Thursday, 28 February 2013

Scooter bike

Well I’d buy one!

scooter bike


This song is OLD! Most of the songs I make videos for are actually brand new and written with the video in mind. Actually only 5 of my parody videos so far are songs that I wrote without videos in mind, some a few years ago (Northside, Santy Baby, Wear Suncream, I’m Too Sexy and Never Gonna Drink Again). The main reason we did this was to actually try to green screen something! I found a great background video and thought it’d be great to use and the only thing that kinda fitted it was Northside so that’s where the idea came from. Wasn’t totally happy with the effects but for a first effort it was grand like!

Today’s song is Yes Sir I Can Boogie by Baccara

This is a great tune. Baccara were basically the Cheeky Girls for the 1970’s! They were a pair of girls from Spain who had hits all over the world with their disco pop songs. They even represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision with Parlez Vous Francais. The video is a classic if ever there was one!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Gay son

Poor chap!

gay son


This video was actually shot the same night as Last Friday Night however it was a lot more thrown together. Was a bit of an afterthought really but it actually turned out okay which I was delighted about. The idea had been there a few weeks and people were a bit weary of doin something religious so we never really planned it. Eventually we just decided to go for it and it turned out okay! Don’t think it was that offensive, even when Diva shows up as the Virgin Mary at the end!

Today’s song is Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

One of the better Michael Jackson ones and one I remember hearin back when I was a small youngone in Finglas! Ah the memories!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I need space

I’d do this! Again coz I’m so funny!

I need space

Last Friday Night

This is probably one of me favourites coz I like when the videos tell the stories instead of the songs. We basically just saw the Katy Perry video and thought we’d copy what she’d done, right down to the outfit at the start. Again we just thought if Joanna wrote this what would she have done and that’s where it came from. Poor Pepsi actually got painted green for it but she’s a good sport so fair play to her. That brace thing I was wearin left some mark on my face for about 2 days!

Today’s song is Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

This song became a huge hit again in the last few years because of Glee and before that some radio DJ tried to get it into the charts and it happened. Journey have been tourin again on the back of their new found fame. The song’s about a prostitute apparently.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Bed text

I love witty people! Mainly coz I am one!

witty text


This video is probably lost a bit on anyone outside Ireland. Mary Harney was the Minister For Health here in Ireland and she a bit of an outspoken politician who in fairness to her, tried to get things done. She left the government and so I thought I’d sing a little tribute to her with the help of Justin Bieber! This was really good fun and me gettin a bit political!

Today’s song is Hotel California by The Eagles

This is one of the classic tunes that ya always see in lists of best songs ever and all that. I’m a big fan and I’d like to know where this Hotel California is so I can visit. I have visions of it being a big high rise thing with fountains and hot men!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chucky costume

This would scare the shit out of me!



So movin on in our behind the scenes look at me videos to this classic inspired by the AMAZIN Rebecca Black! I know she got lots of stick for this video but I actually like the song. I think Friday will probably go down in history as something that people will remember, mainly for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, the idea for this video was a bit simple. When I thought of doin the song I was wonderin what I’d do if I was singin it. Clearly it’d be about me goin out and gettin locked and so we started there. We decided to take the video and use that as a basis to go off which is why a lot of the shots are similar to Rebecca’s. The bit when we’re sittin on top of the car actually left dents in it I’ve never been able to remove!

Today’s song is Cruel Summer by Bananarama

The 80s wouldn’t have been the same without Bananarama. Where did they get those cloths and why are they dancin like that. Cruel Summer always reminds me of hot summer days sittin out in the back garden in Finglas. Summers just aren’t like that anymore! Ragin!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Take my picture mom

Oh my!

