Thursday, 31 January 2013

Swimming is FABULOUS!

Lol! I wish I knew who this chap is!

Swimming in FABULOUS

PSA - Rodeo

Our last PSA and probably the most random. Don’t even ask where the idea for this came from. He just threw it out there and went with it and the result was a bit mad. I have in fact never been to a rodeo in all my days!

Today’s song is I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters

Yes I’ve got that Friday feelin and I’m gonna get my Crunchie on! Actually I’m not coz I’m on a diet! Is today even Friday? This one is another one of those songs ya hear at 40th birthday parties all over the place. I could get up and dance if I hadn’t got an injured knee so I’m gonna point me fingers a bit and be happy with it!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mind the railings


Mind the railings

PSA - Giles

Ah Giles! He helped us out in so many ways and even went on to become a presenter for Dragiators Season 2 which was funny. It gets a bit hectic with just girls runnin around all the time so it’s nice to have the odd fella there too. This PSA was a little notice just to celebrate Giles and all who’ve sailed in him!

Today’s song is It’s All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion

This is an epic song! Many a time I’ve rolled down me window while I’m beltin this out like it’s karaoke in Santa Ponsa only I do be drivin through Kilkenny or something at the time. Celine gave us some great tunes over the years but this is defo one of the best. Lovin your work Celine!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Angry Birds Africa

True story!

Angry birds africa

PSA - New Shoes

Cher is mad about shoes so she was dyin to get this new pair into the video and so we had a PSA about new shoes! Not exactly sure what was meant to be goin on but most of my videos are like that if the truth be known!

Today’s song is I’m In The Mood For Dancing by The Nolans

This is the ultimate 40th birthday party song! Ya can hear it every weekend just before the DJ announces the buffet (spread if you’re from Dublin) is now ready as some aunt starts takin silver lids of large tubs of coleslaw. It still always reminds me of me ma and me aunty Linda! Put it on and pretend you’re in the Coolquay Lodge!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Make-up at the wheel

You hear all these stories about women doin their make-up while drivin to work and then I came across this!!

Make-up at the wheel

PSA - Marion

Ah Marion! This PSA was about Marion from Bosco who seemed to just vanish into the RTE Vault at some stage never to be seen or heard of again which is an awful pity coz I liked Marion! Bring Back Bosco! Actually that’s what they said that time he was stolen.

Today’s song is All Night Long by Lionel Richie

Ah good old Lionel! HELLO IS IT ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? This is Lionel at his best, around the time he was dancin on the ceilin which in fairness isn’t actually possible unless you’re an X-Man. What was he smokin at all. Actually that’s a much better song than this one!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mom there’s a giraffe in the pool

What’s that giraffe doin in the pool?

The breaststroke!

giraffe in the pool

PSA - Dragiators Winners

What was funny about this PSA was that there was only the 1 Dragiators winner at the time! That was Cher who’d just won a few weeks earlier. There was a bit of banter goin back and forth between herself and Doodle which I enjoyed. Ragin it didn’t get all Jeremy Kyle!

Today’s song is Hot Stuff by Donna Summer

Is it only me or does everyone wanna start takin their cloths off when they hear this song?? I blame the Full Monty. That film brought out the slapper in all of us! WHAT DO YA MEAN I WAS ALWAYS A SLAPPER?? Anyway it comes all the way from the 70s or 80s. I would check the exact date but I’m tryin to unclasp me bra as I type this!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Women Behaving Badly


Women behaving badly

PSA - Goldfish

Our second PSA is about Goldfish. When we put this on YouTube someone actually got in touch with me about cruelty to animals but I can confirm that no animal has ever been hurt in the makin of any of my videos. Lesbians yes, animals no.

Today’s song is Don’t Let Go by En Vogue

Today’s song of the day is Don’t Let Go by En Vogue, one of me favourite bands of all time. This song was in the charts again last year coz Little Mix did it on X-Factor.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Wrong Number

This is gas!! I know people who do this!

Wrong number

PSA - Closet Cases

The idea behind the PSA series, or Public Service Announcements, came out of nowhere really! Nothing was planned! Myself and Cher were messin about after she’d just finished 2nd in Dignity’s Got Talent and so decided to do something fun. We did one video and it quickly turned into a whole series that took us only about an hour to film! Was great fun!

This first one is about closet cases!

