Friday, 30 November 2012


I shouldn’t laugh but this is kinda hilarious! And me a christian!

Blasphemy YMCA

Gaffs Episode 15 - Amsterdam

This is one of the strangest Gaffs videos we’ve done, mainly coz the camera cut out halfway through seein as we never had one of them European converters! We said Charmin collapsed or something but that’s the actual truth. Lady Gaga had only unleashed herself on the world at the time so we were mad into it. June Taaffe’s Youngfella is a great laugh. Amsterdam is mad!

Today’s song is The Sun Always Shines On TV by Aha

This is a lovely song. It reminds me of me walk to work of a mornin back in the day coz Dermot, Dave and Siobhan used to play it the odd time on 98fm. I used to get fierce looks walkin through Finglas singin this.

This is a live version coz they won’t let me embed the video. Bastards.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Left the WHAT on?

This is funny!

tampon text

Gaffs Episode 14 - Cavan

This is one of me favourites. I got a bit happy with the brandin in the hope that someone would sponsor us. We did have a no smokin room but that didn’t stop us. It was the Spar Christmas party in the Slieve Russell hotel in Cavan which was lovely. Ian is lovely. He lives in London now. This was when Quinn Group actually had some money!

Today’s song is I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder

Ah good old Stevie. This song makes me wanna put on a pair of sunglasses and play the piano!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I’m so angry…

I made a sign! LOL!

I made a sign

Gaffs Episode 13 - Budapest

Ah Budapest, the city where nothing was open! We stayed just off one of the main street and there was all sorts of weirdos walkin up and down the road over us. We were right beside Burger King and it would have been handy if it was open after 9. The perverts across the road were starin in on me gettin ready. This was the last place in Central Europe we went to before we left!

Today’s song is Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes

This song always reminds me of Regina George because of the time she sang it in karaoke and didn’t know any words other than Bette Davis Eyes so she just sang that bit over and over again. What a tune though! Puttin this on repeat for the day.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Irish girl sunbathing

This one was doin the rounds a few weeks ago! Spot the Irish girl sunbathing! No no, the OTHER one!

irish girl sunbathing

Gaffs Episode 12 - Bratislava

Of all the hotels in all the the world that I’ve stayed in, this is probably the weirdest! It was like anything you’ve ever seen of the Soviet Union on the telly although it wasn’t even in the Soviet Union. Very strange. The Hotel Kyiv where we stayed was the number 1 hotel in all of Czechoslovakia back in the day. It was an experience if nothin else! Bratislava is in Slovakia by the way.

Today’s song is How Will I Know by Whitney Houston

Ah good old Whitney. Gone too soon. Back in the days before she fell apart she had this belter. Many a time have I done this in the mirror or danced around to it gettin ready to go out of a Saturday night. Go on, put your curlers in and give it a go!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Another literal video

This is probably the best one of these literal videos out there! Yesterday we had Rebecca Black and Friday and now today it’s Bonnie Tyler and Total Eclipse Of The Heart. This one had some problems with copyright so they now have a cat in the video! Kinda weird!

Gaffs Episode 11 - Vienna

So meself and Gloria continued our holiday through Central Europe and ended up in Vienna which I have to admit was very nice altogether. The place we stayed in was a small little room which is why half of this video is of me shoutin abuse out the window which is always fun.

Today’s song is Money Money Money by ABBA

Which is a bit ironic seein as I’m so broke! Ah well. Haven’t done this in a while, mainly coz I don’t be able to blog until night time and then that’s just a waste of a song of the day at that stage!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Friday - Literal version

THIS IS HILARIOUS! Ya may know already that I’m a HUGE fan of Rebecca Black. Well here’s a literal video version of her song Friday which makes me lol! I think I need to watch it again!

Gaffs Episode 10 - Munich

Ah Munich. The home of BMW and very little else. I wasn’t too impressed with Germany let the truth be told. There wasn’t really much to it. There wasn’t much goin on either. Not even a German to be seen. I realise I cursed a lot back in the old days. The place was nice only it was very small.

Today’s song is SOS by ABBA

SOS is probably one of my favourite ABBA songs! LOVE IT!


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Images of DEATH

This is a bit morbid isn’t it!

