Sunday, 26 January 2014



Ding Dong

There’s been lots and lots of talk about what’s been going on in the land of Joanna Ryde lately and I’ve been very quiet about it all. You might have seen that I’ve moved on from Dignity and Beat 102 103 but there’s method to all that madness and I can’t even talk about it yet and I’m raging coz I’m AWFUL at keeping a secret. It’ll make sense very soon which is strange coz most of what I do doesn’t make sense. Let’s just say it’s going to be WICKED!

Now did you see what I did there? Look at me being smart with the Wizard Of Oz which is the theme of this new video that I uploaded on me YouTube! HD! Me in HD. Imagine. Well I’m working on new stuff and I’ve gotten rid of loads of the old shite so sorry if you liked Gaffs and Awfully Haunted but it was SOOOO 2008. Time to move along with the times.

So yeah, here’s a little teaser for yiz! Just coz that’s how I’m feeling at the moment…like a tease! Rawr!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Geri Halliwell and the Eurovision

Geri Halliwell Eurovision UK

Now we all know that I’d be a bit of a Eurovision fan and I am in fact hoping to one day represent Liechtenstein, San Marino or one of those other small countries where it’d be easy enough to win their public vote coz they don’t have that many people. A few mates with lots of credit on their phones and you’d be sorted like for a text vote. I actually am waiting on a replay from the good people of TV Liechtenstein or whatever it’s called. I’d look lovely in Copenhagen. That’s in Denmark. I know coz I was there. I must root out that picture of me and The Little Mermaid.

So the rumours going around today are that Geri Halliwell is going to be representing the UK in the Eurovision. I’m not actually sure if anyone had told the BBC that her last single (the video below) sold a WHOPPING 383 copies in Australia. She’s a judge on Australian X-Factor or something I think. Let’s be honest here, Geri’s a bit of a mental bitch. In fairness, she’s a bit younger than their last two entries. God knows how old your man Engleburt Winkydink was and Bonnie Tyler, god love her, has seen better days. What do they think they’re going to achieve by wheeling out Geri? Of course now, I’m saying this and the bitch will only go and win to spite me.

Of course I have offered to represent the UK myself but the BBC are having none of it. I’m far too young you see. That and they probably see me as competition when I eventually take to the stage for Liechtenstein. Anyway, expect a lot more Eurovision shite over the next few months here on the blog. Again, in case you missed it, I liked Copenhagen so if anyone would like to send me there for the competition, I may offer “favours” in return! You’re thinking about it aren’t ya!

What do you make of Geri and the Eurovision?