Today’s song is Mysterious Times by Peter Andre

This is a summery one although it was like that here in Waterford today. Not exactly like that but the sun was shinin! This song always reminds me of Storey who won the X-Factor in Dignity this year. Mad bitch. Peter Andre was a bit of a ride back in the day wasn’t he?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Real Life Mario Kart

I don’t know what I’d do if I was drivin down the road and saw this!!

Real life mario kart

Mr Gay Dundalk

I used to host lots of stuff like this and one year I got very involved in Mr Gay Ireland and hosted a few heats. This one was in Dundalk where the crowd were always lovely and up for a laugh. There’s 6 videos coz you’d get bored if I did a separate one for each day!

Today’s song is Cartoon Heroes by Aqua

I LOVE this song. Its such a cheesy tune and it makes me wanna dance. Aqua’s comeback hasn’t been that big in this part of the world though so I’m kinda ragin. I’d love to go see them in concert. Anyone wanna fly me to Denmark?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cistern Beer Cooler

I know loads of people who’d do this!

Cistern beer cooler

The Road To Bray - Advert

This was actually the very first video that we shot as part of the Road To Bray. The advert actually wasn’t part of the series but more so a video we used to promote us on the All Ireland Talent Show. Lots of fun!

Today’s song is Do The Hustle by Van McCoy

This is one of those songs that everyone knows but no one knows the name of the person who sings it. Well the answer is Van McCoy and if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to DO THE HUSTLE … DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Meerkat Photographer

I want a meerkat! Actually I want THIS meerkat! They’re so cute!

Meerket on camera

The Road To Bray - Outtakes

Over the course of our Road To Bray adventure we decided to keep all the stuff that never made it to the videos and have a bit of an outtakes video. This is what we ended up with. It was so much fun lookin back on it and I loved workin with The Lads!

Today’s song is Why Me by Linda Martin

Song of the day is goin all Eurovision today which I have no problem with at all! Linda won in 1992 with this lovely song written by the original J-Lo Johnny Logan. Wasn’t her dress lovely!

Monday, 21 January 2013

So how did you crash your car?

I wish I knew how this happened!


The Road To Bray - Day 21

So here it is, the very last episode in The Road To Bray. This one was just just the lads sittin around havin a chat and playin with The Muppets before we left for Bray. There’s loads of random stuff so sorry if its a bit lost on ya. Actually I’m not sorry, it’s 3 years ago so deal with it!

Today’s song is Brimful Of Asha by Cornershop

This is one of me favourite tunes from the 90’s. Cornershop didn’t do very much else but what they did was amazin. Brimful of Asha is about a Bollywood star and was remixed by Fatboy Slim. It became a huge hit. Still love it to this day!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Homemade sidecar

We’ve had lots of homemade things lately and here’s a new one - a home made sidecar!

Homemade sidecar

The Road To Bray - Day 20

This was actually filmed the night before we left for the show and we just decided to have a bit of laugh. We actually filmed a cover of Mana Mana from The Muppets at one stage but YouTube wouldn’t allow it so it got removed. This took a few takes actually coz everyone was just laughin all the time. Darren is priceless!

Today’s song is Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin

This song is one of those ones ya always hear on “hits of the 80’s” compilations or “old school 80’s classics” on radio station and I have no problem with that coz it’s some tune. I won’t lie, I nearly just gave me self whiplash dancin to this in me bedroom. Turn it up and give it a go! By the way, if anyone can let me know where Jane is these days I’d be delighted!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

In case you run out of toilet roll

Which you won’t!

lots of toilet roll

The Road To Bray - Day 19

We started to get really close to havin to leave Waterford to make our way to Bray for the All Ireland Talent Show and so we decided to have one more chat about how people could show their support for us in the competition. I found Eric and made him chat about it so it was all very quick.

Today’s song is Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna

Ah Madonna. She’s had some classics includin this one which is about her gettin pregnant and decidin to keep her baby! Lovely!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Homemade Rollercoaster

Alton Towers it isn’t but this looks like great fun! I’m gonna build my own rollercoaster in my sittin room!

Homemade rollercoaster

The Road To Bray - Day 18

This was fun. Me and Giles decided to have a superhero party because we share a birthday. I was workin in Chambers at the time in Cork. I was Elektra in case ya can’t tell and Giles was clark Kent. There wasn’t really much to this. We just stood there and chatted!