Images Of Death Images Of Death Images Of Death Images Of Death Images Of Death

Gaffs Episode 9 - Feldkirch

This one was filmed in the Holiday Inn in Feldkirch in Austria. What in the name of Jayzis was I doin in Feldkirch I hear yiz say? Well as part of our trip through Europe, we decided to have a day in Liechtenstein coz clearly they want me to represent them in the Eurovision when they’re allowed in and so we thought it would be nice to see. I eat a lot of chocolate in this video but then again, I ate a lot of chocolate overall on the holiday but it was nice. Feldkirch’s a bit random but the hotel was nice. It had a swimmin pool which always cheers me up!

Today’s song is Take A Chance On Me by ABBA

Good old ABBA always help put a smile on me face. Julie Walters did this very well in the Mamma Mia movie. I love Julie Walters.

Sing along – Take a chance, take a chance, take a ch-ch-ch-chance

Friday, 23 November 2012

Skanger Me Banger

Back in the days of Bebo I came up with the idea for Skanger Me Banger I collected a few pictures. Thought you’d like to see!


Gaffs Episode 8 - Zurich

Believe it or not, this is one of me favourite videos in the series. Meself and Gloria had arrived in Zurich the day before and thought it'd be fun to do!!! It was actually early enough in the evenin coz we went out after! The bells started goin off in the video and it was kinda funny coz I kept complainin about it. I really like me hair like this actually! I fell off the step as well although ya can't really see it much. After this video went online loads of people started shoutin at me "Knock off that noise" EVERYWHERE!! The next day we headed off to Feldkirch and Liechtenstein!

Today’s song is Flashdance (What A Feeling) by Irene Cara

I’ve never actually seen this film although I’ve seen the very end of it at least 5 times for some reason. There’s something for me to do list now. Great song though. It makes me want to put leg warmers on and run through the city. Although not just leg warmers coz that’d be streakin!

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Anyone who was born in the 1970s or 1980s in Dublin and the east coast of Ireland will have fond memories of Mosney. It was a holiday camp built that was hugely popular with people who would spend summers there. Sadly the camp is now used to house Asylum seekers but there are rumours that it will return to its former glory for the 2014 tourist season.

MosneyMosney (2)Mosney (3)Mosney (4)Mosney (5)Mosney (6)Mosney (7)Mosney (8)Mosney (9)Mosney (10)Mosney (11)Mosney (12)Mosney (14)Mosney (18)Mosney (19)Mosney (21)Mosney (23)Mosney (26)Mosney (28)Mosney (29)Mosney (30)Mosney (31)

Gaffs Episode 7 - Travelodge Rathmines

Well this is the 7th video and it was shot the same night as number 6! In between the shootin, I dislocated my left shoulder and Mr Gay Limerick pulled it back into place! It was awfully sore for a long time after!!!!

The video was shot in the Travelodge in Rathmines with Charmin and Mr Gay Waterford Shane and his friends includin Patty O'Furniture! Charmin was on the phone to the other Mr Gay contestants. It was all a bit mental that night and I certainly wasn’t well of wearin posh cloths!!! A few days after this was shot I left the country for me tour of Europe!!!

Today’s song is Your Woman by White Town

This song confuses me! I always thought it was “I could never be a woman” which is clearly wrong coz he could but for some reason it’s “I could never be your woman” which kinda still doesn’t make sense. Can someone explain it for me?

Good song but!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What is it 3?

Okay this is the last one of these for a while.

book optical illusion

Gaffs Episode 6 - Charlies

Well after the Mr Gay Ireland a few years back we headed to Bukake and meself and Charmin and Regina floated around with Mr Waterford Shane and Mr Limerick Kamil and various other Misters and ended up in Charlie’s where we thought it was the ideal opportunity to make a Gaffs video! Charmin made loads of friends and chatted to everyone and it was all a great laugh! Bit of interest in the fact that the girls Charmin is talkin to, she used to work with in Quinn!! The person on the camera is Mr Gay Waterford John Paul from the year after who you'll know from Dignity if you've been there as the drunken fairy!

Today’s song is 2 Become 1 by The Spice Girls

When I was growin up the Spice Girls were THE big thing and everyone wanted to be one and now on Saturday nights in Dignity me dream comes true coz I get to be Mel C. This song was a Christmas number one at some stage coz they had loads and was their 3rd single I think, right back in the days of Spice Mania when everyone was in Temple Street hospital with broken ankles from wearin high heel runners.

To be young again. Or something.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What is it 2?