Take my picture mom

Today’s song is Funky Town by Lipps Inc

This song is amazin! Ya can’t help but bop along to it. I want to be in Lipps Inc. I can be the girl with the braids. This song just puts me in a great mood. Anyone know what ever happened to Lipps Inc? Or where Funky Town is?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Fan in the mirror

I’m talkin to the FAN IN THE MIRROR! I’m so funny!

ceiling fan

Aldi Vodka

This video happened a long time after the first one which was Hard Knock Life. I never really had any ideas about doin parody videos. The first one happened just by accident and I thought that was it but then we organised a Lady Gaga night in Dignity and I had to do 2 songs but I couldn’t think of anything so instead I decided that for one of my songs I’d do a video to play while we were all gettin changed to give us a bit of a break. I wrote the song quickly and it actually was called Lidl Vodka until someone suggested changin it to Aldi Vodka so it’d sound more like Alejandro! I was havin trouble singin in the key that the backin track was in so I decided to try and talk the verses and so that’s why that happens. The video was filmed one Friday night when I got one of my little gays Jason to follow me around with the camera in the area around Dignity. It was FREEZIN cold and when I came down that slide me arse was freezin. Some of the shots were a complete accident like when I’m gettin on the wall and ya can see me knickers!

For some reason, there was changes to the Lady Gaga night and we didn’t use the video and instead Charmin decided that we should show it durin the X-Factor competition where I was a judge and suddenly we could see we had a hit on our hands! Everyone was laughin their heads off and so we uploaded it up to YouTube where people went mad for it. To this day, a lot of people say it’s their favourite of me parodies. It’ll always have a special place in me heart!

Today’s song is All About The Money by Meja

I love this song. Used to come on all the time in the Spar when I was workin there and I’d be singin along thinkin I was all that and whatever it is they have in Sweden where Meja is from. She had another song with Ricky Martin that was very good called Private Emotion. Whatever happened to her?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Taco Bell

I love when Twitter shows up jems like this!

Taco bell twitter

Hard Knock Life

Now we’re gettin to the best of the videos! These are the parodies which get loads of views on YouTube and have made me a bit of an international superstar!

Hard Knock Life was the first ever video that we made and it was filmed the very same day as Gaffs episode 1 in the Griffith College student union building which is where the auditions for the All Ireland Talent Show was on too! The song was one I’d been performin for a while so the idea of doin a video for it just came from nowhere. I’d already won Alternative Miss Ireland a few months earlier with it so I knew it was funny. This is where the parody videos began but it was to be a few years before the next one!

Today’s song is I Fought The Law by The Clash

This song always seems a bit angry to me and ya know me, I wouldn’t be an angry person. It’s about a riot or something. At least I think it is coz I haven’t actually listened to it properly. I turned it off after I started gettin angry.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Homemade Nike

Oh sweet Jesus!

homemade nike

Rocky Horror

Another Glee one! Last one for a while! I promise. This is us doin a mix of songs from the Glee versions of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I loved the songs. I was never a huge fan of the original but after Glee did it they grew on me a bit!

Today’s song is More Than Words by Extreme

This one’s a bit depressin. It’s the type of song ya do hear at funerals although usually our songs of the day are happy occasions so it’s a bit of a change. I don’t know who Extreme are and if they had any other songs so perhaps someone could tell me!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Try anal

SCARLET for this one!

Try anal

Living On A Prayer

This is actually from a different Glee night we did to the last one! As ya can see we do a LOT of Glee coz we love it so much! This is me, Charmin, Cher and Roxxi and we decided to just let go and go mad. It kinda worked!

Today’s song is Steal My Sunshine by Len

This song is one of me favourites of all time and it always puts a smile on me face! Len are from Canada which is nice to know. The song samples More More More by Andrea True Connection and was Len’s biggest hit all the way back in 1999!!

Monday, 18 February 2013


Yeah I know it’s February but I’m runnin out of videos to write about! It’ll all be over soon! LOL. This is from our Halloween show a few years ago when myself, Cher Guevara and Charmin Eletrik were joined by the Freaks N Gleeks from Cork. Was a great night actually!



Tom MySpace

Today’s song is Daddy Cool by Boney M

Boney M are one of the best bands in history! FACT! Me ma was the one that got me hooked on them a long time ago and every since I’ve been a huge fan. Me and Charmin share many a happy memory of Rasputin! What’s this dirty bitch up to by the way?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

How people react when people tell them I’m Irish

So true!

I'm Irish

Proud Mary

This video got the attention of People Magazine online who used it in their feature on real-life Glee performances around the world! That was nice. We got a whole load of YouTube over that. We’ve just done this number again recently and it went well! We must do it more often.