Today’s song is The Best Things In Life Are Free by Luther Vandross

This is a great tune! Janet got together with the legendary Luther Vandross for this one. It’s a real old school early 90s happy song. Whatever happened to Luther Vandross?? Word is Janet’s gonna be a judge on X-Factor USA!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

This looks dangerous

But fun at the same time. This isn’t goin to end well. I see an episode of Plane Crash Investigation comin on!

plane skiing

The Road To Bray - Day 17

We decided to have a little laugh with this one coz we’d received a letter from the publishers tellin us what we could and couldn’t do on the talent show and one of them was that were weren’t allowed wear false tan (because some false tans make you orange on the telly) so Giles was clearly upset about it. We played off it for the laugh in this video!

Today’s song is Wow by Kylie Minogue

I love this. It’s one of those happy songs that makes ya wanna dance. It’s also our first “modern” song of the day coz in case ya haven’t noticed, all the ones before are from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, although mainly the 80’s. Kylie’s been goin since then and fair play. TUNE! TURN IT UP!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Gangnam Style Snowman

Gangnam Style is EVERYWHERE!!!

Gangnam style snowman

The Road To Bray - Day 16

Okay this is probably the cheapest video EVER! We just filmed the Muppets and then put our vocals from the second video over them! As ya can tell, the rehearsin and travellin and everything else meant our plan to do a video a day was gettin a bit harder to pull off so we resorted to this kind of madness.

Today’s song is Spaceman by Babylon Zoo

What a tune! This one hit wonder came from a Levi’s advert in the mid 90s and was huge for a while. I always liked it and to this day I still turn it up every time it comes on. I don’t really know what its about, although it could very well be about a Spaceman which would make sense, although not at the same time.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Push to open


Push to open

The Road To Bray - Day 15

This video is actually a behind the scenes look at our VT shoot. There was a bit of trouble over this coz we wanted them to film in Waterford but they wouldn’t and so we had to go to Dublin to do it and it was cold and wet and the lads had been out the night before singin Call The Shots and all sorts. The VT was actually really good fun although it took a whole day for like 2 minutes of footage. Now I know how Cameron Diaz feels.

Today’s song is Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Which is ironic coz I was givin it LOADS to this on the bar in Dignity last night! It’s one of those get up and dance song so if yiz don’t mind, I’m gonna press play and get up and dance. I advise you do too! DON’T STOP ME NOW!!!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Dogs In The Hood

This’d make a great gangster movie! If I was Disney I’d be all over it!

Dogs in the hood

The Road To Bray - Day 14

Call The Shots is a bit of a Dignity institution at this stage. When we started the Saturday Show we used to do it a lot and so basically it became a bit of a running joke to do Call The Shots all the time and we got a good laugh out of it. Darren and Eric decided to give it a go for karaoke for the laugh and so that’s the story behind today’s video!

Today’s song is I’ll Be Ready by Sammy Hagar

You may know it as the theme tune to Baywatch though! What a tune. It makes me want to put on a red bikini and go runnin on the beach in Tramore!!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Jacuzzi with Fireplace

Now when I eventually become a best sellin author and have my own place I’ll have a jacuzzi with a fireplace!

Jacuzzi with fireplace

The Road To Bray - Day 13

This was one of the ones where we were like “Oh no we’ve no video for today! Eric go shoot something” and this is what we came up with. It was a bit of a laugh and you might notice me laughing in the background. Clearly you know we love the Muppets so this is where this was goin. I think.

Today’s song is San Francisco by Scott McKenzie

One of the best songs of the 60s. If you’re goin to San Francisco be sure to wear a flower in your hair. I’ve never been to San Francisco. I was in Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego! Heard it’s nice. What a tune. This song makes me smile and it makes ya forget about the crap weather outside.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Beware - Hoolahoops

This is great! I want to do this to every sign I see!

Hoolahoop sign

The Road To Bray - Day 12

This one is goin back to Limerick where we filmed some of the earlier ones. This particular one we decided to go a bit Eastenders on, mixed with Little Britain. We really didn’t know what was goin on so we played off the idea we had a bar and just went on from there. I love the randomness that comes out when I’m around the lads. You may have noticed Darren wasn’t around for a few days. I think he was back in Wexford or something.