This is followin on from yesterday. Rabbit or duck?

rabbit duck optical illusion

Gaffs Episode 5 - Cork

This one was filmed just a month after the last Cork one. Gloria got chattin to all the gypsy women and one of them actually lifted up her skirt and flashed her thing!!! Clearly that was a shock.

Derrick O’Sullivan filmed it and he’s still a good friend to this day! He even made it into me Glee Club in Cork. I really liked that jacket actually now that I see it but I lost it somewhere. I got in Penneys for 11 euros! We filmed the lost episode (Episode 17) here as well actually!!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

So what is it?

Have a look at this one! Is it a skull or is it a woman lookin in a mirror?

skull optical illusion

Gaffs Episode 4 - Dundalk

Oh look, this Gaffs video is shorter than the last one so I think that makes it the shortest of them all! This was filmed the night of Mr Gay Dundalk 2008 where I was hostin and this is the room where we do get ready for the shows in Dundalk. In case ya didn’t notice, this is the same night we filmed the Project Mosney video and video for the Flush The Toilet Accoustic version, which ya find on me YouTube channel.

When we put the forks into the bag, we didn’t realise loads fell out so I was findin loads all over the place for weeks! I changed me hairstyle after this one too!!!

Today’s song is Voulez Vous by ABBA

I’ve decided to stay on me ABBA vibe today so the song is Voulez Vous (AHA) This is one of the ABBA ones that’s not played enough in my opinion unless its at a roller disco which lets not lie, don’t happen very often here in Waterford and didn’t back when I was in Dublin except that one time in Mosney although that could have been a dream (AHA)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Another optical illusion

I love this one. Again, all these kinda confuse me a bit.

haze optical illusion

Gaffs Episode 3 - Instinct

Well this is when Gaffs finally became a full series. This is the first of loads of episodes we filmed in like a month or 2!

We were appearin in FL!RT in Instinct in Cork and Gloria Holle filmed it. The bar was closed and obviously a bit dark! I think at 3 minutes 25 seconds it could be the shortest Gaffs video too! Sadly Instinct isn’t there many more which is a pity coz Lisa Byrne, the former manager was one of the first people to give me a bit of a break.

Today’s song is If You Leave Me Now by Chicago

Ah this is one of those songs that ya do hear on love programmes on radio stations all over the world. Do they still do that?? The Love Hour? Or the Love Zone? The type of thing that’s on at 2 in the mornin usually with some fella with a deep sexy voice sayin things like “this one is for Martina from Johnny who loves her very much” before playin a bit of chicago. Light some candles, sit back, press play and think of that special someone!

Today’s song is Waterloo by ABBA

Fair play to ABBA coz without this song I’d know f*ck all about Napolean. He used to own France and he was beaten up in some place called Waterloo which me da tells me is in Belgium which is nice. This song won the Eurovision way back in 1974 which is a long long time before I was born but its still a classic. Murial’s Wedding wouldn’t be the same without it, the film, not an actual person called Murial gettin’ married. I don’t know anyone called Murial. Thank god. Its a brutal name.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Don’t get dizzy

I’ve decided I like confusin ya with optical illusions! Check this one out!

Optical Illusion

Gaffs Episode 2 - Playa Del Ingles

Well there’s a simple story behind this! We were on holidays in Gran Canaria, Playa Del Ingles to be exact, and decided it'd be a bit of a laugh to do. This is really what started Gaffs off as a series coz people kept askin for more and so a few months later, we started filmin the rest of them!

Today’s song is 1999 by Prince

I don’t really get what the story is with this song. I’m thinkin Prince or Squiggle or the Gobshite Formerly Known As or whatever he’s goin by thought that 1999 would be a great party. Wooooo. I was there. It wasn’t.

Great song but!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Count the black dots

This is one of them optical illusions! I bet yiz get real confused! I did.

black dots


FL!RT has a very special place in me heart! Myself, Charmin and Gloria Holle decided to travel the country with our very own touring club and so FL!RT was born. We had lots of fun and its what eventually led us to Waterford where me and Charmin now live! These are the posters from our few months of FL!RT before we moved on. Myself, Charmin and Divalicious now do a similar night called Smash!

FL!RT AugustFL!RT Poster A4.2FL!RT poster Cork 1FL!RT Poster Cork 2FL!RT poster Cork 3FL!RT poster Cork 3BFL!RT poster Cork 4