Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Monsters University

The first trailer for Disney Pixar’s Monsters University has been released and it looks like it’s gonna be great fun. The first one was released 11 years ago and this will be a prequel set when Mike and Sully were in college. I loved the first movie so hopin this one is just as good!

Nicki Minaj announces Dublin 02 date!

Woo! After the sell out for the show in August in the Olympia, Nicki Minaj has now announced a date in the 02 in November!! MCD revealed the details tonight on Twitter sayin - “Nicki Minaj announces O2 show in November tix on sale 5th July!” Clearly I’m very excited coz I LOVE Nicki Minaj so much! Starships, Super Bass, Pound The Alarm, Roman’s Revenge! I could burst with the excitement! Lookin forward to her comin to Dublin!

Nicki Minaj concert tour

Spice Girls reunite for Musical

The new Spice Girls musical Viva Forever was launched yesterday in London with Mel B, Mel C, Geri, Emma and Victoria all comin together with writers Judy Craymer and Jennifer Saunders to launch the show. Tickets will be on sale soon and the musical itself starts later in the year. Might go and see it! There’s also talk of them makin a special appearance at the Olympics so hope that happens!!

Spice Girls Musical Viva Forever

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike flash mob

Channing Tatum can’t get much better! Here he is on the Today show on American TV as part of a flash mob to promote his new film Magic Mike where he plays a stripper!! CAN’T WAIT for it to come out, mainly coz I get to see loads of Channing. Will be out here in Ireland in the next few weeks! YAY!

Ek Tha Tiger trailer

Ya might remember a while back I posted a video about a Bollywood movie filmin’ in Dublin? Well the trailer is now online for Ek Tha Tiger which will be released in India on August 15th! Lots of well known Dublin landmarks can be seen in the trailer includin Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and the Olympia Theatre! Lookin forward to seein it!

Where I’ve Been!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately but as some of yiz might know, I’m now workin with a new publisher and rebootin me first novel! Lots of work to be done in a very short space of time so forgive me for bein away for so long! Normal service will resume soon!

God Bless!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My new parody of One Direction

My latest parody is of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful and it’s all about the star of My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Thelma Madine. Hope you like it!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Derval Mellett

Those of you who remember stayin up past midnight about 3 years ago will remember Derval Mellett from Play TV! She lit up our screens every evenin and gobshites would ring in and waste stupid amounts of money to try and guess the answer to stupid questions while she’d try to get more saps to ring in although maybe I was the stupid sap for watchin and never ringin in!

Go see Rock Of Ages

I went to see Rock Of Ages last night and have to say I really enjoyed it. Yeah there was a few characters and plots that were just thrown in and not used very much, although they got their moneys worth out Mary J’s character even though all she did was turn up and sing every now and again! Bit random but fun. The 2 lead characters played by Juliette Houghton and Diego Boneta were great and I’d give Diego one. Tom Cruise was good. Catherine Zeta Jones scared me! Overall, lots of fun! Go see!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Misha B’s single

Misha B was in the X-Factor last year as ya might remember and now she’s releasin’ her debut single. Sounds fun with a good fun video. Not sure how it’ll do though!

Nicole Scherzinger announced at X-Factor judge

It’s official at last! Nicole Scherzinger has been confirmed to take over Kelly Rowland’s slot on X-Factor. Probably best known as the lead singer with the Pussycat Dolls and Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriend, Nicole was also a judge on the American version of the show last year when she took over Cheryl Cole’s place! Oh I bet Cheryl is ragin’!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jedward’s new single Young Love

Jedward have released the video for their new single Young Love although is it only me or does it look like it was made on the cheap?? Could be wrong but it looks like the Olympia. I actually like the song and the lads are hot with their hair down.

The Saturday’s cover Call Me Maybe in Thurles

As ya might know, Una Healy from the Saturday’s is from Thurles in Tipperary so they decided to do a gig in the local greyhound stadium. As well as performin’ all their own hits, they also had a go at Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Sounds alright actually. I like it!

Lady Gaga’s new perfume

Lady Gaga is the latest celeb to bring out her own perfume called Fame! The description reads -

"Tears of Belladonna, rushed heart of Tiger Orchidea with black veil of Incense, pulverized Apricot and the combinative essences of Saffron and Honey drops. First of its kind, this perfume is an innovation in fluid technology it's black like the soul of fame. But invisible once airborne."