Today’s song is Take My Breath Away by Berlin

I’ve just realised I’ve never seen Top Gun but then again, I’m not a Tom Cruise fan! This is a great song though and one of the best power ballads ever! The 80s just wouldn’t have been the same without this song! At least that’s what I’ve been told! I wasn’t there!!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Homemade Snowplough

This is better than the homemade tank from the other day! Why would someone go to the trouble to make one of these?

homemade snowplough

The Road To Bray - Day 11

This video got a great response when we first uploaded it and I’m kinda ragin it didn’t get more views coz lookin back on it, it’s HILARIOUS! Very proud of it! We decided that to get into shape for competition, Cher would be my coach and would beat me to within an inch of my life. Was good fun actually.

Today’s song is Feel It by The Tamperer and Maya

TUNE!!!! I love this! I remember when it was out everyone goin around shoutin WHAT SHE GONNA LOOK LIKE WITH A CHIMNEY ON HER which to this day, nobody has ever answered. Lookin back on it, it was kinda weird but a good dance track none the less!!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Barbeque Truck

I can’t even begin to talk about how epic this is! It’s a truck that converts into a barbeque!! AMAZIN!

Barbeque truck

The Road To Bray - Day 10

This one was another filmed in Limerick. It was at the very end of the night and we were just messin around upstairs. We continued on with our stealin vibe and this time used a bit of Benny Hill to set the mood. We actually had to do 2 takes of this and the first time we had to put everything back up and then take it all again. We had a good laugh with this. Eddie tried pullin the curtains off the wall!

Today’s song is Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid

What a tune! This is an 80s song which is hard to believe! Mad to think that The Little Mermaid was out that long ago. The song always makes me smile and sing along! Sebastian The Crab is played by Samuel E Wright which is nice to know. Ah crabs….

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Homemade tank

Really?? I bet the UN are shittin themselves!

Homemade tank

The Road To Bray - Day 9

This follows on from yesterdays Road To Bray in which the lads were given a mission to steal outfits for the All Ireland Talent Show. This was filmed in Riddlers in Limerick where we’d been performin as part of our media tour to get some promotion for the show. We have a great relationship with all the gang in Limerick and they were great supporters of us. This video is based on Mission Impossible. Also, Eddie didn’t actually leave. You can see him hiding in the corner after he says he’s going back to the car!

Today’s song is You Came by Kim Wilde

I was gonna blog this about a half an hour ago but I’ve been too busy dancin around me room to it! WHAT A TUNE! LOVE IT!! Kim Wilde is some legend isn’t she! I wonder can we get her for Waterford Pride!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Road To Bray - Day 8

This is where we started to get a bit more adventurous. We started actually doin proper storylines for the videos rather than just throwing them out in 1 shot. This one was based around our media trip to Limerick and we used the whole Charlies Angels idea. We played off the lads personality traits so Eric is a bit into himself, Giles loves false tan, Eddie drinks a lot and Darren is the quite one who’s actually a serial killer!

Today’s song is Wonderful Life by Black

This is a real 80’s songs that always makes me wish I was in me early 20’s back then so I could enjoy these type of songs as they happened. MTV was only new and black and white videos were considered cool. Black are actually playin the Academy in Dublin in March and I’m very tempted to go!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Fabulous Bear

Oooh girl! This bear is clearly enjoyin his bath. I wish I knew him.

fabulous bear

The Road To Bray - Day 7

In case you didn’t realise already, Eric and Cher are the same person. We thought this would be funny to do. The “new” lads are Danny and Derrick. Danny was actually one of the original lads however we lost Danny and Stephen when the dates for the audition were changed which is a pity coz they’re both so lovely. Derrick is from Cork and I’ve known him since I used to work there. Ya may also notice that we finally got a tripod! YAY. Although Darren kept bumping into it.

Also, M&Ms are my favourite food!

Today’s song is Faith by George Michael

I think there must have been a different music video for this here in Ireland coz I can’t remember this at all! It’s a great song. Makes me feel like puttin on sunglasses and dancin around me room!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Car Wardrobe

THIS IS AMAZIN! I want one, although I just have a shitty Peugeot 206

Car wardrobe

The Road To Bray - Day 6

This was another one from Kilkenny where I decided to try an court some potential sponsors. It was all just a joke though coz clearly we weren’t allowed have sponsors on The All Ireland Talent Show. God I was mad into the Red Bull back then! Used to drink it all the time. This was before the days of the tripod so its a bit shaky even though the camera is resting on a sink! There was actually no one standin there so I was talking to a wall!

