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Monday, 24 March 2014

The Old Days

There once was a time when this blog was a happy place. When people would come here to read all sorts of random shite but over the years, things changed. I got busy, moved to Waterford, wrote a book, went on TV, all manner of things which meant the blog kinda did live up to what it once was. I’m sorry kids.

HOWEVER (Eh drum roll please!) This time I promise things will be better. I’ve a feeling in me waters that good things are gonna happen, although it could easily be trapped wind. I had a kebab last night.

So what’s going on with me yiz ask? Well I was busy doing Britain’s Got Talent and that’ll air soon. I stopped doing gigs and the radio because of that so will be getting back into that in the next few weeks and of course it’s nearly time for EUROVISION! Will be doing a weekly podcast talking all things Eurovision! I can’t contain meself. I need to go lie down!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Guest Speaker

Now this is odd. I get requests to do events all the time and most of them I turn down but this is one of the stranger ones. I checked the website and it doesn’t work so I’m confused. Don’t think I’m really qualified to speak at a Baptist meeting!


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, My Name is Pastor
Jason Joe  from the First Baptist Church we are writing to Invite you
to be our guest Speaker at the up Coming  First Baptist Church 2014
Anniversary which is taking place here In UK England, We are writing
to invite and confirm your booking to be our Guest Speaker at up
Coming  First Baptist Church 2014 Anniversary. Other Ministers Of God
are coming from Different part of the World.

The purpose of these conference is to re-brand the heart,mind,body and
soul of Christians who have gone astray and are diverting their whole
attention into mundane affairs and ensuring that it is possible for
Christians, whether new or of long standing, to deepen their spiritual
lives and gain eternal life. Also bringing a heart of deep compassion
and a strong commitment to the fullness of life that is found only in
the redemptive love of Christ, we are Sorry about our late invitation
it is due to the fact that our Speaker had back out because of her
sudden illness.

We came across your profile on The lord has
direct us to email you for this assignment. and we say it's up to
standard and we will be very glad to have such an outstanding
personality in our mist for these overwhelming gathering. With your
Multi  talented speech more lives will come close to GOD. Arrangement
to welcome you here will be discussed as soon as you honor our
invitation. If you have any more publicity Material, please  do not
hesitate to contact us. We are taking care of your  traveling and
Hotel Accommodation expenses including our Speaker fees you are bless
as you honor this invitation it is a pleasure writing you.
Hope to hear from you Asap.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Video Killed The Radio Star

Well now this is interesting coz I was a video star WAY before I was a radio star and that’s not how the songs goes though so you’re just going to have to bare with me. I actually don’t even know what it has to do with what I’m going to show you but sure, bare with me regardless. Also if you think I’m going to show you my girly bits well I can tell you here and now that this is not that type of website and you won’t be seeing me naked. Unless of course you’re hot and available! CALL ME!

So as you might have seen last week, I’ve started rebooting my videos on YouTube. Rebooting is all the rage in Hollywood these days so I said to meself that I may as well get in on the act and here I am!

The first video to get an updating is my first appearance on the All Ireland Talent Show in 2009. This used to be split into 2 separate parts on YouTube but I had the original so I thought I’d fit in all me bits from that day. This was filmed in late 2008 believe it or not. You wouldn’t think I was that old with my youthful good looks would you?

Well take a look and don’t forget to like, comment and share and other YouTubey things! God bless!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Ding Dong

There’s been lots and lots of talk about what’s been going on in the land of Joanna Ryde lately and I’ve been very quiet about it all. You might have seen that I’ve moved on from Dignity and Beat 102 103 but there’s method to all that madness and I can’t even talk about it yet and I’m raging coz I’m AWFUL at keeping a secret. It’ll make sense very soon which is strange coz most of what I do doesn’t make sense. Let’s just say it’s going to be WICKED!

Now did you see what I did there? Look at me being smart with the Wizard Of Oz which is the theme of this new video that I uploaded on me YouTube! HD! Me in HD. Imagine. Well I’m working on new stuff and I’ve gotten rid of loads of the old shite so sorry if you liked Gaffs and Awfully Haunted but it was SOOOO 2008. Time to move along with the times.

