Monday, 5 May 2014

Missing The Cue - Best Eurovision Moments

I’ve decided that seeing as I’ve reviewed all the Eurovision songs and with it being Eurovision week that I’d continue on with the theme and blog about my favourite Eurovision moments! This’ll be all sorts of madness so just go along with it for the LOLs and sure you might enjoy it. If you don’t, I’m not that pushed but if you do, tell me on Twitter - @JoannaRyde! God bless!

So this happened way back in in 1990 when the competition was taking place in Zagreb in what was Yugoslavia although it’s Croatia now. I’ve been to Croatia and it’s nice. The act for Spain was called Azucar Moreno which Google Translate tells me means brown sugar and the song was called Bandido which Google Translate tells me means Bandit.

If you skip ahead to the 1:40 mark here you can see the beginning of when things started to go wrong. The backing track wouldn’t play and then the band didn’t start playing and then the singers missed their cue and stormed off in an actual rage! IT WAS CHAOS! And the musicians just kept on like nothing was happening.

Now clearly I wasn’t old enough to see this live but I’ve watched it back a few times and laughed. Poor Spain. They did finish 5th though. Italy won and Ireland came 2nd. Everyone was really confused, or at least Wikipedia says they were.

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