Today’s song is One Way Or Another by Blondie

What a song!! This is a classic tune from one of the great stars of music. I couldn’t find an actual video for it for some reason so this is Debbie Harry of Blondie singin One Way Or Another on The Muppet Show! ENJOY!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Jedward and Seal

Not the 90’s popstar but an actual seal. I don’t really know what Jedward are doin with a seal!

Jedward and a seal

The Road To Bray - Day 5

I love this one. Aerodynamic is one of my favourite songs and I thought it’d be fun to do a bit of mime to it to see how it’d work. I enjoyed it. The Angelus bit at the start actually took us FOREVER to film. Keep an eye on Darren in the background. He gets bored playin his instrument and starts fishin and all sorts. My air violin is AWFUL!

Today’s song is Loco In Acapulco by The Four Tops

This seems to be from some movie with Phil Collins in it which I didn’t know. Acapulco is in Mexico and is now a hotspot of gang violence and drug cartels so people don’t be goin Loco as much now but sure put it on and go Loco in the Acapulco of your mind! DEEP!

Friday, 4 January 2013

The End Of The World

They’ve moved it to 3012 I see. The Mayans are a great bunch of lads aren’t they!

End of the world

The Road To Bray - Day 4

This was the first Road To Bray video I did on my own. It was filmed in Dignity Kilkenny when I was workin there. Celebrity Big Brother was on at the time and I thought it might be a laugh to do something based on Big Brother. This is my mock up of the diary room and given all I had to work with in the changin room in Kilkenny I think I did a good job! I’d actually be great on Big Brother!

Today’s song is Close To You by The Carpenters

This song is from one of me favourite singers of all time! There’s something about Karen Carpenters voice that just makes the hair on the back of me neck stand up. Very sad that she died as young as she did. Turn this one on and listen to a true talent at work!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Payphone Snowman

This is so cute. When it actually snows here I’m gonna make one. Although god knows where there’s a payphone. I may build one at the speaker for the McDonalds Drive-thru instead.

Snowman payphone

The Road To Bray - Day 3

The 3rd day of The Road To Bray was something a little bit different, although our cloths weren’t seein as we shot loads of them in the 1 night. This was a miming video to The Lion Sleeps Tonight and we thought it might be a bit of fun to do. Darren is funny coz he always just seems bored and Giles is the opposite and gets real excited. This was great fun.

Today’s song is Hold Me Now by Johnny Logan

The original J-Lo! Johnny Logan won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1987 with this little number. I demand everyone readin this gets up and sways along to the original J-LO. FOR THE LAST TIME HOLD ME NOW….

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Military Gas

Isn’t it great to see the great men and women of the military are off in Afghanistan or wherever and doin an upstandin job. Fair play.

The Road To Bray - Day 2

The second day of The Road To Bray was an introduction to meself and the lads individually. This was hilarious coz we kept thrown things at Eddie and the more the evenin went on, the drunker he was gettin and drunk Eddie is HILARIOUS!! We filmed this the same night as the first one just in case you’re wonderin why we haven’t changed cloths. The cat I’m rubbin is the Cheshire Cat from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland! We’re very fond of the Muppets so they feature a LOT in The Road To Bray!

We decided to have Giles as the Waterford lad, Eric as the Tipperary lad, Darren as the Wexford lad and Eddie as the Kilkenny lad mainly coz that’s where they’re from!

We should have used a tripod!

Today’s song is Tainted Love by Soft Cell

This song has been covered by everyone from Marilyn Manson to Christina Aguilera but I’ll be honest and say this version is still the best (although it’s not the original!). It’s a real 80s song that ya’d find on some form of a greatest hits of the 80s CD with 99 Red Balloons and that. Love it!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ice Tiger

I WANT ONE! It’s a tiger made out of ice! Granted there’s not that much ice here in Ireland and it’d probably melt and I don’t have garden so will probably have to put it in my livin room but still. I want one.

ice tiger

The Road To Bray - Day 1

This is kinda weird coz I’ll be writing the Road To Bray blogs exactly 3 years to the day after they were uploaded to YouTube! Isn’t that mad.

The idea behind this series was to create a video blog in the run up to The All Ireland Talent Show to hopefully get the audience to know us a little bit better. This first episode is just a little introduction to the series. We’d such a laugh filming these.

Today’s song is Go West by The Pet Shop Boys

Happy New Year!!

This is a great tune! Always reminds me of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. It’s fun and good to dance to with lots of pretendin to whichever way might be West! Ah fun times!