So yeah, here’s a little teaser for yiz! Just coz that’s how I’m feeling at the moment…like a tease! Rawr!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Winds Of Change Bloweth

Yes I was watching Thor! How is everyone?? Been AGES since I was talking to ya! Well I’ve some news! There’s BIG changes coming in the World Of Joanna (TRADEMARK). I’ve been busy the last few months with Beat 102 103 becoming a radio star and so I haven’t had much chance to be in here doing the talking and all that but things will change soon. Now I don’t want to hear anything about how I haven’t been making time for you because you’ve still been able to catch up with my podcasts online and on iTunes and all these other places you can find me talking random crap to strangers! Have a listen. You’ll enjoy it.

The blog will be getting a complete overhaul (but it’s perfect already JoJo I hear ya say). The website, the YouTube and god knows what else will be transformed in the next few weeks and I’ll be bringing ya Joanna 2.0. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be hilarious. I am looking for a good colour scheme though, something to go along with a new more mature me. I’m also thinking about removing a lot of my older stuff coz I amn’t a fan of the bad language what with now working in breakfast radio. It’s not becoming of a lady. Imagine! Me a lady. Who’d have thought they’d every see the day. Oh it’s far from lady I was reared. I can see me ma now ringing me giving out! “You’ve lost the run of yourself” she’d say.

So anyways, if you have anything you’d like to see online, just let me know. Clearly naked pictures are out although feel free to send me some! I’m looking forward to the madness! Hope you are too XX

God Bless!

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

I’m on hiatus

That means I’m takin’ a little break! Things are really busy now that I’m with Beat full time so the blog will be unwomaned for a a while!! Will be back at some stage! In the meantime follow me on Twitter @JoannaRyde

Sunday, 31 March 2013


My first ever red carpet for Beat 102 103 was at the Irish Film And Television Awards and it was lots of fun. I got to meet loads of celebrities like the lads from Moone Boy and Jack Reynor who’s goin’ to be in Transformers. I was a little bit scared interviewin’ people for the radio. I sent this podcast to your man from Moone Boy and Jack Reynor on Twitter but neither of them wrote back! It’s a pity coz they were rides. Actually the chap from Moone Boy wasn’t be he was really funny. I plan to do a lot more red carpets now I have me first one out of the way. I need a whole new wardrobe though for stuff like this. I need a sugar daddy!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Worst Valentines Present

I know Valentines Day was ages ago but still so was this podcast and it doesn’t really matter coz this is my blog and I can write what I want unless someone sues me. So I decided for the Ryde Report on Valentines Day to ask people what the worst present they ever got was. Some of the stuff that people said was perverse and not something I could put on a breakfast show on mainstream radio! I mean where do half of these perverts come from and why do they seem to follow me around.

Anyway have a listen to what the semi-normal people had to say.

Busy Busy Busy

Yes I have returned from Spain in case you were wonderin’ where I was! Had a few adventures along the way that I’ll talk about some time in the next few days! The main reason I haven’t been bloggin’ is that I had to buy a new computer coz when I came home, me hard drive was fried. Crap buzz but ah well! I’m back in the game. I said IN the game, not ON the game!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Celebrity For A Day

I guess this is kinda the opposite of yesterday when I asked people which Celebrity they wouldn’t like to be in Big Brother with. Actually it’s not really. The question was, if you could be a celebrity for a day who would it be and why. Ya can listen to all me podcasts at or ya could just listen to the Ryde Report on Thursday mornings on Beat Breakfast on Beat 102 103. I’m gettin’ good at this pluggin’ thing amn't I?

Maybe you should start answerin’ the questions! If you were a celebrity for a day who would you be and why? Comment below!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Celebrity Big Brother

Ah Celebrity Big Brother. It’s one of those things that comes around and ya hear people talk about but never actually watch. I remember Big Brother used to be good. Back when it started many moons ago.

Anyway, I decided for my Ryde Report for whatever week this was on the radio (Thursdays at half 9, Beat 102 103) to ask people what celebrity they’d least like to be stuck in the Big Brother house with. I had a list actually but I have to be nice to people until I’m a big star and THEN I can slate them!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Interview with Kiera Dignam

I just wrote this entire post out already and forgot to press publish before I closed it down.

This was the first interview I did on the radio, not like the usually chattin’ to people on the street I do so was a little bit different. I did it over the phone as well so was a little bit harder to interact and don’t think me comedy came across that well so the ones I’d planned to do after this I didn’t bother. No I’m much better in person!

Me and Kiera actually go way back! We were like sisters growin’ up. God love her, she got some stick coz her da (Christy Dignam from Aslan) had a bit of a go at the show the year before. Bressie wasn’t too impressed.