I normally wear TFB by Tulisa so wonder what this one whiffs of!

Wii Fit U

Any of yiz that read the blog regularly will know how much I love me Wii Fit and clearly I’m excited about the Wii U so can ya imagine how excited I am about Wii Fit U? It’s goin’ to be released with the console at the end of the year and ya can use the balance board and your existin’ Wii Remotes which is handy coz I haven’t the money these days to be updatin’ everything! Skinny bitch, here I come!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Me latest holiday guide is Marbella

Ah Marbella! The land of people from the southside of Dublin drinkin’ champagne and talkin’ about posh stuff. Clearly I wanted a slice of the lifestyle and off I went! I think I might be barred after it!

Read it here -

The last days of Lisa Left Eye Lopes

I was a big TLC fan back in the day so this is kinda sad. Around the 3 minute mark you can see the car crash where Left Eye died. The strange thing about it all was that Lisa said that death was stalking her at the start of a documentary that followed her time in Honduras on a spiritual retreat. A week before her death, a 10 year old boy stepped off the central median of the road in front of the van her assistant was driving and died. Lisa was shocked that he had the same last name as her and was convinced that death was coming. A week later, she was the only fatality when her SUV swerved to avoid a truck comin’ towards her and hit 2 trees before rollin’.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Can someone tell me what GeeGee Friends are?

I saw this in TK Maxx in Kilkenny and thought it was kinda funny. Clearly it’s gonna be funnier for people from Dublin and no one else will have a clue what I’m talkin’ about. Let’s just say it’s a dirty word for a girls nether areas.

Sharon Curley’s pregnant

This is actually HILARIOUS!! Someone made an Irish flag banner for the Euro 2012 match against Croatia with the famous quote from The Snapper on it!! If ya haven’t seen the Snapper, go get it now. It’s one of the funniest Irish movies EVER!!

Sharon Curley's Pregnant

Monday, 11 June 2012

Chernobyl Diaries

This looks like it could be a great movie. It’s about a group of adventure tourists who go inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Exclusion Zone and clearly all sorts of mad shit starts to happen. It’s from the same people who made Paranormal Activity so ya can imagine there’ll be loads of frights in it!

Grace Jones and her hoop

Anyone who managed to see the Queen’s diamond jubilee concert will have seen Grace Jones and her magic hoop. She’s 64 and yet she was able to sing an entire song AND hula hoop all the way through that! That’s some talent!

Catherine Zeta Jones in Rock Of Ages

I actually don’t think I’ve been so excited about a movie since The Muppets, although maybe the Avengers too. This looks AMAZIN’ though and I can’t wait to head along to Odeon (coz that’s what our Storm Cinema is now) to watch it. I want to do every number on the soundtrack on the Saturday show too!

Wreck It Ralph

Disney have released the trailer for their latest animated movie Wreck It Ralph which will be out later in the year. It stars John C Reilly and Jane Lynch and has cameos from famous video games characters such as Zangief and M Bison from Street Fighter, Dr Eggman from Sonic and Bowser from Mario. Lookin’ forward to this one although we’ll probably have to wait til February here in Ireland!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Big Brother is back

As you might have seen, Big Brother came back last night on Channel 5 and so here's a full list of this years contestants! I don’t actually have that channel so I won’t be able to watch it even if I wanted to which I probably wouldn’t seen as I stopped watching after about season 4. Except when Jedward were in it!


Lauren Big Brother 2012 UK


Arron Big Brother 2012 UK


Deana Big Brother 2012 UK


Conor Big Brother 2012 UK


Scott Big Brother 2012 UK


Lydia Big Brother 2012 UK


Victoria Big Brother 2012 UK


Sheivonne Big Brother 2012 UK


Chris Big Brother 2012 UK


Caroline Big Brother 2012 UK


Ashleigh Big Brother 2012 UK


Adam Big Brother 2012 UK


Luke A Big Brother 2012 UK


Benedict Big Brother 2012 UK

Luke S

Luke S Big Brother 2012 UK



It’s been a while

…since we had some Adiemus! Just thought I’d give this a blast seein as I love it so much! Again, in case you’re wonderin, it’s from a British Airways ad from the 90s as well as a Delta Airways one AND a Visit Sydney ad! What a tune!