Today’s song is Around The World by ATC

Today’s song is ATC with the one hit wonder Around The World which I won’t lie, I danced to on occasion at the odd under 18s disco and since that on the odd show with me partner in crime Charmin. This is one of them Europop songs that makes ya smile and want to dance!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Funny texts

These are AMAZIN!

Funny text messages

My Life Would Suck

There seems to be loads of these videos from our Glee Night in Dignity! I thought it was durin season 1 but it must have been after it coz this was the last song in the season. I really love doin this! Actually must do it again soon!

Today’s song is Jump by The Pointer Sisters

I don’t even really like this song. It seems to be played all the time at 40th birthdays and then there was that awful version that girls aloud did. There were much better songs in the 80s but the Song Of The Day list can’t be altered so here it is!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Broken doorbell

I’d do this!

broken doorbell


This is another one from the Glee night we did for Season 1 on The Saturday Show in Dignity. Meself, Charmin and Aliy were joined in this one by Cher and Tyra who have both now moved on from the show. We had such a great night for this! Really enjoyed it.

Today’s song is You Keep Me Hanging On by Kim Wilde

Ah Kim Wilde! She MADE the 80s. You Keep Me Hanging On was clearly a hit for the Supremes in the 60s but Kim brought it right up to date in the 80s with this classic. WE LOVE YOU KIM!!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Duct tape can solve every problem

Includin earthquakes!

Duct tape


Again, another from our Saturday Show in Dignity. This is actually from a Glee night we did way back when it was on Season 1! I’ve always been a huge Glee fan and we always do their stuff. This is me, Charmin, and Aliy AKA The Lesbeing who was my nutrionalist in Gaffs!

Today’s song is Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John & Kiki Dee

Happy valentines day!!

I love this song! It makes me wanna find some form of a duet partner to sing along with. If anyone finds me one could they send them my way and make sure they can sing and they’re hot and possibly naked!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Warner Bros are dyin to sign this chap up!


Halo Walking On Sunshine

Over the last while I’ve been talkin about one of me YouTube every days and today I start to show ya some of the group stuff I’ve done as part of the Saturday Show in Dignity which I’ve been workin on for a few years! Over that time we’ve done LOTS of stuff and we do lots of Glee songs. This is an early version of Halo. We’ve changed it loads now!

Today’s song is Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash

This is one of those songs that stays in your head for ages after ya listen to it which is why I’m kinda ragin I just pressed play coz I’m goin to be goin DO DO DO DO DO DO DO all night. I think I might go around doin it to wreck everyone’s heads!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Walk of shame

This is DIRTY!

Walk of Shame

Val Falvey TD

This is a strange one. I was asked to make a cameo in a TV sitcom called Val Falvey TD that Ardal O’Hanlon was starin in and to bring a few friends. This is how it turned out and you can see me standin with Regina. Was one of the funniest days EVER!

Today’s song is Club Tropicana by Wham

Ah Club Tropicana where they have a free bar! I’d appreciate if someone would tell me where it is. I was in a Club Tropicana in Budapest but I got thrown out coz the drinks weren’t free and there’s one in a hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey but that’s all inclusive so technically the drinks aren’t free coz ya pay for them as part of the package.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Learning young

This chap is learnin young!

Learning young


Well this was a strange idea! The election was in full swing and we came up with the idea that myself and Charmin would each stand for the election, me representin South and her Waterford Pride and we’d each try raise money for them. Sadly it didn’t work out coz of a number of things but this is what we got done!

Today’s song is Redemption Song by Bob Marley

I grew up listenin to Bob Marley and this song always makes me smile. Bob’s music is still special even to this day and I often listen to it to cheer me up. I think it might actually be a religious song but I’m down with that lately. God bless!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I swear I was just cleaning the floor

Pervert! Although I’ve been caught doin stuff like this, except not lookin up women’s skirts. I don’t like fish.

Cleaning the floor

No Horse Outside

The Rubberbandits were a huge hit with their song Horse Outside here in Ireland so I thought it might be funny to do something and seein as the song was funny, I didn’t think a parody would work. Instead, we did this!