Anyway here’s the interview.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bad TV Shows

Are ya bored of me podcasts yet? Ya better be like “No JoJo, we LOVE your podcasts.” Which is proper order. So we’re into the new year and over the Christmas and New years podcasts that we’ve been chattin’ about the last few days. This one is all about bad TV shows and there was loads on at the time which is where I got the idea from.

I decided to start askin’ people at the JoJo Show in Dignity although by the time I started askin’ the questions everyone was locked.

Remember ya can catch me live on Beat Breakfast on Thursday mornin’s at half 9 for the Ryde Report.

Monday, 25 March 2013

New Years Revolutions

Yay we’re finished with the Christmas podcasts! I actually liked them but I understand it’s March and time to move on. So after Christmas, we were on a bit of a break from Beat Breakfast and so this is the first podcast to not be broadcast on the radio. I made it especially for the internet coz I knew me fans would be missin’ me. All 3 of them!

I decided to ask people about their New Years revolutions and because it wasn’t on radio I could talk about things I amn’t normally allowed talk about like drink!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Celebrity In Your Stocking

Oh I forgot this one! It was from the week before the last one. Again remember you can catch me every week on Beat Breakfast at half 9 of a Thursday by the way! I kinda have to keep pluggin’ that or you’ll think I just make these podcasts for a bit a laugh and that’s not true. I actually do have a purpose behind makin’ them.

So yeah, for this one I thought I’d find out what celebrity people would like to find in their Christmas stockin’s when they open them on Christmas mornin’. Again, people spoke all manner of shite but I dug through that and came up with this!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Worst Christmas Present You Ever Got

AGAIN, it’s not Christmas anymore but bare with me. Is it bare? Or bear? I don’t know. Anyway, as I’ve said before I’m just postin’ these in order and right now it happens to be around the whole Christmas time so that’s what I’m postin’ about.

So this Ryde Report (Thursdays at half 9 on Beat 102 103) was all about the worst Christmas present people received. I got some strange answers and some of them I actually couldn’t put on mornin’ radio. There’s some amount of perverts out there really isn’t there. Dirt birds.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Toys From Childhood

Ah this was a fun one. I ended up chattin’ to people about this for ages. Vinny was mad to hear all about me Barbie called Trevor. Poor Trevor. Yeah so it was the Beat Breakfast Toy Show for the whole week and so I decided to have a bit of a laugh and do a special Ryde Report based around that. It brought me back to me own childhood growin’ up on the Northside of Dublin. Ah the memories. Again, I know it’s a Christmas theme but I’m just postin’ these every day in the order they were made. I hope that’s not goin’ to be an issue. To be fair, we’re nearly finished with the whole Christmas thing anyway and sure it’s only 9 months away anyway!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Song?

Again with the Christmas theme here on the blog but I’m goin’ in order so deal with it. This report was good fun and we got a bit of a debate goin’ on Twitter on Facebook and ya know me, I like stirrin’ up a bit of opinion.

I got all sorts of weird answers and decided to have a little chart at the end coz I was kinda bored and couldn’t think of anything else to do. I like my little chart run down actually. I’d be AMAZIN’ on Top Of The Pops! Say nothin’ about Jimmy Saville!

Oh this was recorded in Waterford Institute Of Technology. They’re all mad there!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Winning The Euromillions

My next Beat Breakfast Ryde Report took me all the way to Carlow of all places to ask people what they would do if they won the Euromillions. The answers I got were very strange bein’ honest but then again, it is Carlow. I’d love to win the Euromillions. I’d buy a football team. Granted they probably wouldn’t be a good football team but you’re talkin’ at least League Of Ireland.

So the things people said they’d spend their Euromillions money on was a little bit strange. It was 170 Million euro that week so clearly everyone and their granny was out doin’ it. I don’t have a granny!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Christmas Shopping Advice

Me 3rd report for Beat saw me head out onto the streets of Waterford to talk to the lovely people about their shoppin’ tips. Of course approachin’ strangers on the street is somethin’ I had to get used to really quickly when I started workin’ on the radio. I used to use a microphone with Beat written on it and now I just use my phone so it looks a little strange but then again, people think I’m nuts anyway so I’m not that bothered.

This one was good fun actually coz people were in great spirits and bein’ really nice and it wasn’t even that cold out so it was a nice enough day. I got great tips for me shoppin’! Yes I know it’s about Christmas and it’s now March but it only started snowin’ last week. Actually there’s some more Christmas ones comin’ up in the next few days!