Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Jeremy Kyle Test!

This is probably more of a Dublin thing! Read on!


Has any of your friends or family been pregnant under the age of 17?

Do you know the location of your local Champion Sports store?

Do you own more runners than normal shoes?

Have you ever bought / worn any of these labels? Kickers, Ben Sherman, Kappa, Umbro?

Have you ever referred to your home as your 'Gaff'?

Do you think David Beckham is a leading male style icon?

Have you ever bought Super Kings or 20 Johnny blue?

Do any of your friends or family own a Pit Bull Terrier?

Have you ever had a fight with taxi driver?

Have you ever worn hoop earrings?

Do you think O'Brien's coffees are too expensive?

Have you ever thrown up in the street?

Have you ever vandalised a phone box?

Have you ever referred to your friends as your 'crew' or your' posse'?

Do you know who Mike Skinner is?

Have you ever had a pay as you go gas or electricity meter?

Have you ever lived above the fourth floor?

Do you use external Christmas decorations?

Did you think the Fast and Furious deserved an Oscar Nomination?

Have you ever visited a friend or family member in the Joy?

Do you know a drug dealer?

Are tinted windows cool?

Have you ever bought 'value' brand at Tesco?

Do you listen to Drum n Bass?

Have you ever purchased jewellery from Argos?

Have you ever been too, Falaraki, Magaluf or Benidorm?

Do you know anyone who's moved to culchie land like Navan or Naas?

Do you enjoy theme parks and fun fairs?

Have you ever had a full Irish Breakfast abroad?

Are any of your friends of family on the dole?

Have any of your friends or family been buried by Co-op Funeral Directors?

Did you know the capital of Australia is Sydney?

Have you ever been to a Bohs or Shelbourne match?

Do you own a gold chain, sovereign ring or Burberry Cap?

Have you ever shopped in No Name?

Are you scared of your neighbours?

Would you consider buying any of these cars? Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Subaru Impreza, Fiat Punto?

Do you read Max Power, Heat or the Sun?

Do you ever wear a tracksuit when you have no intention of playing sport?

Have you ever been escorted from a shopping centre / pub?

Do you know know the term 'Croydon Face Lift'?

Have you ever ordered Egg and Chips at a restaurant?

Do you understand text abbreviations (ie, l8r - later, wiv - with, da - the, b4 - before)

Have you ever seen / been involved in a fight at a wedding?

Have you ever drank Dutch gold or Linden Village cider?

Would you consider a honeymoon in Tenerife?

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