Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Winds Of Change Bloweth

Yes I was watching Thor! How is everyone?? Been AGES since I was talking to ya! Well I’ve some news! There’s BIG changes coming in the World Of Joanna (TRADEMARK). I’ve been busy the last few months with Beat 102 103 becoming a radio star and so I haven’t had much chance to be in here doing the talking and all that but things will change soon. Now I don’t want to hear anything about how I haven’t been making time for you because you’ve still been able to catch up with my podcasts online and on iTunes and all these other places you can find me talking random crap to strangers! Have a listen. You’ll enjoy it.

The blog will be getting a complete overhaul (but it’s perfect already JoJo I hear ya say). The website, the YouTube and god knows what else will be transformed in the next few weeks and I’ll be bringing ya Joanna 2.0. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be hilarious. I am looking for a good colour scheme though, something to go along with a new more mature me. I’m also thinking about removing a lot of my older stuff coz I amn’t a fan of the bad language what with now working in breakfast radio. It’s not becoming of a lady. Imagine! Me a lady. Who’d have thought they’d every see the day. Oh it’s far from lady I was reared. I can see me ma now ringing me giving out! “You’ve lost the run of yourself” she’d say.

So anyways, if you have anything you’d like to see online, just let me know. Clearly naked pictures are out although feel free to send me some! I’m looking forward to the madness! Hope you are too XX

God Bless!

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