Today’s song is I Want You Back by The Jackson 5

This is one of them songs that ya dance to at 40th birthday parties although not that I’ve been to one of them in ages. It makes ya wanna get up and dance and shake your bum. Poor Michael! I miss him!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

How to burn calories

This is so me!


Back a year or 2 ago Pantene had this advert where they invited people to send in their Swish video! It had Cat Deeley in it who I LOVE! So I decided to give it a go and this is what I came up with! I actually love this video. One of me favourites I’ve done. I’m very funny.

Today’s song is Glory Of Love by Peter Cetera

I love this song. It’s your man from Chicago, the band, not the place although he could be from there. I don’t know. I knew it was from a film and turns out it’s the Karate Kid! I loved that. Wax on, wax off!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Ghost Rider

LOL! I don’t even want to know what’s actually goin on here!

Ghost Rider

Flush The Toilet

Flush The Toilet was one of the first songs I did WAY back in the day and I never actually made a video for it which I must do! This was an acoustic version that became really popular and kinda helped get me YouTube off the ground! I must start plannin!

Today’s song is Thriller by Michael Jackson

What a tune! I love this song so much and the video is deadly. I learned the dance last year for a show we were doin and it’s great fun altogether. Michael was a legend wasn’t he? And Thriller. Amazin. I’m gonna shut up now and you can press play!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

This happens to me ALL THE TIME

It’s kinda embarrassin. I work in bars and clubs so I have an excuse except when I’m not in one!

Embarrasing picture

Yes To Lesbian

I don’t even know where the idea for this came from but one night I was workin and had the camera so decided to just go for it. It was around the time that Ireland was votin for the Lisbon Treaty for the 2nd time and thought it’d be funny! And it was!

Today’s song is What If by Kate Winslet

I know that it’s from a Christmas movie but this song is amazin! Kate’s only ever released the one song coz she was far too busy bein nominated for the Oscars for a long time. It’s from A Christmas Carol in case ya didn’t know where she stared as someone who I can’t remember. What a tune!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Coz He’s Worth It

This is hilarious! Thor & L’Oreal! See what they did there?


Knight Ryder

I love this! It was one of the first videos I put together and I love how it turned out. I think if we were doin it now it’d be a music video to somethin. It’s funny. I may use the footage in the future for a music video actually!

Today’s song is California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and The Papas

The Mamas & The Papas are probably me favourite band of all time and I’m forever puttin on their songs as I’m doin bits around the house or gettin meself together. California Dreamin’ is a song that has a very special place in me heart coz of me trip to Hollywood last year. What a tune and it makes me feel all summery!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How To Draw An Owl

This is gas! It reminds me of Don Conroy on The Den on RTE. He used to teach ya how to draw. I miss The Den!

how to draw an owl

Project Mosney

This was a bit of fun. The idea behind Project Mosney was to go behind the scenes of Mosney and see what had happened to it but sadly it never materialised. Would have made a great documentary. This is one of the few things that came from the idea. Just me sittin on a couch talkin about the memories!

Today’s song is Beautiful Life by Ace Of Base

Ah Ace Of Base! Back in the day they had the biggest sellin debut album of all time and were huge all around the world. Now I don’t have a clue where they are although there was talk of them takin on the Eurovision for the UK (even though they’re Swedish). They had some class tunes and this is one of me favourites. I hope they make a comeback!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Beyoncé is coming

So after I already blogged about Beyoncé at the Superbowl, she went and decided to announce 2 Irish dates on her world tour. Oh she’s a smart one when it comes to the publicity is Queen B!

Her Mrs Carter Show will come to The O2 in Dublin on Saturday May 11, and Sunday May 12. Tickets go on sale next Monday February 11 at 9am. So far, Beyoncé will take in 20 cities in Europe and 20 in North America. Jesus she’ll be knackered.

Beyonce O2 Dublin

Iron Man 3 Extended Look

It took me a while to figure this out but then again I’m a bit slow. By extended look, they meant Iron Man was going to stare at the camera longer than usual! Oh how smart. The 30 second Superbowl advert sent people to the Facebook page for the extended look.

I’m lookin forward to this film actually. Robert Downey Jr is back with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle and Ben Kingsley is playin the Mandarin who has 10 rings. Sound lovely!


