Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Silvia Knight - Best Eurovision Moments

I LOVE SILVIA KNIGHT and her International Superstar tagline has become something I use myself. Well if the shoe fits!

In 2006 Iceland sent the comedy character Silvia Knight to Athens in Greece to take part and the hardcore Eurovision fans weren’t too impressed with them sending someone who was deliberately being controversial! There was uproar over it although personally, I thought it was hilarious! I was a big fan of her antics. She was calling people all sorts of names, being a diva in the press conference and just causing chaos everywhere she went! A bit like me really.

So she went to the semi final and ended up getting booed by the crowd, the first time that anyone has ever gotten booed a the competition and she failed to make the final. She wasn’t happy at all and went on a rant afterwards. The video ended up going straight to number 1 on YouTube. The performance of her song Congratulations is below the rant. In case you were wondering, Lordi won with Hard Rock Hallelujah for Finland!

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