fabula De Beau Marchais
Miss Monique (Runner Up)

Deirdre O'Kane
Patrick Scott
Maria Doyle
Conor Horgan
Brendan Courtney

New Nicki Minaj album cover

Nicki Minaj is me new idol in case ya haven’t noticed so I’m real excited to the release of her new album Pink Friday Roman Reloaded which is out in April. Starships is a great tune and I’ve already covered it for me Gypsy Wedding parody. Here’s the album cover! YAY!

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Naked

Friday, 2 March 2012

Snack-cercise with Miss Piggy

LOL! This is very much like the diet I’m on at the moment! Fair play to Miss Piggy, she has he right idea. I love the dancers in the background. Never seen that much spandex in my life! Not even on My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings!

Frankenweenie trailer

I only found out recently that Tim Burton used to work for Disney and not only that but he got “let go” for being a bit too dark. One of the films he made back then was a short called Frankenweenie and now he’s back at Disney after the success of Alice in Wonderland with another stop motion film, Frankenweenie. It’s about a dog that comes back to life. See! How could you sack him for bein too dark?

Engelbert Humperdink to represent the UK in Eurovision

Lock up your daughters Azerbaijan, Engelbert is coming!! Yes Engelbert Humperdink will represent the UK at the Eurovision in May. Don’t even ask me what they’re thinkin but personally I don’t think the poor chap has a chance. I do like some of his songs though but they’re not very Eurovision are they? Or very 2012? Unless he’s bein remixed by David Guetta.

World’s longest paper plane journey

I think the most surprisin thing about this is that it’s bein filmed for ESPN! Since when is paper plane throwin a sport! This is from an actual competition bein held in an aircraft hanger and featurin the world record for the longest paper plane journey. Fair play to him. Whoever he is!