Earthquake in Mayo

When there’s a 4.0 level earthquake anywhere in the rest of the world it doesn’t really make the news but here in Ireland where a natural disaster usually involves a strong breeze or a bit of heavy rain, things like this make the top story on the news! The quake was 3km off the coast of Mayo near the Corrib Gas Field and of course now the locals are blamin the gas company for the earthquake!! Ireland is a strange place!

earthquake in mayo

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Myleene is Aerodynamic

I’ve been tryin to find a full version of this song FOREVER but can’t! Myleene Klass plays Aerodynamic by Daft Punk on the piano for the Pantene ad. If ya haven’t heard her album, check it out! Some real classics on it!

My latest holiday guide is Riga

I can fondly remember Riga as bein by far the coldest place on earth but apart from that I think it was nice. Of course you could just go read all about it by going to the link! -

holiday guide riga

My parody of Loreen’s Euphoria

I decided to do a little parody seein as it’s ages since we’ve had one and what better one to do than the current Irish number 1 and Eurovision winner Euphoria by Loreen! It’s about me gettin drunk which seems to be a very common subject in what I sing about!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Wii U

I’m a big fan of Wii even though I have an Xbox 360 as well so I’m kinda excited about the Wii U which is gonna be comin out here in Ireland at the end of the year. There’s loads of deadly features that just got announced at the E3 exhibition and it looks great although not as “go bleedin mad with your mates” as the first Wii. I’d like this for Christmas!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nicole Scherzinger for X-Factor

All the gossip around X-Factor judges at the moment means ANYONE could be joinin’ Tulisa, Louis and Gary on the panel but the latest one is that last years X-Factor USA judge and stand in for 2010 Nicole Scherzinger could be on course for a permanent roll. Probably most famous for her role with the Pussycat Dolls and for be Lewis Hamilton’s other half, Nicole was popular with the British TV watchin public although that was before she took Cheryl’s job in America.

nicole Scherzinger x-factor

Jedward in Baku

This is a great video of Jedward’s time in Baku, Azerbaijan for the Eurovision Song Contest. Have to say, the city looks great and I wouldn’t mind addin an Azerbaijani flag to me wall! Interestin fact is that meself and Roxxi tried to go to the Eurovision this year but couldn’t get accommodation in Baku so ended up in Croatia instead. Looks like John and Edward had a great time.

Kathryn Joosten dies

My favourite Desperate Housewives actress Kathryn Joosten died yesterday after a battle with lung cancer. She played Mrs McCluskey who I always loved in the show because of her comic timin and ability to bring a bit of laughter to strange situations. RIP Kathryn.

Kathryn Joosten Mrs McCluskey

Friday, 1 June 2012

First pics of Iron Patriot from Iron Man set

Stayin with superheroes, here’s the first pics of Iron Patriot/Coldblood from the new Iron Man movie that’s shootin at the moment. From the looks of things, Iron Man will have a few armoured mates to help him out coz we know War Machine will be back. Lookin forward to this after the Avengers. Should be good!

Iron Patriot Coldblood

X-men First Class sequel for July 2014

Fox have given a release date for the sequel to X-men First Class as July 18th 2014 even though it’ll shoot in January. All the cast from the first movie will be back as well as director Matthew Vaughan so hopefully it’s as good as the last one. The next X-men movie will be Wolverine released on July 26th 2013.

X-men first class

Euphoria hits number 1 in Ireland

After all the hype, Eurovision winner Loreen has gone to number 1 in Ireland, the first non-Irish Eurovision act since Nicole 30 years ago in 1982 to do it. The song has been a HUGE hit not only here in Ireland but all over Europe too and could hit number 1 in the UK this week. Delighted for her!

Justin Bieber gives himself a concussion

Poor Justin Bieber! He was performin in a show in Paris and walked into a glass wall!! LOL! He’s as cute isn’t he. He told TMZ this -

"So basically... I'm in Paris and I'm like, performing on the tallest building in Paris. There's a glass wall behind me, but there's a railing behind the glass, and so, I went to reach for the railing and I hit my head on the glass. It really hurt and I felt a little light-headed, but my adrenalin, I feel, pushed me through it and I performed my last song. After that, I went off stage and I immediately felt really weak. I was walking down the stairs and I passed out for like, 15 seconds... I feel good, I have a little bit of a headache, but I feel fine. I mean, you've got to laugh at yourself sometimes."

justin bieber concusion