I used to love Morph. He was on ITV all the time when I was younger! Loads of his episodes are on YouTube now! Woo!

World Cup Draw

So the first commentary video was about Thierry Henry usin his hand to score against Ireland to get to the World Cup and this video is a bit of a follow up. Charlize Theron was goin out with Irish actor Stuart Townsend so in rehearsals she called out Ireland instead of France and the FIFA people went crazy so in the live show she just said “The less said about that the better” So I made a video! LOL

Beyoncé At The Superbowl

So Twitter and Facebook went a bit mental last night with Beyoncé! Nobody seemed to be that fussed with the San Francisco 69ers or the Baltimore Ravens. No it was all about Beyoncé and the power cut. Actually I think the Ravens won. Go Ravens! Or something like that. Beyoncé did a bit of a medley of a few of her songs. I’m hearin people say it was the best superbowl halftime show ever but I think Madonna had a bit more goin on last year. Although Beyoncé did have a Destiny’s Child reunion. Great to see Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams doin something.

Here’s the full video!

Today’s song is Stay by Shakespeare’s Sister

When I was growin up I remember this song bein on number 1 forever and ever and them playin it all the time on the telly. That’s when MTV actually played music. Your one was originally in Bananarama but not sure which one. What a great tune even to this day.

Ah Leave It Out

I dunno if I’ve blogged this already. It’s my parody of Scream & Shout by and Britney Spears and it seems to have gotten lots of attention mainly coz it uses the famous “Ah here leave it out” that went around Ireland last year like a bad dose of glandular fever. I’ve had people tell me it’s better than the original which is nice to hear. I’m still tryin to get this whole green screen thing to work. They make it look so easy on TV3 news. Workin on some new parodies so hopefully will have something fun for yiz soon!

A bit of a change!

Hello there lovely people!

Well I’ve been told by a few people lately that they preferred when the blog was about entertainment gossip and randomness and it hasn’t been like that for a while! I’ve tried to keep things tickin over with Ryde Of The Day, Song Of The Day and some funny crap, oh and the videos from my YouTube but I’ve decided to make a few changes so it’ll go back to a real blog again.


Sunday, 3 February 2013


This is cute. It’s an animation by Aardman who are the company behind Walace & Gromit and such.


After the first commentary video about Thierry Henry and his handball went so well and seemed to be so popular on YouTube I thought I’d have a laugh and do another one so I made this video about the MLS Cup final where the lovely David Beckham was playin for LA Galaxy!

Today’s song is Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams

Ya might know her these days as the one from Ugly Betty or Desperate Housewives but back in the late 80s and early 90s, Vanessa was up there with the divas and came out with this classic. It was the endin song in Priscilla Queen Of The Desert and since then has become a favourite of drag queens the world over!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Scary Snowman

I am so doin this!! Where does one buy a snowman suit?

Thierry Henry handball

Back when Ireland were qualifyin for World Cup 2010 in South Africa there was a bit of trouble when Thierry Henry used his hand to put the ball into the Irish net and we were cheated out of the world cup! There was so much trouble over it here in Ireland. For the laugh I made this commentary video!

Today’s song is Love Changes Everything by Climie Fisher

This is one of those songs that comes on the radio and ya don’t know who it is that sings it. Turns out it’s Climie Fisher although I’ve never heard of him. What did he do before or after? Anything? Anyone know. This is a great 80s tune. Was it in a movie?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Facebook is not Google!

I’ve done something similar before! Although my ying yang smells of roses, and not Cadbury’s Roses!

Really Small And It’s Nice

Don’t even ask me where this idea came from! I’ve always been a Eurovision fan and someone told me that Liechtenstein were thinkin of enterin for the first time so I wrote this song and sent it to FLTV in Vaduz and they replied sayin thanks for my interest but they had yet to receive their licence and they’ll keep me in mind for any future entry! It’s now my dream to represent Liechtenstein in the Eurovision!

Today’s song is Together In Electric Dreams by Phil Oakley

This is another one of those classic 80s songs and I just realised I was doin’ a little boppin to the left and right thing there listenin to it while I was writin’ to this. The 80s were great for music though really weren’t they! And I wasn’t even there for most of it and when I was, I was a child! I’m off to go look for some leg warmers!